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October 3, 2011
In the Name of My Childhood a Sailor Moon tribute by *Soap-Committee
Featured by TommyGK
Suggested by Terpfen
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In the Name of My Childhood

I've wanted to draw such a group picture for 12 years now, but by the time I learned enough about drawing to pull it off my Sailormoon drive had gone away. No longer!

Next time I'd really like to capture the grace and lovely colors of Ikuko Itoh - episodes under her art direction were wonderfully done and full of life, even episodes that clearly lacked a budget. And let's also gush about the S anime volume covers. Oh man.

[edit] Whoaaa nelly, thanks *Terpfen and `WildCharmander for the DD feature!
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Cosmic-Loop's avatar
incredible work! definitely worth the 12-year wait, i think :P
Meroko26's avatar
It's amazing.
atram95's avatar
Is Magnificent!! I love it!!
Any chance of you making a background version of this?
Soap-Committee's avatar
I hadn't thought of doing so since it's so vertically oriented! If you or anyone wants to do so though, that's cool by me.
Ank-sama's avatar
AshaKeres's avatar
Definitely agree with the title, and the artistry is very well done.
c-victoria's avatar
I LOVE it!! The title is awesome and so true! Their expressions are priceless! Haruka was always my favorite, love the fierceness you drew her with :D
Soap-Committee's avatar
I'm glad you like it! Haruka is so super cool, I'm glad you enjoyed my stab at her. <3
c-victoria's avatar
Haruka is all like "YEAH! COME AND GET IT! I'LL KILL YOU ALL!!!"

Woops! lol, got a bit out of hand there but yeah this art piece does that to me...
hercuriouselegance's avatar
I love Sailor V's expression!
Soap-Committee's avatar
She's the life of the party. :B
tenko72's avatar
That title's so true. Great groupshot! I like the composition.
NineOrchids's avatar
Perfection, I love how animate they are.
CuteziAngel's avatar
This is awesome on so many levels. Love it!
Also, Minako's expression? HILARIOUS.
kuroitenshi13's avatar
This is AMAZING! You really captured a moment here!
BeheiBaker's avatar
My goodness..this is beautiful.
I remember being made fun on in about..the fourth grade I want to say..such a long time back..
Being caught with a sailor moon lunchbox,and being taunted in that way,people saying that "sailor moon was a girls show only,and that boys where not allowed to watch it"
Not that gender really matters to me anymore,I'm mistaken for a girl almost every time I decide to go outside.
Shows don't have genders.
I still watched it.

You really did a wonderful job,such a beautiful piece for my eyes to gaze upon and marvel at..
I think..I'll stare at this for a while..
simply whimsical.
hinodegiri's avatar
This makes the Sailor Senshi look genuinely badass, yet still retains the flavor of the original series. HOW DO YOU DO THAT. XD
Soap-Committee's avatar
*super delayed reply*

Hahah, I have nooo idea - but I'm glad that you enjoyed the picture and saw a little bit of the original SM in there. Thank you for your comment! <3
Calysto7's avatar
whoooo XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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