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Halloween 2010: Jareth + Sarah

Halloween 2011: Jack and Sally

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I worry too much.

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Yoooou're jealous

Yoooou're jealous :D



My name on msn 'OH I'M A PHOTOGRAPHER, SEE I POINTED MY CAMERA AT A SUNSET AND MADE IT BLACK AND WHITE AND PUT COPYRIGHT ON IT URURNRNFNFFHHHH' prompted my friend to have this convo.... [MichaeL] says: nup... youre not a troo photographer until you run around the house and take at least 12 extreme closeups of inanimate objects at craaazy angles slew says: with many shadows slew says: and give them titles like 'wistful' and 'beauty' [MichaeL] says: now youre gettin it [MichaeL] says: 'this is the foxtel tv guide hanging off the coffee table... i think it represents the frailties of life... i call it 'grace'...' slew says: here is m

Hmm update

Hmm update

What's going on with me, ey? Well, I'm 20 (turning 21 this year) and looking for a job, occasionally draw things for money and I am trying to get my car license even though I'm shit-scared of driving. I am sort of...slowly...getting back into pixel art but I am also getting into drawing and stuff in general again too so let's see what I come up with. :) I mainly frequent myspace and post stuff there, too... And uuuh yeah that's all. :o

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well helloooooooooooo woman centipede!!!! ^^
CherieosaurusProfessional General Artist
SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!! :iconsnowballrightplz:[link] BWAHAHA!
Baaaaaaaw, I thought it might be some pixel competition or something and got excited :P