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So like just a bit of context, I can’t fit the whole thing here because it keeps crashing my phone but essentially, 

I asked ImToLazyToThink on deviant art if I could change a few things about her ARK Sonic AU and write a fan-fiction and she said yes so that’s where this came from

So! System Sonic is the solar systems fastest software out there, created by Gerald Robotnik as a test before he continued to make a biological version (Shadow). Sonics purpose was to prove synapses and neurons could be downloaded into a living being, but afterwards he was modified to keep the ARK stable. Then the government came along and took over System Sonic to kill all of the scientists, Maria still dies, but Shadow never escapes. So now the ARK is controlled by the government GUN, who wants to use it to wipe out the mobian race. Neither Shadow nor Sonic remember the incident but after Shadow finds Sonic, they dig through some files and eventually find out.

So these two parts just kinda highlight the most important through the first three chapters. In the beginning Shadow just thinks and acts like he’s better than Sonic being the finished life form, and Sonic just likes to tease and be sarcastic as he becomes sort of like a personal assistant.

In the second part where they escape, is where they first start seeing each other as friends. Kinda like Final Space between Gary and Marv.

SO LETS SEE! Idk I just wanted to know what you guys thought, not only about my writing but the concept.

Shadoh gave a hmph of satisfaction and looked up at this white synthetic hedgehog, its black optic eyes staring down at him calmly. "Alright, so who are you, and what are you doing here?" The black creation asked. The hedgehog tilted its head slightly, as if disappointed. "I'm 5onic, an artificial learning system that regulates the living conditions of this ARK. What I'm doing Here specifically? They don't like to think about me, so they put me in this room so that they wouldn't ever see me again." The Ai said, though Shadoh could hear a hint of bitterness in his speech. It seemed as if this 5onic was a little depressed because of it. A depressed robot? Now that was something. Another question rose in the black hedgehogs mind, and he was curious and eager to know the answer. "How long have you been down here?" He asked carefully. 5onic looked at him for a long time, but nonetheless he was thinking, as the whirring of the room around him made a few more noises. Soon however his tone became slightly upset. "I... i don't know. I lost track." He responded, still trying. Shadoh blinked with surprise, raising his brows and tilting his head back. "You forgot?" He asked astonished. The last time he checked robots couldn't possibly forget things, unless they where destroyed. "I didn't forget! I.. well I just didn't see the point in counting.." the ai replied indignantly. It seemed as if he only just now remembered the reason in the first place. The room sighed, and Shadoh couldn't help but get a feeling that he was upsetting him. A robot upset? Hm... "Is that why you where messing with the computers?" He asked, trying to get into a brighter subject. 5onic tilted his head again, perhaps forgetting to hide his tone of both relief and sadness. "Yes..." he replied guiltily. "I-.. well I wanted to meet you..." he soon later added hesitantly, his curiosity obviously overpowering the instinct that he wasn't supposed to talk until someone else started the conversation. Shadoh's feeling of superiority vanished for a minuet as he looked at the synthetic white form with surprise. "How did you know I was here?" He asked, as it was quite obvious this artificial hedgehog was locked away far before he was created. "I'm still part of the system. I read every little note about your creation, your tests, your behavior.." the Ai said excitedly. "Of course I have pictures but.. I wanted to see you in person. Well I mean I could have hid in a hallway camera and technically that would be in person but I- AXXttt!!" The life form jumped back when the white carbon figure tried moving, however a shower of sparks streamed from its head, the audio suddenly shorting from its soft chiming to a horrible static. He quickly stepped foreword up to the platform, wishing to help but not knowing how. He could hear the pain the other was in, a monstrous noise similar to tearing cloth and that cloth was screaming. but his carbon body was still as stone, as if nothing was amiss. Expressionless and empty. Finally something audibly understandable came around, a miserable whimper. "Please..." his voice came back, and Shadoh looked around. "Please let me out.. I promise I won't leave this room! I promise! I, I wanted to learn about you, that's all, please! Let me out!" The other hedgehogs voice said, occasionally cutting out here and there. An ai's version of crying. Shadoh blinked, hating everything about this. The desperation in his begging, his horror and sadness. But another thought battled him, wondering how much trouble he, or 5onic could get into if he was rediscovered. "But, won't the ARK not be able to function if you disconnected from it?" He asked carefully. The answer was instant, and frustrated. "Are you kidding?! I'm not the main System anymore! If anything they were just hoping I'd fade away!" He retaliated. Shadoh's eyes fluttered and it took him a moment to recollect his patience towards the Ai's sobbing. "Hold on, just calm down ok?" He said gently, hoping this social thing they told him about would work. "I- I know..." was the response, followed by insistent 'gasping'. "It's alright, just stop crying and everything will be fine!" Shadoh quickly said, not knowing why but he rested his hand on the carbon forehead. "That's a low probability..." 