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:iconsnowzone49:SnowZone49 posted a status
HELOWLOW GUYS! (Mike Pollock) "I've been such a busy little bee!" So Im still working on the Sonic Enigma pic because roof tiles hate me, but BIG NEWS (no frogs) I'm starting a No Zone web comic series, and it's not going to be like No Zone Arcives, but more like a mix of everything we all make up from the No Zone. You might notice your favorite concepts from Lujji (U.Rem) such as Zails, or the Arcives such as Zamy and Zhadow, and actual cannon No Zone things such as General Zally, Zector and Zespio, and more characters and stories revolving around the comics. It could be possible me and some friends are dubbing it, but later, as our only male actor can only do Shadow and Big Smokes, and I'm not going to try male voices again after my robot pirate incident... SO! I'm not going to be coloring it for now because I feel like B/W has a sort of charm to it, and it saves me time because it won't get in the way of a bunch of other things I'm either currently doing or will be once school starts again. I'm starting the script and sketches now so I'll be saving up the first few pages before I post them and try and get a thing going. Let's hope for the best!

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