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[SoA Reference] Deamona
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Published: January 5, 2015
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These creatures, representing what was Dark, are the glints of what is hopeless and evil within the shadows. Having a hatred for the light, they grace themselves with the darkest colours—their palette is a combination of blacks and reds (Though not limited to), all of which complement their dark skin.

They are heartless and tortuous beings, not afraid to hurt or kill others it they see fit. They are the true definition of raw hatred and despair. Unlike the Angelicas, they do not hesitate to hide their true hatred toward others. Deamonas raised in the nightrealm can be mentally stable and go so far to even have multiple personalities.

Another common factor is the animal side of theirs that is like a wild hungry beast, destroying and consuming everything in their path, though this is not easy to provoke so it’s not seen often. Then in this state they are hard to reason let alone talk too, normally only listen to the more dominant of them. That doesn’t mean they still won’t rebel from time to time. In short Deamonas really are not good creatures.


Much like the Angelicas, these creatures are quite aggressive and psychotic creatures. They are filled with a gluttonous behavior, and greedily desiring power.
Their hands have the ability to swiftly change their form into large, imposing claws and back easily.
Their Heart Gems can be found floating in between their large horns.
Their pupils mix into the iris, which is red, and they have cracks down their face and eyes. They can shape-shift the cracks out, but they will always be there. They can also make their pupils smaller, but the color will always mix with the pupil. The colour of the eye will always be red unless some strange abnormality (Ie halflings, arcane corruption).
Their teeth are like a sharp, made for tearing flesh quickly yet terrifyingly painfully, having two different sets of teeth much like a shark. Including that, they may grow up to 6 different horns and/or wings.
They have a devil tail which the point can vary.
Their blood is black and filled with ater. Coming into contact with a deamonas blood can cause corruption.
They have a rather average height range, being from 4 to 6’7” feet.
They can easily corrupt elementals by the slightest touch of their claws, some deamonas tails also can cause corruption.


- They are very aggressive and psychotic creatures
- They consume Ater Arcane and like nothing but to eat it all. They are almost always hungry. The Mentally stable can control the hunger.
- Older Deamonas hate Angelicas with a true passion.
- Their hands can switch to big Claws and to normal human hands as they please
- Their color scheme is Black and red with darker shades of other colors. You will never see a Deamonas in light colors.
- Their heart gems are located floating between their horns and like Praeserus and Anilamia’s they are not attached to their body.
- They have sexual or menacing look to them and will always have Dark color hair.
- They are said to be evil and corrupted. They can corrupt elementals causing them to get cracks under their eyes as well.
- Their blood is black and filled with ater.
- Have two sets of sharp teeth
- Height ranges from 4 to 6’7” feet.
- They were banished from Adrast because they messed with the balance
- Deamonas tend to have a dog/animal-like side to them where they act just like a wild beast and are hard to reason let alone talk too, normally only listen to the more dominant of them.


- Darkness
- Large claws
- Immortal
- Flight
- Very sharp teeth
- Manipulation


- Pure light (Ex. Sunlight)
- Going insane
- Feeling hungry all the time
- Enclosed spaces
- Lack of arcane (makes them weak)
- Angelicas
- Can’t touch anyone with claws, wings, or horns or corrupts their arcane to black if exposed to for too long.


Deamonas heart gems are always located floating between their horns above their heads. Full deamonas heart gem will always be a deep red colour. It’s been seen with halflings that have heart gems the same colour as their eyes.
A Deamona will always have Ater arcane, almost unheard of for a full blooded deamona to have any sort of elemental sub. However halflings have shown signs of elemental subs under certain circumstances.


Deamonas age normally until the age of 25 and will not age anymore.
Ex. A Deamona that looks 25 could be anything from 25 to over 1,000
They are Immortal and have no natural death.


Deamonas are located in the Night realm. It is a world where very few can enter into. The Night realm is only accessed through shadows only night bond creatures can enter. Their world is dark and evil. It looks like a dark barren land with no food to sustain itself because it’s forever in darkness. Their homes are run down and broken. Its cold and sometimes snows in there. There is never light not even the moon so everyone needs to be able to see in the dark there. The Night realm is often referred to as hell, being so ruthless and horrible that only the strong can survive while the weak get eaten. No Deamonas would say the Night Realm is a pleasant place.

In Adrast, Deamonas have to live during the night. Though direct sunlight won't kill them immediately, it will cause them to go very weak and eventually collapse, breaking/cracking their skin to nothing and killing them. A cape or cover can help, but only for so long. Though a Deamonas can be perfectly fine inside buildings as long as they stay away from windows. Some Deamonas have even learned to work during the day by going before the sun rises, and leaving when the sun sets. Though this is not recommended as they are night bound creatures and this will make them weak. Along with the fact being around the sunlight a day can make a Deamonas very irritable. So it is best recommended a Deamonas live in the night if they choose not to stay in the Night realm. They can be found really anywhere that has lots of shadows.


Everyone in the Night Realm are fighting for their lives and if you are not strong enough you get eaten. This is why these creatures are meat eaters to arcane consumers. They take whatever they like from whoever they hate and don’t really care about them. They kill anything they wish when they want it.

In Adrast, a Deamonas can tend to be some what calmer as they don't have to struggle for food let alone their lives. To those that were born and raised in the night realm can be very cautious still and easily go to fighting rather than talking it out. Because of this Deamonas tend to live isolated lives. Not necessarily meaning they won't live around people. More so they will be rather antisocial. But some do choose complete isolation.
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