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Klavier and Daryan

I drew this one for a postcard,will be printed ^^
I might be painting on this more later...
I'm not this looking fine?!?! (I'm confused :P)

Thank you so much for all of your comments to my last 2 fanarts i uploaded!
(Lang&Shi-na and Daryan's hair meme)
sorry i couldn't reply for one by one this time,
but im so happy to read all of your comments!
thank you so much<333

Klavier Gavin and Daryan Crescend from Apollo Justice
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All your Daryan art is perfect :swoon: 
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omg dere sexy n one of them is a criminal n a detective
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just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous *__*
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Your drawings have this fantastic edge to them... a cross between a sleek sexy, airy look and fantastic realism. Just divine.
Vamp-Elanor's avatar
So, so hot... I love your drawings... gaaaahhhhh
soak1111's avatar
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About those postcards... lol. xD

Just wanted to ask, did you already get to that? About those other postcard designs of yours. It was a while back, and I've been regularly in-active since then, so I might have missed it. Please tell me if I did? <3
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I like the style ... good coloring too ..
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I think this looks fabulous, your soft colouring works so well~
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Wow, I am amazed. Great work! All look perfect
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zfvfrcgbfgb this is so gorgeous that I accidentally clicked delete on my inbox message when I saw it. Whoops!
This is beautiful as always c: I'm noticing a big improvement in your stuff lately. Keep at it <3
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haha Oops! im worried about the message you deleted!
i hope it was not that important mail...XD

wow you see improvement in my art?!
i didn't think about it,yay!!:D
i would love to keep on improve for drawing!
because im very happy to make people enjoy to see my fan arts:love:
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I managed to recover it XD It was worth it.

Yep, definitely a big improvement c: I'm sure every one of your watchers would agree your fanart works are fabulous. I always look forward to seeing your updates.
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Ghhhn beautiful as -always- but there's something really really hot about this image. It almost looks like a movie poster or DVD cover. I love how they look like models and Daryan looks like he was about to start saying something. ;_; I'm so glad to see you drawing them!!
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thank you so much!
your words mean a lot to me :love:
im so happy to read what you wrote!
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and I'm always happy to see what new pics you're making! :hug: !! You're probably the only artist still drawing Gyakuten Saiban 4 stuff ;_; It's always so great to see them when you draw art for it! :D Maybe one of these days, I'll draw something Klavier-Daryan oriented myself again!
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Your Daryan is always so spectacular, you should found a group or something
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aww im happy to hear that you think my Daryan is always nice!:love:
yeah i would love to found a group,but i must read tips for found it :D
thank you!
AdelaDedal's avatar
You're welcome!
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I love their expressions :D Very brilliant work!
soak1111's avatar
thank you so much!
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This is awesome!!! Though I really wanted to see the rest of Daryan's hair.... XDD
soak1111's avatar
haha i wanted to draw rest of his hair!!
but well,it's quite difficult to draw "cool" Daryan with that hair from front for me lol
i will try it in future! :D
AmiyaEn's avatar
Haha! Just as expected. :XD: After all, he got the weirdest, yet coolest hair in the entire game~ (even beating Payne's new hairstyle)

I'll be looking forward to it! :iconilikeitplz:
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