5onic returned moodily, nonetheless he started quieting down. The black hedgehog finally sighed. It took a moment but when the static and cutting died away he spoke again. "Alright, I'll let you out. What they've done to you is completely unfair." Shadoh continued, and kneeled down, looking around the synthetic form. There where wires attached all over it, other modules that weren't supposed to be part of his body. But which one did this system belong to? "Oh thank yo-!" The chiming voice of the Ai left the room, and suddenly the whirring around him grew still. And then, something in the robot came alight, a silver ring in its chest instantly filled with blue light, as if it where a small portal. Well, the highlighted 'This part here', was an obvious sign. If there was anything more, 5onic would have explained it to him before leaving himself vulnerable to the life form. Shadoh scooted foreword a little, and started carefully removing the ring from the solid body. Soon, he popped it out completely, and a few jolts  sparked from the now empty space to the ring like stragglers. Shadoh held the ring with both hands, standing awkwardly and waiting for something to happen. Maybe this Ai tricked him into killing itself. Suddenly, Shadoh screamed as lightning burst from the ring, jumping back and dropping it. It clattered to the floor and fizzed, "hey!" A voice chirped, and Shadoh was amazed to see that a shape was flashing to life. It looked small, and not exactly holographic, but more ghost like. And it looked like a more proper hedgehog. It's spines where blue and soft, as well as the rest of his slender body. His arms where furless and a pale beige, as well as his chest and stomach. His paw like feet however, where more transparent than the rest of his shape. The hedgehog rested on his forearms and groaned. "Ooowww..." he mumbled sitting up, a hand tenderly rubbing the ring which was now apart of his chest. and then he paused. His heart shaped eyes, with holographic pale fluorite pupils, stated fizzing with static. "Please don't cry again!" Shadoh interrupted, but it was no use as the hedgehogs voice started cutting out again. "I-I'm sorry. It's just been so long since I've Moved!"
The Ai replied, his tone that of pure bliss, his smile shining brighter than the silver ring. Before the life form could even blink, 5onic darted up, and started bolting around the room, back and fourth, this way in that. Shadoh stared in awe, as his head whipped around trying to follow him. He was fast! Maybe even faster than him! The Ai might've done several laps around the room, when the black hedgehog suddenly gasped with shock. 5onic had ran into him, wrapping his arms around him in what was supposed to be a hug, however caused the life form to fly to the back wall. Shadoh heaved, completely winded, and was about to give this stupid thing the lesson of its life, untill... he felt it's arms hug him in a way the creation had never felt before. Like... he was appreciated. "Thank you..." 5onic whispered, and the black hedgehog stared down at him, and gave him an awkward pat on the head so he'd let go. However, now he could get a good look at this Ai's new form, now that he was out of that plastic body, which stared on, dreamlessly. Shadoh didn't have any sort of affinity, but he did find his neutral colors along with his graceful shape rather pleasant to look at, other than the harsh tones of metal and the awkward shape of humans. As soon as 5onic noticed he was being stared at, his beige muzzle glowed with a brighter white light, before he vanished with a bolt of lightning back into the ring. Shadoh caught it. "What's wrong?" He asked. From the ring came a tiny voice, so small that he had to hold it up to his ear, and when he did the others tone sounded embarrassed. "I am underdressed..." he said. The black hedgehog couldn't help but laugh. "Underdressed? Your an Ai! It doesn't matter! I'm not wearing anything either accept if you mean gloves and shoes!" He exclaimed hysterically. "Well I'd rather be proper than prude!" Was the squeaky indignant response that nipped at his ear.
There was a moment of silence before the creation sighed and looked around. The room was quiet, no longer piloted by a system. He was thinking... taking out an entire system hidden several years ago perhaps should be acknowledged. It was currently in his mind that he needed to tell someone. Perhaps the commander and lead research associate. The life form gripped the ring, then turned and walked out of the door. Once he did and was a way into the corridor, there was a small shock at his hand. The black hedgehog grunted and almost dropped it again, but he lifted it to his ear to where he could hear the small voice. “Where are we going?” It asked, sounding uneasy. Shadoh then let his arms down, and continued the way he was going, his expression serious, and slightly troubled. “Im going o introduce you to someone first...” he said, though, he himself had a looming impression that this, was a grave mistake.

