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As you guys might have noticed, I'm cleaning up the gallery and updating with a new pack design.

But I'm stuck with these 'textures', I don't know under which category they go!? Are these stocks, textures or what?

Textures - Dynamic by So-ghislaine Textures - Futuristic by So-ghislaine Textures - Waves by So-ghislaine  Textures - Smoke by So-ghislaine  Textures - WaterColor by So-ghislaine

Can someone help me with the category?
Hey guys! Last time I posted resources was over a year ago, so I probably won't have many active watchers here lol..
But I gonna post resources (mostly textures) again! I've got many I didn't post yet, and will make new ones too. Hope I can pick up where I left! See you guys soon..
Hi guys!

I made a tumblr (thanks to Donya)! And on this tumblr I will post small textures.
Deviantart I'll post HQ (large) textures. It would be awesome if you would follow me on tumblr too :la:

A new texture pack is already up there.


So if you want to download them, go to the page! See you there!
Ash, Donya and I spend a few weeks making this forum, and we are very exited to open it!

Click on the big banner to go to Hall Of Heroes!
Hall Of Heroes is a mythology-themes graphic forum. It has challenges, resources, tutorials, games and graphic promotions. We hope you will join this forum! <3

Lots of love,

Thank you all for joining our first contest! We really loved the entries, and it's nice to see our resources used. It has been very difficult to come up with this top, so don't be sad if you are not in it.. there where a lot of good entries! And also this contest probably won't be the last! :la:


Clockwork Princess Manipulation by bdenstrophywife

- Exclusive resource pack
-  800 DA points
- Journal feature by: =So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by


Unleashed by Ainhel

- Exclusive resource pack
-  400 DA points
- Journal feature by:=So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by


- Exclusive resoure pack
-  200 DA points
- Journal feature by:=So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by

4th - 10th  (random order)
- Exclusive resource pack
-  15 DA points 


Old Dreams by HayleyGuinevere Site design (PinkBlossom) by DoriannaLaufeyson :thumb367065210: This is summer by Speedyrulez

-  10 DA points 

Congrats to all of you! It wasn't easy to make this top 10. That is why we also added HMs! :heart:

The points will be given out today, the resource pack will be given tomorrow (note).

Resources - May

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 1:03 AM
These are resources I faved and like!


  Texture Pack 03: white paint by mercurycode  Ajikaji Texture Pack (1) by ajikaji RBF 5.13 Monochrome grunge unrestricted by rosebfischer Texture Pack (11 pcs) 46 by shizoo-design Perseused Texture Pack 1 by mlero Texture Pack 08 by panna-acida 8 large Shadows textures by iwantyourmustache sanctuary - textures set by PannaHerbatka Texture Set 26 // Fresh Winds by remon-gfx Marbled rust on blue metal by mercurycode Blue marbled cardboard texture | PNG by mercurycode  Texture 84 by Voyager168 Made A Fool Of Me by lookslikerain Texture Pack 6 Shadowplay by longlongwaydown Texture Pack 6 Shadowplay by longlongwaydown Feather Texture  Vampstock by VAMPSTOCK  TexturePack3 by thinkgaytiss Bokeh icontextures by BTTRFLYKISS <da:thumb id="368354410"/> Paper texture 'yellow tree' | PNG by mercurycode <da:thumb id="369030846"/> Texture pack 05 by freefolking  Texture Set 27 // Unreal Fantasies by remon-gfx chinese textures 12 by Benyol Old stained inside of a book cover | PNG by mercurycode naturra textures set by patzbone <da:thumb id="372311189"/> Texture pack 03 by elphielein ChaoticRoad's Textures Pack #7 by SoDamnReckless Texture Pack 01 I Paper and Others by belle-liberte Taented-love Texture B and w by kaleidoscopeEYE Pack 35 by accio-glow Texture 325 by Sirius-sdz Texture pack 5 - The Lonely Shepherd by KrypteriaHG Texture Pack 11 by mariaromerobarbero <da:thumb id="368308248"/>


