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Arena Lord

Quake 3 Arena has been around for nearly a decade, many are still playing it, many are still addicted, and it seems far from over.

Yet again, this is not a specific character/unit from the Quake universe, however he shares certain features with Ranger, those familiar with the Quake series should probably know who I'm referring to.


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Question: If id ever announce Quake 5, what will your first words be?
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Sure this dude rock the arena in pair with Doomguy
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impressive.. just..impressive
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quake 3 arena has been ported as a browser game on internet... I am registered there but for some reasons it's unplayable... :(
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wow, one of my favourite old school games, I still remember playing this at intermediate. AWESOME game AND art!!!
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my fav game in the world , actully my first game , great work
anime-underdog's avatar
Hell to the yeah. Quake is the best.
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"Ranger to Base, engaging Quake minions..." Brilliant.
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Go Quake 3! YAY! :salute: :D
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Check out the machinima called Arenas, the Episodes. It's a badass series mad using the Doom 3 Engine centered aroud story-driven deathmatches based on the original game. It's got nine episodes so far and season 1 is near it's end
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Dude this is epic.
I love the world of quake 1, my Quake 3 character is an enforcer ^_^
Awesome stuff, the lighting reminds me of Frank Frazetta.
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Crap this is well done!
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Fantastic piece; good atmosphere, definitely creates a dark mood.

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Best game, and awesome picture well done!
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My fav was doom. But ranger is sweet. :) Love the expression. A fav.
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Q3 Arena is one of my favorite games^^
these guy looks pretty cool, like just from the game.
nice detail on the rocket launcher. love it*_*
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what did you use to do this btw?
fist-of-fury's avatar
jeez that's really good, luvin the face, but the gun is a bit ambiguous. nice gallery
fokk's avatar
Love all your work!
So instead of "fav" here, im just gonna keep an eye on everything.. ^^
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