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Cotton Candy and Murder

So, this is an old one. According to the file description, it was created on November 11th in 2008 - if you can believe that, because I don't.
There used to be two other clowns, but they - uhh... they got sacked.

Also, while we're at it... If you guys like evil clowns, then I really recommend you check RodgerPister's works. He really knows a thing or two about this particular subject.
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Rad! thanks for the shout out!
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No problem, man!
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the green striped one is my fav. no idea why, but...he just speaks to me :D great job as always, and of course, the other guys look just...delightfull too :)
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The jester is certainly up my alley, but the tiny clown speaks to me the most. Either way, I believe you and I think alike, or at least pretty similarly.
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hehe, you know what they say about great minds ;)
But yeah, the small one is delightfully Impish too :D
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These guys are excellent! A disorderly looking bunch.
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Haha! Disorderly is a very humble and polite way to put it.
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That is how i would imagine pennywise's family looks like.
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Not enough red balloons. Not enough floating.
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This is so awesome and terrifying O_O
I like the tiny smile button on the big guy :D
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Evil clowns from other space?
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Evil clowns from planet Earth.
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Big guy would be a great villain
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I don't think he'd be smart enough to qualify for a villain.
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ugh that fat pelican :ohnoes:

I still like the hat guy :) i only just noticed his feet though :faint:
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I thought you called him "fat penguin" before. >.>
And I really regret not painting the jester purple like you suggested. For two reasons: He would've looked better and the other reason... I'll tell you later.
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