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I've just created a twitter microblog to which updates to this group will (or at least should) automatically post. If you upload a photo to the pool or submit a comment to the discussion board, there should automatically be a tweet resulting from that and, I hope, a little added exposure for your work, which is what this group should be about.

At present, the twitter is decorated with a standard icon I use as a signature.  That icon says me, when really, what's there should about you, hence this contest, if anybody is open to taking part. You submit a small, square picture of your soap - yes, a G rated picture - and we run this for - does three months sound good? At the end of that, assuming that I have a nice assortment of good submissions, which the quality of the work suggests I might, I'll choose one and, with the artist's approval, use it as the new icon for the group Twitter.

There is no money in this, as I am appallingly broke, however there is a prize. The artist will be publicly credited, either in the group description or on the group homepage, with a link being given to his own homepage or his space on Flickr. I'm leaning toward saying that it's up to the winner which of these she (or he) gets, but please keep in mind that I am using a free website host, so any site I link my own to has to be relatively family friendly and non-commercial. I imagine that most of yours will be, but thought I'd better mention that up front so that there will be no misunderstandings.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with, and hope that at least two of you will take part. Let's have a real contest.

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Marbled Green Soap by Chlodulfa
Meerschaum Soap Bar by Chlodulfa
Udderly Pure Lamb by Calisaroa
Green Clover and Aloe Soap by Calisaroa


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Recipes for and photographs of homemade soap. No selling allowed on this group, it is just for the free exchange of information.
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This is the description left by previous administration of the companion to this group on Flickr, with the links to his (?) Twitter microblog removed for TOS related reasons, that I suspect lead to the termination of his membership.

Join my Groups handmade soap
easer to Join and Chat about soaps
Be free to post many pictures you want .

That account is not to be confused with this completely noncommercial twitter, which carries update notices for this group. A few comments have been added by current administrator, whose moderation journal (the place where he explains some of the decisions he makes) can be found here. They're important comments, so please read them.

Please do take a look at the very brief current homepage, and take due note of the disclaimers present. You are responsible for your own safety on this group, and use any recipes shared on this group at your own risk. Sodium Hydroxide is not a benign substance, and these recipes have not been screened by anybody knowledgeable about the making of soap.

One last note: Personal attacks and disputes on this group, if any should ever arise, are to be taken outside, to this group, which was created for that, so that the rest of us can continue to enjoy our peace and quiet, and no, saying "this is a bad idea" is not a personal attack, even if somebody else takes it personally. Especially if something is a bad idea.

The icon is a detail of an image in the public domain, provided by the government of Lake County in Florida, and was found here.

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Old World Arts. Image comes from Opossum Sally's Homepage. I'd sorry to have to report that Sally, the former ringmaster, passed away in 2016. I'm keeping a link to her homepage in the Internet Archive and her old ring logo in her memory. She was a pleasure to deal with online, a very nice lady who I never had the pleasure of meeting in person, and she is greatly missed in the Webring community.

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