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January 9, 2012
Captivity by *Soap-Committee The colors chosen to be used in this image are beautiful and I love the movement in the female's hair too!
Featured by mzzyarts
Suggested by Nadda
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This was drawn as a promotional poster for the webcomic, Amya. I am 100% unfamiliar with Fire Emblem and its characters, and any similarities in their designs is just a strange coincidence!

For whatever reason this one's really distorted when not fullviewed - just a note! This here is another poster drawn for the webcomic, Amya. asdfghjk not much to say about this one except that it took two days and I really love its results (Faye's hair can be pretty nuts)! Here's a look at its humble beginnings: [link]



This picture has been featured in Manga/Anime Monthly Features Vol. 27 by `Nyiana-Sama. Thank you so much!


Thanks for the Daily Deviation, :iconnadda: and :iconmzzazn:!
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Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
This looks absolutely stunning Kao Emoji-91 (In love) [V5] 
Whitelili123's avatar
this is very beautiful but also very sad ;-;
nSaiyara's avatar
Wow this is really beautiful. Especially the colors. I wish I could learn something about colors from you. *_*
Soap-Committee's avatar
I'm so glad you like them!  I'm afraid I'm terrible at explaining my process, but in hopes that this helps you:

(Link goes to a step-by-step GIF):

When you don't need to be grounded by realistic colors (as with this illustration), limiting the color palette to a couple of strong choices is a great way to make them stand out.  I basically used two main colors (the saturated red and light blue), blended them a bunch in the background, then used those same colors to add shadows and highlights to the characters.
nSaiyara's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
I really appreciate the advice. And that gif is actually extremely helpful! It's also extremely nice of you to help me out! ^_^
Soap-Committee's avatar
You're very welcome and I'm glad it's helpful!  Good luck with all your coloring pursuits. :)
joeltonongkh's avatar
I do feel the bond. I like the execution and combination of colors used.
kristinaelyse's avatar
I love this. I just bought a print of this at Ohayocon. Wonderful work!
Immura's avatar
Dommage, ses vachement ressemblant ^^
1q2w3e4r5t6y's avatar
Looks like the main character in baiten katios
kin-gyo's avatar
This is really nice. The colours look really nice together! I wish I wasn't so artistically colour blind when it came to my own works. ^^;

You probs don't wanna hear, but it's really cool how much they look Fire Emblem. Even if it wasn't intended, Fire Emblem has amazing outfits, and so does this art!
jazzilady's avatar
It's really beautiful! Great work! :clap::heart:
jazzilady's avatar
You're welcome! :)
cottoncory's avatar
I was gonna say how much I love Fire Emblem, then I read the description. It's still a super amazing picture though! (I actually came here from the Amya website!)
ShoopOnTheMoon's avatar
Beautiful colours :D

Overall, simply amazing!
ShoopOnTheMoon's avatar
No problem! Keep up your fantastic work!
Niisashii's avatar
Love it when I first saw it and still love it today (sorry I was too lazy to sign in and comment before :X)

The outfits are gorgeous! And I absolutely love the wind affect and the colors!
Soap-Committee's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you liked the colors. :B
Yasuki-Konno's avatar
Graceful. Wholesome. Lush. Surreal. EPIC.

Also love the fact that the colour theory, character design and the movement of the various forms are harmonious with each other, really adding a sense of trialed reconcilation (with a eventual positive outcome I think :heart:). Thanks a lot for the very powerful effort here! :iconhugglesplz:
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antler-girl's avatar
this is great, pretty cool to see how you started it and how it ended up :)
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