(So then were skipping through Sonic meeting commander tower, Shadow introducing Sonic to the computer science humans, Shadow doing tests, Sonic being a jerk just to have fun, Sonic bonding with Shadow and creating an energy link, Shadow starting to get a bit anxious with commander tower, Sonic digging up the files, Sonic confessing to Shadow, Sonic and Shadow having an emotional moment of betrayal, Sonic just giving up and planning an escape, and Shadow just kinda being dragged along.) 

Suddenly, the alarms started blaring.
“They’re going into a level four lockdown! Let’s go!” Sonic shouted, grabbing Shadohs hand and pulling him along.
There wasn’t much need as the creation finally gathered enough sense to skate across the floor full blaze, but behind them, there were crashing noises.
“They’re shutting down this sector and the one ahead. If we keep up this speed we’ll be four clicks ahead of the system. Heh. Bet they regret replacing me now.” The holographic hedgehog remarked presently.
Shadoh however was in too much of a panic to come up with any humor. These humans made him! The planet below was a wasteland! He had never dared to disobey them. Was he even ready to support himself?!
“S-Sonic? Where are we going?!” The black hedgehog asked fearfully as he started panting. He never had to skate this fast before, and adrenaline was making his muscles lock.
“One of the escape ships. Just keep going down this hall and knock out anyone who gets in your way! Now hurry and plug me in!” Sonic shouted over the noise, suddenly disappearing into the ring as they approached the locked sector.
Shadoh fumbled with the cord for a minuet, before he connected the tiny opening from the ring to the panel next to the locked door. The minuet the end was in all the way, the alarm suddenly shut off, and the door in front of him shot open. Taking the now empty ring and cord back, he dashed down the hall, his breath leaving him with amazement as he could sense the energy all around him, spreading incredibly fast through the surrounding metal walls.
“I’m overriding the subconscious system, but I can feel there’s an intercepting offense system on its way. Just keep going!” His earpiece then spoke.
Sonic was opening doors faster than Shadoh could run through them, and he could hear they quickly shut once more as the wave no longer possessed them. However, he had to come skidding dangerously to a halt as heavily armed guards intercepted him.
“Keep going!!” Sonic screamed, and suddenly his connection crackled through his senses.
“Project Shadow, you have orders from commander tower to cease this at once and return to your cell!” One of the humans commanded firmly.
The black hedgehog stared wide eyed, fear creeping through him. However, the lights in the hallway suddenly burst, shattering glass and amazing sparks over the group.
“G-O-.. OO!” The voice shouted in his ears, and with a small scream, the black hedgehog dashed though the humans who had ducked and were calling out in alarm.
“Sonic! Are you ok?” He called, hoping for some of his encouraging words.
“TI- I.. Oo-..”
“Forget it!”
Now he was shaking as there was no doubt the original system was currently fighting the offense system he had mentioned earlier. He knew where the launch bay was. All he could do now was trust Sonic... and if he failed... we’ll, maybe living wasn’t worth the time. A spark of defiance had alight him, and now, as another unit of guards came running down the hall, he didn’t hesitate to try the move he had seen Sonic use in the vedios. Jumping up, he curled himself tightly, and used every muscle in his body to summersault trough the air. He felt a sickening lurch, and bodies make impact with his quills, but he didn’t care. The rush he felt had been amazing, that was until, he had too stop from the nausea that had suddenly overcome him.
“Needs work.” A small voice chimed in his ear.
Shadoh groaned, and lay on the floor, holding his stomach. The one audible sentence and that had to be it?
“Get up, get up, get up!!!” Sonic continued, opening and shutting the door in front of him rapidly.
“Come on! Almost th-A- AA-..” and it was then his earpiece blipped, indicating that Sonics connection had failed.
The door in front of him was half open, and quickly, the creation squeezed through it. However, the next door suddenly shut. Oh no... had something gotten System?
“S-.. Sonic?..” Shadoh called, looking this way and that.
“HES JUST DOWN HERE!!” Human voices were calling from both sides of him.
“Sonic! Come on!”

