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YAY, your very own virtual squirrel, just what you always wanted! :meow:

-fork&knife: feed da squirrely. give him an energizing nut or a treat that makes him happy! :aww:
-heart: show your squirrel some love!
-bat&ball: play a game and earn points.
-moon/sun: let your squirrel rest, or wake him up.
-soap: bathe your squirrel and make him happy!
-poop: self-explanatory.

BARS (on the right)
-green: hunger. Your squirrel can't play games if he's too hungry!
-pink: happiness. There's lots to do to make your squirrel happy.
-blue: energy. If your squirrel gets too tired, he'll fall asleep on his own :sleep:

To make your little squirrel grow up into a big squirrel, you need 150 points! You get these points by caring for your squirrel. Once you get 150 points, the green arrow button will appear - click it to make him grow!

Yeah, so.. this is like, a more advanced version of that old Bitbit thing I made. So... yeah. ENJOY :)

If you enjoyed this game, check out the free avatar that comes with it :meow: :
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JaidenSquirrel's avatar
JaidenSquirrel|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I've never thought about having a kid
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PokeTruffles's avatar
I love this so much it hurts.
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ShaiDoro's avatar
I've been playing this in a looooooooooong time
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MaxieBoyo's avatar
MaxieBoyo|Hobbyist Artist
Hey...I played this app when i was little!!!:D
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FlareThePanther's avatar
I'm pretty sure I've seen this in another site, and there's no link to the game or credit.
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MaxieBoyo's avatar
MaxieBoyo|Hobbyist Artist
maybe she published it different sites n stuff
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rosythefoxluv's avatar
rosythefoxluv|Hobbyist Digital Artist
so so cuteshar yaaay explode 
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AndreaGumball's avatar
AndreaGumball|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is the best game ever!!!
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RandomTea64's avatar
RandomTea64|Hobbyist General Artist
Holy Ponies.....
Golden Freddy jaw drop icon Pervy Mark ADJ - Himawari Happy Meow :3 Nuu La la la la Woohooooo! Headbang! Airborne Clap 
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bonniebunnygirl's avatar
bonniebunnygirl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love you <3
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middlepot's avatar
middlepot|Hobbyist General Artist
this is very cuddly and inspirational!
thanks for these cute games, i'm your fan~Kao Emoji-08 (Kyaa Cute and Shy) [V1] 
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TrollingtonTrollifer's avatar
I JUST DIED OF A CUTENESS OVERDOSE!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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winterkill-wings's avatar
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. this is ADORABLE. the sound it makes when you make the squirrel grow!!! <3
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Lucrexcia's avatar
Lucrexcia|Student Digital Artist
Adorable! Can you make me a custom one, with a Bunny instead of a Squirrel and a purple frame,
finally a link to Breezey-kins.biz? I can pay through PayPal, and any price is fine as long as it dozen't exceed $18? :)
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jinx441's avatar
jinx441|Hobbyist Artist
how do you do this
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mynameiswaifu's avatar
A lot of scripting and coding from what I'm guessing
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Rose150's avatar
Rose150|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I knew this game even BEFORE I knew it was here, but I didn't know you were the one who made it.
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sugar-cokey's avatar
how to play this, and when I left, again come and want to play these stay as I left before and not to reset whole game?
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Katy911's avatar
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Zaigwast's avatar
hehe tamagotchi :aww:
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TheSmileyGuy's avatar
TheSmileyGuy|Hobbyist General Artist
This is adorable. I'm staring at all your art, can't stop.... TOO CUTE <33
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ANIMEMEEPCHAN|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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khuedang129's avatar
OMG! IT'S SO CUTEE!!! :squee: :hug: Thanks for making such a cute thing! XD
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