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Spider's Hunt

By Snugglestab
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Trying to bring this concept to its final stages.
Any suggestions and critics are welcomed.

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Such a cute little family.
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That better not be sarcasm...
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Cute is a soft edge that lends to a viewer a sense of satisfaction and wish to destroy. :heart:
This is beautiful work, and the only reason I am commenting is because you asked for suggestions.  
I realize these are not meant to look like actual spiders, but I just thought I would let you know some tips about spider anatomy in case you want to make these guys a little more spider-like.  If not, no problem, just offering some info.
Spiders always have an even number of eyes. Most have eight, many have six, (and very rarely some have fewer or none.)  The eyes are always set evenly paired, meaning they are symmetrical on both sides of the head.  These 2 pictures show you great examples of how spider eyes are set up on a bunch of different species: 
And this page shows you the terminology that we arachnologist use for spider eyes.  
Let me know  if you ever have spidery questions.  
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spider man
spider man
does whatever a spHOLY SHIT THAT'S FREAKY
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Weird humanoid-spidery things in an awesome setting . . . !Clap 
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I love the sinister aspect of the masks. Is there any backstory to them?
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Hey this is prety sweet im wondering if you mind if i base a part of my book into this? please comment on my page with your answer
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this is awesome, you mind if i base a sculpture on this?
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Seriously doubt suggestions are still being used, but I really like this one, so here goes. Deeper eye sockets would add menace and interest to the faceplate;, texture on the earpieces could show their function more clearly, and would be a tad more utilitarian vs aesthetic; the hair should be scruffier, less clean looking, they're underground spider people, they have no stylists. Thanks for dealing with me!
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Excellent! You asked for suggestions so here is one :

You could add small robotic/cybernetic spiderlings crawling on the right floor and on the shoulder of the front-guy. They could be a reference to his facemask , being white with bright red eyes and little tentacles. They could be something like spy-bots or something :) i hope i gave u some inspiration
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looks like he's got headphones on... Wonder what kinda music a freaky spider person listens to.
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whatever's on the web
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Seriously love these guys.

If I had to choose a batch of minions, these would be it.

Awesome work!
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I like it alot!
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Seems like a nice fellow.
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Nice Piece. Will have to check out more of your work.
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Superb work!
I really like this piece!
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this is awesome
what is it for? I like it a lot just wondering if theres a story behind them.
really cool
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they look like ettercaps, such creepy crawlers >.<
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Frikkin cool creatures:O
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Wow...that looks really awesome so far and if you're still looking for critiques I would suggest fixing the left corner by adding more detail. Or something to keep the eye traveling all around the picture. Cause at the moment I don't even really see the guy creeping in on the left. Heck you could even just crop off the space behind his head. But still overall, it looks epic.
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