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Hey guys, here some new info about commissions! And if you have questions just email me on

New Price:

Full Digital/Traditional art - 50$

Without background (digtal/traditional) -35$

Sketches (with color) - 13$ add chara +5$

Sketches (b/w pencil/ink) - 10$ add chara +2$

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I'm back! :heart:
sorry for such a looong absence :3
Now, i buy PS3 and im so happy! *o*
"Folklore", "Metal gear solid 4" now is my favorite :3
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I'm glad to see you! :3 :heart:
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My new blog!
I will be glad to see you!
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My new diary, welcome )
  • Playing: the tower of AION
Now im here!I'd be happy to see you on this blog :heart:
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Merry X-mas my dear! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

And thanks for the 19 000 pageviews!! <3 :heart:

But I'm tired q__q really tired.
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Фак,фак,фак, я проспал пафосный кирибан XDD
Ладно один товарищ скрин сделал х)) спасибо ей за ээто х)
у меня теперь два кирибана прошло Х)
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Ee...thanks for the 6 000 pv =D
Next kiriban 6666 *___*
  • Watching: Sengoku Basara
  • Playing: Persona 4
Weee, 5 000 pv, thanks XD
  • Watching: Sengoku Basara
  • Playing: Persona 4
Yes! I did it xD
See new photo set here:…

Смотреть сет всем по ссылке выше xDD
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Наконец то вышла первая серия 戦国BASARA *____*
Счастье! Вселенское! **
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*sigh* 2008 is over *__*
at last )

С новым годом, мой дорогие русскоязычные господа ))
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Wow...o_O 3000 pv thanks minna! ^________^
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Pageviews'ы увеличиваются, а рисовать ну просто времени нет -___________- столько экскизов, ужос -___-

З.Ы. меня прет с этого смайлика "Hysterical" XDDDDDD
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I decided are remember my piano lessons ^^"
Now I try to play Akira Yamaoka's "Promise ~reprise~"

UPD: wow 2000 pv ) thanks! ^__^
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Vacation continue....yeah..but soon i'll go to my colledge.
And this damn war in Osetia....kuso..>< Why in my vacation? XDD
And Russia just help to people in Osetia, no more, and I dunno what president of Georgia want to say.
Yeaaaaah~ Exams end!! I did it! XDD
Now im student and in future designer ^____^
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I watch it!! xDD 1ポンドの福音, desu ^.^

Шикарный сериалец, не зря скачал )))
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All exams is over ^___^
And now...sleeeeeeeep! *_________*
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  • Watching: MTV xD
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