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The Evil Snowman

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Cool concept, great execution.

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wonderfully scary
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Nice drawing dude
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AWESOME! how do you even make art like this
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This is a spectacular piece, and I would love to use it as the cover of the December issue of Under the Bed magazine.

From our website:…

We feature a new artist every month, running a cool cover pic and a selection of pieces within the issue.  We also do an interview via Email where you can choose the work that best represents you (and is scary, since we're a horror mag).  I don't foresee an issue with that since you've got a ton of great work here.  
Unfortunately, we aren't able to pay our artists, but I do hope you'll give us permission to use a few of your images.  Our circulation is about 3,000 at this time, and we are all digital right now.  You'll also get a copy of the issue in all three major eFormats (ePub, mobi, PDF).  Please feel free to contact me if you're interested. 

Thanks!  Either way, I really do love this piece.  
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Hahah the little snowman are so adorable (LET'S EAT THEM!!!). >:).
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Featured this piece on my blog today :)
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Hey :) . Just wanted to let you know that some dipshit is stealing your art. Take a look -> fallen-resistance.deviantart.c… .
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Thank you for bringing this to my attention, good sir!
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Glad I could help, my friend. :D
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You might want to see this
This guy made a banner from your work pretending he made it.
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really cool background....overall very cool
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Your artwork is currently featured in #Holidays' Happy New Year 2013!! journal. [link] :iconsnowstarplz:

If you do not wish to be featured, please let us know and it will be removed.

Lol @ the one smiling in the back. He must be the slow one.
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jack frost the mutant killer snowman (BAD-ASS MODE)
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Ha, that's pretty cool.
what name would u like credited?
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"Zeeksie" should be fine.
of course. ill send u the link to the video when it is uploaded.
hey my gamertag is SnowManZxDaBeast and i would like to use this as for sort of like an intro type deal for youtube videos. of course with your permission, my email is you can send the verdict
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