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Point Panic! by Snozzberry4947 Point Panic! :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 3 0 Heatwave by Snozzberry4947 Heatwave :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 4 2 Mentality by Snozzberry4947 Mentality :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 1 0 Growing Up by Snozzberry4947 Growing Up :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 0 5 Lost...and found again by Snozzberry4947 Lost...and found again :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 0 2 Searching for Truth by Snozzberry4947 Searching for Truth :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 1 0
My feet in the warm earth mud.
The worm crawling along my toes tickles,
Like a lost hair stuck to the skin.
I want to plug into the dirt.
I want to hear the playlist of Mother.
Sixty-eight hertz and counting,
Beat two, beat eight, a thousand beats of
the heart.
She vibrates in two tones;
Red and black.
Warmth and soul.
Every sound from the throat,
Is a mimic of Her language.
Soft cries, deep roars, and whispered smiles.
We were born from this,
And to this we must return.
Time trails behind Her,
Losing us in mirrored silhouettes.
Dangers speak in foreign tongue,
So today we must hear the bottom resonance.
We all know this language.
It is the language of the body flow;
the internal dance of love.
To this,
We must return.
:iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 0 7
Bringer Of Light, Hasten by Snozzberry4947 Bringer Of Light, Hasten :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 1 6 Atrocious by Snozzberry4947 Atrocious :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 0 7
To Conquer Her
The first time I blackened the mirror,
I capsized.
Who was she?
Why did she want to die?
The first time I felt pride,
I untied.
Who was she?
Why did she want to die?
The first time I craved lust,
I sighed.
Who was she?
Why did she want to die?
The first time I lost it,
I lied.
Who was she?
Why did she want to die?
The first time I deflowered,
I denied.
Who was she?
Why did she want to die?
The first time I told you,
I cried.
Who was she?
Why did she want to die?
Who was she?
Who was she?
Who was she?
The first time I conquered her,
I smiled.
She was me.
And she needed to die.
:iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 4 0
Her Story by Snozzberry4947 Her Story :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 3 4
Three moons too soon,
And I don't know your name.
Three moons too soon,
Like me.
I took from you two things,
Like precious rubies.
I stole those that I didn't need.
I have two rubies when one would do.
Let me find you, unnamed, let me find you.
Let me give you back the ruby you deserve.
We can share one apiece, like our souls preserved.
I was there, you know.
One moon,
Two moon,
Three moon.
But I lost you.
You ran away too soon, too soon.
Tell me, unnamed, what's it like in your world?
I want to know your tale, unfurled.
...Eighteen years and I still have a ruby waiting for you.
I still have your sight,
which I stole.
:iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 3 12
Unter den wolken by Snozzberry4947 Unter den wolken :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 1 9 The Crone by Snozzberry4947 The Crone :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 3 17 Hung Up by Snozzberry4947 Hung Up :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 0 2 A Slow Progress by Snozzberry4947 A Slow Progress :iconsnozzberry4947:Snozzberry4947 2 1


  • Listening to: Equilibrium
  • Reading: The Lady of Avalon
Just got home today from three weeks away from Seattle/Renton. It's fucking 68 degrees here and it's seriously the temperature of our air conditioning in New Orleans. It's cold. What the fucking hell can I say? I'm home for a few hours and already I want to go back to that magical, shattered, and hopeful city that seems like a home for my soul. No, not seems. IS. What the hell am I doing here? Sitting on my ass, doing computer stuff that I don't need to do, worrying about school, money, time, time, time. Those people have more worries than I do, and what do they do? They thank some higher power everyday that they're simply here on this earth. How incredible is that? If a ninety year old woman living in a historical house that's falling apart, is covered in mold, and smells like garbage, can thank her God that she's alive and well and I can't? A ninety year old woman who has lost a daughter, survived a heart attack, and lives with a son that doesn't do shit to take care of her can thank God for another day in this reality, and I can't? I can't and I have a thousand times more than she does? What does that say? What am I doing?

New Orleans, take me home! Miss Doris take me home. Veronique take me home. Miss Louise, Miss Rebecca, Miss Dot...take me the fuck home.

I'm disappointed that we didn't do as much construction work this year. I can't tell you how prepared I was to drywall, mud, drill, hammer...anything. Anything to get another house up so that one, two more people could move back to their home. Unfortunately, our group of forty plus kids did a ton of little jobs. Garden work, painting fences, building decks, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...

I know I still did a lot. I know we finished a lot. We put smiles on those women's faces. We heard their story, we thanked them, they thanked us, we thanked them again. I just wish I could do so much more, because I know I CAN do so much more. There's so much more to be done...always. I weeded for days at Miss Ora's, taming the jungle that had become her yard. I cleaned awnings and gutters for Miss Harris, I fixed termite damage and helped install a shower wall for Miss Camille (which, by the way, was an absolute NIGHTMARE due to the absence of ANY right angles), and was angry at myself for not returning to the dorms at the end of the day sore and starving.

There's too much to say, far too much, so I'll keep it short. Let me skip to the GOOD news. We toured the 9th ward again. Still desolate, still sad, still barren. But you know what? There's progress. Fucking progress after five years. We saw so many new houses up. Colorful, ecological, "green", and stilted, storm-proof houses. They weren't there last year. So although the rebuilding process is too slow than this country and its people should be able to simply stand by and watch, at least it's happening. Something is happening.

This was the last year that our group did this mission trip through the church. Our youth leader, Michael, and dear father to two of my best friends, resigned from his position. But we don't just stop going. We WILL rebuild New Orleans, even if it takes us another twenty years to see it done.

So, my and their story has been partially told. There's more to tell. But YOU must tell it too. It's the only way this charming city will return to full bloom. I can honestly say less than 2% has been rebuilt. People forget. People don't care. It's your city too. Your brothers and sisters, your country... your piece of the world, if anything. Don't forget New Orleans, and don't forget Haiti. I know you just want to return to your life where you're fed and you're comfortable and you have worries that you worry about and don't even need to because your life is secure enough. If you can't help, the next person can. Let them know what needs to be done.

New Orleans, I love you.
I will be back.



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As my interests change and develop, so does my art. I seek to find the balance in all things, for light cannot exist without dark, nor dark without light. Keep an open mind, for your opinion is solely your own, and does not equate to "correct". Travel the world, travel your soul, and make a journal of your life through your art, as I have and will do.

Peace to you.

Current Residence: Redmond, WA
Favourite genre of music: Pagan Metal/ Melodic Death Metal
Favourite style of art: Surreal
Operating System: Windows
Wallpaper of choice: Cyborgs
Favourite cartoon character: Scar



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