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May 3, 2007
2:35 by ~snuff75x - A fabulous render which I could just stare at all day looking at the crispness of detail in. Also makes a cracking desktop!
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By snuff75x
i got a new pc, and wanted to rerender this as a benchmark & print...original 1280x1024 rendered ~14 hours, this one 2:35 :D

thank you, mr. dualcore :psychotic:
click download for 1680x1050 px

this is rendered in cinema 4D9 (advanced splotchomat) using custom hdri gi...the effect on the metal is made by blending a second, non-reflecting shader via ambient occlusion (or dirtmap in the package of your choice)..the other maps used were either fotos or painted (for the table, dirtmaps on glass) or rasterized vectors (clock face)...the meshes where grouped, then bent via different modifiers...didn't want to rip dali, this is more about (sur)reality vs (foto)reality, but mostly about fun :) if you think the four is wrong check this [link] about it

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Tantheguardian's avatar
its very different and i like it alot
pollo94's avatar
thats my word for it ;) i love it 
Soleil68's avatar
Thanks, i'll take time now :p
Thoesoe's avatar
melting time..
SophieDC's avatar
This is original! I love it :)
EternalFyre413's avatar
For some reason I like this kind of thing...
Snoopy20111's avatar
My god....when I saw this, I looked at the clock and it was 2:25...
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paperairplan-e's avatar
Reminds me of Dali <3
FinnickOdair0000's avatar
Love the picture! The warped clocks definately keeps it from looking like just another piece of photography. or certain its a job well done.
jflaherty90's avatar
im being reminded of the famous painting that had all of the melting clocks on it, can't remember the name of it
paperairplan-e's avatar
A great painting by Salvador Dali. :)
Kay-March's avatar
This is an extraordinary and original piece. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Time melting... the best.
ladyrose55's avatar
Even though I don't have a Premium membership, I may write a critique.

This is an amazing, but slightly odd (in a good way) photo. It makes me dream staring at the clocks all day. The setting is perfect, bright, and fits the picture really much. The clocks are in a very interesting shape. Well done. It makes a perfect wallpaper. :)
goskkps's avatar
Looks like Salvador Dalí.. aewsome =D
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freedomisart's avatar
i love them but i have to ask if you made them because i have no idea what you said for the comment on the photo

PS: turn them into necklaces and sell them because i know id wear them
Borntobewyld's avatar
This is SO COOL!!! :D
hettra's avatar
Woah! I love this!
MilovanJa's avatar
words cant describe this beauty
LiteAngel's avatar
time is ticking away~
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