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[SoA Reference] Cervusterri
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Published: January 5, 2015
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:iconsky-of-animus: CERVUSTERRI :iconsky-of-animus:


The Cervusterri have quite a reputation to be peaceful, gentle creatures. They are often spotted enjoying frolicking around in the meadows. These tall, graceful creatures may reach to heights through 6’ and 8’. Also known as “Unicorns”, these creatures have a sort of horn on their forehead that serves as their Heart Gems. The larger the heart gems, the more powerful the certain Cervusterri is. Aside from their Heart Gems, they have large antlers that may shed or break off and tend to regrow depending on the season. These antlers, fueled with elemental Arcana, may grow leaves (for Nature Elementals), icicles (for Ice Elementals), or any other elemental-based product.

These creatures tend to live in female-dominated packs, nurturing the young until they are old enough to choose to leave or create their own pack. For protection reasons, it is rare for the female to leave the pack while males are often found leaving once they are of age.


Depending on the sub-species, they may grow either short, stubby tails, longer goat-like tails, or fluid cat-like tails.
They are covered in freckles from their cheeks to the end of their tails. Dark skinned Cervusterri would have white freckles while their lighter-skinned counterparts would show dark freckles.
Their fingers are the same colours as their hooves, so if their hooves have a purple hue, so will their fingers.

Although they have large dark pupils, their irises are usually light-coloured and quite bright—usually showing spring-time colours like yellow and blue.

Water-based Cervusterri are called “Kelpie”, and their cousin is the Nix—the snow-angel deer. Unlike the Nix, however, the Cervusterri have no wings.

Stages (males) have proven to be more aggressive while the does (females) often show gentle and caring personalities unless provoked.
It is rare, but possible, for females to have antlers. Only the most dominant, or the alpha, have large antlers while the others only have their horns (Heart Gems).


- Cervusterri are very peaceful, and graceful creatures. They tend to enjoy nice quiet days in meadows.
- Depending on the element their Antlers will grow leaves (for the Nature elementals) or Icicles (for the ice elements)
- Their heart gems are located on their foreheads and the more powerful they are the bigger the heart gem gets.
- They can have either short stubby tails or long goat or lion like tails depending on the Species.
- They are seen as Unicorns because they can lose their antlers but they can not lose their Unicorn.
- They are covered in freckles from their cheeks to their backs and butts. Dark skinned they would have white freckles light skin they would have dark freckles.
- Their fingers are the colors of their hooves so if their hooves are purple their fingers are.
- They have very big pupils and any color eyes normally light colors such as yellow or blues.
- Their normal height goes from 5 feet to 8 feet tall depending on gender and age.
- Water base cervusterri are known as Kelpie.
- They enjoy being in groups but mostly go solo when they are older.
- Their cousin is the Nix which is a Snow Angel deer. But unlike the Nix Cervusterri have no wings.
- Stages (males) can be aggrieve while does (females) are soft and gentle.
- Some female cervusterri don’t get antlers and only have the unicorn.


- Their height gives them an advantage in open areas.
- Fast and agile.
- Good sense of smell and hearing.
- Quick to take advantage of a situation.
- Work well in packs.
- Physically strong.
- Intelligent.
- Loyal.


- Heart gem exposed
- Their height also gives them a disadvantage in low and cramped areas.
- Bad eyesight making them a bit clumsy..
- Natural Prey
- Rely on their environment pretty heavily.
- Some cannot survive out of a pack
- Cannot shapeshift


Cervusterri’s heart gems will always be located on their foreheads as a unicorn horn. It’s colour would be that of their main arcane type.
Depending on their origin they tend to have nature or earth based arcane reflecting that, but it is possible for them to have a massive range of different types and combinations.


Cervusterri age normally until the age of 20, then from onwards they will age only one year for every 6.
Ex. A Cervusterri that looks 25 could be 50
They can live up to 500 - 800 years old.


Cervusterri can be found in certain areas over the world, depending on their type of arcane will normally give them specific locations. They would not be in deserts or places with no access to food for them.


There arcane and pack is a heavy influence on where they would live and how. Though some choose a solitary life, most would often be seen in a pack or with family.
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