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It's been a while! I have been not active on dA... 
This is just a notice that international mail order of my Ace Attorney series fanbooks is now available!

Here is information of books in stock and infomation about mail order.…

You get three full-colored postcards(my illustraitons of AA characters) if you order one!
If you have any question, please ask me for feel free!
I'm leaving Japan tomorrow and i apologize that i couldn't open mail order for overseas this time as i announced!! I was busy and i couldn't have enough time for fixing it well ;___;

I'll do open it when i come to Japan next time instead of this time,hopefully it's gonna be this autumn or winter. I think i will have new fanbook again then!

I can do it from Sweden of course, but the shipping cost is so much cheaper for sending fanbooks from Japan,i don't want you all to paying much for only shipping to get my fanbooks! that's the only reason i do take international mail order only while i'm staying Japan.

Anyway sorry for you who was gonna buy new AA fanbook this time!!
Thank you for you all who are buying my fanbooks via mail order!
I've sent books and notes for all who have sent me payment until now.
So please contact me if there is someone who still haven't received my reply or note which i wrote that i've already sent your order.(to who already paid!)

Mail order is closing in 2-3days(last minuets is gonna be around 24-25th ),so it's still available.
If there is someone who is thinking to order my fanbooks,please contact me earlier!
Available books are here…

Hello,guys =)
I'm back from Tokyo.

I'm ready for taking new mailorders for my new fanbooks,
Please send me note for further information if you are interested!
But sorry i can take orders until next week,
I'm leaving Japan 26th Oct.,so maybe i can take orders which i can confirm payment via Paypal until 24th Oct!

*Now available*
(You can chcek few sample pages on my tunblr link)

New books
Aniki no Kame 24P(include Kristoph color page) 400JPY…
Kristoph,Klavier,Hobo and Apollo go to game arcade!

Superstar 2 60P 700JPY…
All characters from the series,but mainly GS4 especially Daryan and Klavier.
Yumihiko,Apollo,Max,LongLang,Sheena etc etc
with 7 guest artists!

and this one is available too.(Only few copies left)
Daryan book 24P  inculude 2 colour pages 400JPY (Cover illustration)
Daryan and Machi is trying to open surströmming(worst smell canned food in the world).
There is Klavier,Ema etc

*these fanbooks written in only Japanese!

I'm gonna send you by cheapest way from Japan,so the shipping cost will be 200~400JPY(it's depends on area and the weight!)
Hi everyone =)

It's been a while for posting on my Journal.
I just created Tumblr account and i've posted few arts.
(Actually i already had an account there,but i gave up to figure it out. XD)

I still don't get Tumblr, All i can do / what i know at the moment are only posting some image lol
I think i will post fan arts which i also post to dA.
So this is just notice for you guys,Let's see how it works.

And thanks to KANA!

i added few outline pics from comics of my new fanbooks!
i think i can post some rough or outline pics there which im not posting to dA.
Gyakuten Saiban 5 has announced on Tokubetsu Houtei(official event placed at Tokyo) few hours ago!!!!
I'm so glad about it,but same time i'm nervous!
I hope Apollo and Klavier etc from AJ will be on 5 again as main characters as others...

And there is brand new official arts(so cute) of Apollo,Klavier, Kristoph and others from AJ on catalog of the event!
I'm soooo glad to see new official arts of them ;_;

I hope 5 will be localized with other languages!

I heard that a singer sang "LoveLove Guilty" with whole lyrics with band on the event.
And Klavier's movie was on a screen on behind the band!!
I really wanted be thereeeee awwwwww!
I wanna see it so badly!!!

Here is link for a report of the event from today!…
(written in Japanese but you can see pictures!there is new arts from Layton vs Gyakuten Saiban too)
hi guys:blowkiss:
thank you for all of your views,favs and comments for my fanarts!

i need to work for illustrations for a mobile game at the moment.i may not to be able to post my new pic for couple of days or weeks.
i actually opened commission in my just gonna tell you that which characters i will draw!

