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Soads Abstract Brush Pack



Woooow i actully did it :P i have been telling pepole for ages that i was going to make a abstract brush pack and look... i did :P
65 brushes, all crazy diffrent. Somew regular ones and i threw in some tentacles + some glow sparks ;)
Please fav+ it if you download it (or comment :P) beacuse i did spend ages on them; not that i had anything better to do ... but you get the point :P

Oh and my connection is all kinds of fucked up so all those comments i have (if you commented on a previous devation or something) not to worry, ill be replying to them as soon as it becomes stable again :D

hope you guys like them :) cant wait to see what you create!

EDIT: forgot to say, if you want you can go grab a render from my render pack and use these to brush it ;)
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