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stress stress stress stress.

By Snuf-Stamps
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h A
current mood
and has been my current mood for a very long time
and probably will be my current mood for a very long time as well.
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Yeah, everyone goes through stress, despite your age because there's other stuff out there people can't handle. I go through stress and my mom thinks I'm too young to even carry it around with me. Of course I may not work, but the lack of cooperation and ethnic work is stressful in a way, right? She tells me, "I have nothing to worry about". When I'm actually used to places that occur to have a large commotion.
Anyways to go back on topic, yeah we all go through stress. So I do agree on with everyone else, who doesn't?
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Those who are "awakened?"
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It may be confusing and strange, but... eh. *Shrugs*
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story of my life right here
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Well I was prescribed medication for it 
And have to attend therapeutic treatment...

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I get stressed over the smallest of things that others wouldn't even care about....>.<
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I have EXTREME head is always going through things I wish I could fix...I hate it.
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I get it alot, and it actually gives me extremely bad gas. o.o
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I wanna laugh my ass off, but something tells me that it really can give you bad gas. O____O
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I'm not sure how though o.o'
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I get stressed by many things, its not pretty, some of the buttons are the big red ones that make me instantly mad
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I has it too >.<
It got so bad that I puked once QAQ
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Thanks bro ;-;
here have a cookie :cookie:
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No prob :3 -holds the cookie-
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