Feathers and birds Brushes by Discopada   Nebula Brushes by silver- <da:thumb id="374327744"/> justlikethistrain Geometric Shapes and Tags by justlikethistrain Brushset 04: graffiti [HIGH RES] by mercurycode Brushset 06: oriental by mercurycode LOVE BRUSHES by Yeonseb

Actions & PSD files

[Action] Nothing by hienshino Action Photoshop by AngelikaZbojenska Alive - FREE photoshop action by puckrietveld <da:thumb id="369454978"/> Paula - Photoshop Effect (PSD+ATN) by friabrisa  Changes by StacheActions  Springlove  actionpack by BTTRFLYKISS PSD Coloring 034 by vesaspring PSD - VintageR.B by coral-m Fall for you Action by Heavensinyoureyes

Stocks & Others

Flower Tutorial - Peony by Nyanfood Typography for Beginners by zenron Square Halftone Vectors by rjDezigns 30 Vector Clouds by doghead Sacred Geometry Custom Shapes by merrypranxter Oakland Zoo - Giraffe 04 by Nyaorestock  Free Hexagon pattern 02 by black-light-studio

Enjoy & don't forget to read the rules of usage.

Hello everyone!

The PinkBlossom resource contest is closed. I wanted to say thanks to everyone that joined the contest! We (PinkBlossom team) will choose 10 winners out of the entries, based on creative use of the resources and overall look of the artwork. The winners list will be online in a few days. Contest folder here

1st Prize
- Exclusive resource pack
- :points: 800 DA points
- Journal feature by: =So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by

2nd Prize
- Exclusive resource pack
- :points: 400 DA points
- Journal feature by:=So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by

3rd Prize
- Exclusive resoure pack
- :points: 200 DA points
- Journal feature by:=So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by

4th - 10th prize
- Exclusive resource pack
- :points: 10 DA points

Exclusive resource pack:

~ PinkBlossom Team!

Do you want to win DA points and an exclusive resoure pack or 25 large textures, 73 icon textures, 9 actions, stocks/PNG images, 3 coloring PSD files and 9 graphic PSD files? Then join the contest! Use our resources in your artwork, all art forms allowed. Read the rules and prizes below!

- You have to use the resources from
- You may choose from: Textures, Brushes, Patterns, Icon Textures, Icon Bases, Graphic PSD files, PNG images or/and Stocks.
- You can't use (unless in combination with one above): Actions, Coloring PSD files, Premade Icons, Color Schemes, CD covers, Wallpapers, Tutorials or Facebook Covers.
- You may use resources from other websites too.
- Our resources have to be visible in your artwork.
- All art forms allowed.
- The entry for this contest has to be new (from 20 april and later).
- Maximum of 3 entries per person.

1st Prize
- Exclusive resource pack
- Points 800 DA points
- Journal feature by: =So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by

2nd Prize
- Exclusive resource pack
- Points 400 DA points
- Journal feature by:=So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by

3rd Prize
- Exclusive resoure pack
- Points 200 DA points
- Journal feature by:=So-ghislaine, *Ash13ps, ~Fleursama
- Website feature by

4th - 10th prize
- Exclusive resource pack
- Points 10 DA points

Exclusive resource pack:

Let us know if you would like to donate prizes. Points, Llama badges, Journal/Website feature or exclusive resources.

Examples of our resources used:
Blend .xvii. Down by aei-dail Pink Rose by bobkitty1123 Twins by faelivrinen <da:thumb id="331399309"/> Guardian Angel by mastadeath I love you in Paris by inewport <da:thumb id="362806006"/>  <da:thumb id="338179672"/> <da:thumb id="352888177"/>

Judging & Deadline
We (PinkBlossom team) will choose 10 winners out of the entries, based on creative use of the resources and overall look of the artwork. Judges:
:iconeuphoriclover: :iconnk-ash: :iconbttrflykiss: :iconomgolivia123: :iconso-ghislaine:

Start: 20 April
Deadline:  20 May

Post your artwork on deviantart, or upload it with any uploader. Then send us the link in a comment on this journal or on

Contest folder here

Resources - April

Sun Apr 7, 2013, 2:22 AM
These are resources I faved and like!