Klavier and Yumihiko (done
♦Phoenix and Dessie(at least one of them)
♦cool looking Apollo in black suit
♦Phoenix, Edgeworth and Larry
♦Maya,Franziska and Kay
Daryan and Manosuke(from AAI2) (done
Daryan and Klavier (kissing) (done
♦Apollo and Hobo(eating lunch together)

do you have any pics which you would like to see in the list? :D
i may open commission here in dA in future(anyone interested?),
i will notice you in my journal then^^

oh well how should i fix Daryan's hair when he kisses someone?lol
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hi guys^^
thank you so much for you all who give me comments,favs, +watch,looking at my fanarts and reading this journal!
I really appreciate it :blowkiss:<333

well,im just wondering at the moment...
is it only me who can not see any comments in whole of arts in dA???
it says.."No comments have been added yet." for EVERY pages!
yours,someones and ofcourse mine too.
and "Statistics" section also says
Comments: 0
Favourites: 0
Views: 0 (0 today)
Downloads: 0 (0 today)
  at ALL of arts pages!

something wrong with dA or something wrong with my account?
im just wondering if its only me or not.
can you see any comments in your gallery???
(i can read comments to me in message page.but not in gallery:()

P.S. don't need to be worried~!
to reading comments to this post,it seems almost everyone is same^^
im totally relieved it was not only me and not only you!lol thanks guys!!
*high five*
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im back from Tokyo,the GS event was super fun!!
im so sad the event was finished cuz i've been working for my fanbooks for a month,met many friends and cosplayers...!

about my fanbooks (information here…),its SOLD OUT. both books sold all out in a hour...i should have printed more ;__;
there is books left but its for a book store,and they don't accept sipping from if i do reprint & resale in future,i will let you guys know!

thank you so much <3
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i've arrived to Japan 1st May,i feel good to be here with my family and friends ^^(honestly,im bit nervous for earthquakes >_<)
sorry that i couldn't reply comments to my fanarts since i left Sweden..!im so HAPPY to read them ALL!!

well, fanbooks are ready what i was working for!

♥Apollo Justice fanbook "D_L" 600JPY ♥
cover… comic sample…

there is special guest,5people from Japan(comics & novels)
and :iconpopo-licious: :iconkichisu: :iconpu: from overseas!!♡♡♡

thank you so much for drawing comics Popo-Licious,Kichisu and Diana!*big hugs* i kept leaving their original english texts and i added japanese translations.
there is Klavier,Apollo,Daryan,Kristoph,Phoenix,Edgeworth,Trucy and Ema etc... mostly gag!

♥Gyakuten Kenji2 fanbook "Hit the Floor!" 400JPY♥
all characters from GK2,take a look this comic sample… and cover is

sorry these books are !! written in Japanese !!

im gonna bring these brand new books to GS fan event "sabakino niwa" in Tokyo this weekend.i announce about these books here because if there is someone who would like to buy.

im not sure if there will be some copies left after the event,so if someone think "want!", i can leave a copy home for you when i go to Tokyo.please send me note or post comment if you would like to keep your copy! (sorry i need to know it before 8th May in japan time.and please make sure that you are buying to keep copy before the event^^ (total price is the book price + shipping cost to your country)  i will update about if there is any copies left when i come back from Tokyo. you can order after the event if there is copies left,ofcourse!

*you can pay by Paypal.(maybe easiest??)
*please note that which book and how many copy you would like to keep.
*if you live in Europe and would like to make shipping cost cheaper,i can send you book from Sweden when i come back home from Japan.but i can send you after 25th May.

i like this spring weather here in Japan,its 5years since that im staying in Japan in May XD
im going to sleep for now,good night!
dA seems fun to be in,cuz i can meet many other AA fans!
thank you so much for you guys who gave me comments so far.
im so so happy to read them all!
(and thank you for the favs and watches!)

well,im not get used calling the characters in english name.
so excuse me if i wrote it wrong or misspelled!
(i've played AA1~3 and AAI1 in japanese,played AA4(AJ) in english and japanese both)
and excuse my english that its not so fluent.

well i ordered "ace attorney investigations 2" from japan and im waiting for receive it in sweden now!i can't wait for playing it.(but i actually really want to play AA5~~~ i wish they are gonna release it in near future.)

i haven't got how to use deviantART!! ahh