Wallpaper Textures #1 by RandBGraphics

Free Bokeh texture pack 1 by DianaGrigore Texture pack 'Miscellaneous', 600 x 750 pixel. by taxitoheaven Pack 33 by accio-glow Random textures 1 by VeryHapppyPanda #7 Icon texture pack - Pandora's box by Evey-V #6 icon texture pack - Taste da rainbow! by Evey-V RBF 4.13 grunge experiments unrestricted by rosebfischer paper texture by Sh.Blaauw by BLAAUW000 TexturePack#36-jaehos by seunghor 9 Texture/Stock Images by AvalonsArt <da:thumb id="358551330"/> Textures 27 by accio-glow Pack 31 by accio-glow Pack 32 by accio-glow texture pack #13 by tanja92 #2 Large Texture set - Light me up! by Evey-V  Free Dream Textures by ibjennyjenny Electric Blue by fraustuermer Textures - Blurred by Defreve texture pack 04 by amidnighteaparty Texture Pack by huruekrn-ackles Texture Set 18 by diastereomer #14 Texture Pack (1024x768) - Semblance Of Reality by Ainhel Texture Pack 5 by huruekrn-ackles Pack 23 by kagomechan20  <da:thumb id="363301802"/>  <da:thumb id="358709776"/> New collection pack 2* by BTTRFLYKISS Icon mask textures by gracefuldesigns


Concrete Pattern 5.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
<da:thumb id="361294563"/> <da:thumb id="360905519"/>  Floral Patterns. by Alittlelame Patterns by me by art-psds-junk     Patterns-flowers-02-v6#1 by Risorse-Di-Grafica Patterns-flowers-02v6#1-09 by Risorse-Di-Grafica


12 Large Bokeh Brushes by pstutorialsws

Random Brushes - 0104 by Missesglass Cute Flowers Free Bsrus Set by Romenig Tentacles by taviskaron <da:thumb id="363284955"/> Masks 327 by myjupiterstar Radio Brush by veredgf <da:thumb id="361089362"/> 30 Lense Flare Brushes by nadaimages TC - E P I C A - I by TreehouseCharms


Skin - 5 Retouching Actions by pstutorialsws

Actions pack 04 (Light Leak) by Discopada Prestalgia - 10 Retro Effects with Light Leaks by pstutorialsws Back To You by Bourniio Action 005 - Nostalgia by eliska-olsanska Whimisical CURVES SET by tiny-moon <da:thumb id="359241607"/>
Winter Mist Photoshop Action by Welton-Arruda Natural action by puckrietveld Fashion Beauty Actions Set by FP-Digital-Art <da:thumb id="363457855"/> <da:thumb id="363207527"/>
Rose action by MagicalMoment Triangular Mosaic Effect - PHOTOSHOP ACTION by FashionVictim89 <da:thumb id="363207527"/> PSD Pack - 4 Effects (FREE) by friabrisa
PSD 28 - Sunset by KrypteriaHG Psd Give me love. by JustAwesomeSilence PACK 2 PSD 'Vintage fresh' (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Heavensinyoureyes Psd for -Graphic Advanced by Menliebuteyestell PSD PACK 6 Retro effects. by Heavensinyoureyes <da:thumb id="360793215"/> <da:thumb id="362426265"/> Photoshop Color play effects by meganjoy


Jewel of the North3 by 13-Melissa-Salvatore

<da:thumb id="360702294"/> <da:thumb id="359004675"/> blossom by JaeJade Colours of Autumn - Stock by MariaAmanda Colours of Autumn - Stock by MariaAmanda navy dress 2 by M-Twins <da:thumb id="355661305"/> <da:thumb id="355665134"/> On Ice - Stock by MariaAmanda Medieval Gate by Wesley-Souza green leaves png by JaeJade 20120802 png by JaeJade red flowers png by Fairylandalse <da:thumb id="348955109"/><da:thumb id="348954119"/> feathers PNG by dark-dragon-stock FREE RENDERS by Bobbyperux Daydream Wings - Black by Thy-Darkest-Hour Jackdaw1 Masked Stock by FrankAndCarySTOCK Png Floating Terrain by Moonglowlilly

Enjoy & don't forget to read the rules of usage.

Vector Art : Let It Fall

Wed Nov 28, 2012, 2:49 AM
I've always been a fan of vector and vexel art. I want to share some awesome vectors and vexels with you all! Below a small feature with vectors and vexels I faved recently. Enjoy!

Drop of Blood by clocktowerman
You suck by digitalsleaze Return by deftbeat The Chieftain by theycallmeteddy Shark Attack by FILISKUN Popping Popcorn by RoseyCheekes Indian by lo11yBoy:thumb339956640: B_K_12 by Uka28 True love and egret by KekPafrany
Rambol by piece-of-kayk
Athene Noctua's Prophecy (DARK-MATTER. SOON) by jfe Fox spirit by Daniesca Elizabeth by HyeDaa Pandara's Box by JoseRealArt The Sound Of Nature by FILISKUN Four Seasons Fall by CQcat Scary Monster And Nice Sprites by FILISKUN Green by ChewedKandi The Tickler by VenettaButcher
Drown me in love by clocktowerman
Space Trash V3 by DK-Studio Bender by ym-graphix Wasp by shoelesspeacock Yurei by sugarunicorn:thumb332131943: Papilio by seekthegeekk:thumb330778178::thumb333781312: Pouring Out by KodiKat
Oni by pamzers2
The Fear. by jayve1 Carly Rae Jepsen by SergioSaucedo Old couple by kusodesign Connected by ivan-bliznak Sharly by pamzers2 Banshee by dacorpz:thumb339439666: Deer by alexandersolbakken

Want to create your own vector/vexel art now? Take a look at these tutorials. Good luck!
Vector tutorial - Part one by So-ghislaine Vexel or Vector Tutorial by biancamangels Vector Tutorial Photoshop by vectortutorial Tutorial Vetorizando Olho by glaubercordeiro Vexelling Hair by vectortutorial The Ultimate Vectoring Guide by MissNysha The Pen Tool Is Your Friend by Aeoll Vector Art Tutorial by shiropanda

Best resources ~ Three

Mon Sep 24, 2012, 1:59 AM
It's been a while since I did a feature, so here are some of my favourite resources I faved these past months!

JJ's Blue n Cold psd by enhancers   Instagram Photoshop Actions by Wnison Action Photoshop by AngelikaZbojenska :thumb326197766: JJ's PSD+ATN 23 by enhancers Weather Photoshop Action by meganjoy

Mountainscape With Lake by Burtn :thumb300595787: Snow White Stock 2 by Queens-Revenge Forest 11 by wax-wing Butchered 03 by Aurora-Dawn Mother of Dragons 11 by Mirish Old Mansion by NightKn8 Ash 8 by faestock

texture pack 03 by freefolking misc texture pack X by northerndawn Grunge Beach Collection - Textures by AFineWar Texture Pack 4 by deNoctem :thumb323528477: #10 Texture Pack - The Twilight Zone by Ainhel 04 texture pack by Nomicane by Nomicane set20 by 9-liters-of-art Random Texture Pack ZIP by NYVelvet 6 Large Textures: Kiss The Sky by lucemare Text Icon Textures - Ella Fitzgerald Lyrics by elizacunningham Vibrance Textures by alexshadowp #5 Texture Pack - 7000 Circles by Ainhel Flower Line textures 13 by mini0714