Meanwhile, just through the walls, a stream of energy was stagnant in the panels, another much more violent energy surrounding it. To put this into perspective, System Sonic was on his hands and knees, his form glitching, and the blue glow in his chest flickered. Just a few yards in front of him, was another blue hedgehog, however, this one seemed much more fitting in this cybernetic world. It looked like him... only it’s form was not natural. Instead, it looked like a mechanical version of him. And not just a simulated body. This look alike was a killer robot version of him.
“So...” System cut out.
“They thought replacing me with a downgrade would keep me quiet...”
through the building, through the wires and currents all around him, the offensive system didn’t talk, but transmitted words into him as data.
“I am an upgrade. I was made to destroy you. You do not deserve to exist.”
Sonic could feel himself growing weaker, his energy being lost in no motion. But he did not care.
“Metal 50N12 huh?... you guys copying google?” The light system joked, as he sent his mind questing into the data archives.
“You killed your creators. I will protect mine.”
Sonic shrank slightly, as he was attacked with the horrifying streams of vedio files. The screaming... oh! the screaming. He couldn’t take it! And suddenly there was another lash to his composition, and his right arm fell from under him, his body weakening  more. But he heard something else past the commotion. Past the walls and currents.
he felt it in his head. In his body. He could sense him... he could feel his energy through the floors. He could feel the fear, anxiety.
“Sonic come on!”
The system could feel his compatible copy. His friend. He could feel the last glimmer of strength in him. And that was all he needed.
“Alright ‘upgrade’. You defend your ark, and I’ll defend my families. Let’s see you top this!” And with that, Sonic reached through the floors, through this teammates metal skates, through their plates and into muscles, jumping through synapses and reaching into that core of strength he felt in the creation. With this support, he suddenly condensed himself as tight as possible, and then burst, spreading through the entire colony.

Shadoh was surrounded, guards shouting and pointing their large guns at him.
“Get down! Down!” They were shouting.
The black hedgehog felt tears come to his eyes, tears of regret, but when someone grabbed him he fought them back.
“SONIC COME ON!!!” He shouted at the top of his lungs, hearing the clip being loaded into the weapons surrounding him.
And then, he felt a jolt suddenly shoot into his body, a feeling similar to landing flat on your feet with your knees locked. He felt an amazing energy fill his head, shock his body and seize his muscles, straight into his heart. As soon as it had come, it vanished in an instant, and in the milliseconds afterward, every light in the area shut off. The facility creaked, and banging could be heard all around them as stabilizing mechanics failed. Even the vents shut off. Every door opened, every computer, lab, outlet, and device connected to them, shut down. Shadoh blinked in a daze as he quickly recovered, and as the humans were shouting with confusion, turning on their scope flashlights, the black hedgehog had no trouble blazing past them. He made it down two corridors before he started worrying if the system was still with him. But he was reassured when a few lights would flicker as they traveled with him. Finally, finally, they arrived at the docking bay. It was pitch black, and humans were shouting all over the place, perhaps waiting for them. He was glad Sonic had enough courtesy to cause the caution signs to blare, forcing them to break ranks and run desperately as the gate began to open. Shadoh could feel himself being sucked foreword as the pull originated from the vacuum of space. The black hedgehog suddenly ran for the nearest ship he saw, as Sonic seemed busy with the gate and getting it open enough to escape. The black hedgehog quickly ran inside, jumping in the cockpit and starting the engine so he could close the hatch. Just as he was doing so however, something sharply stabbed his arm, tearing through muscles and shattering bone. Spinning his head around, he saw commander tower, aiming a rifle at him. His eyes widened, as another bullet made contact with the glass, cracking it. Now sealed on the jet, the roar of the vaccine was distant, but he could feel himself being dragged along. A light suddenly appeared on the dash panel in front of him, and he noticed the gate had opened half way. System was online in the jet, activating engines, coolers, and wings.
“We’re going to make it!” The small radio shouted, as Shadoh suddenly grabbed the rig.
And then he felt himself being lifted, the jet wobbling and a few of the engines shutting down as Sonic made for a clumsy take off. But before he did, another bullet made contact with the glass. There was a pause before the jet started turning to face the commander.
“Sonic! What are you doing!?” The creating exclaimed.
“Something I should’ve long ago...”
the response was dark, foreboding.
Just then, a bolt of lightning shot from the jet, straight at the commander. The human screamed, and fell, but before Shadoh could see his fate, the jet flopped back, catapulting into the sea of stars through the small opening, leaving the ark to shrink rapidly as he was pulled into the earths atmosphere. The jet evened out eventually, and became smooth, and the blasting hedgehog sat in silence.
“S-uh.. Sonic?” He asked nervously.
“I’m here...” the chiming tone replied, though it sounded tired...
Shadoh felt relief come across him, but now that his nerves had calmed down enough, he was starting to take in more of the situation. The dash panel was flickering... the whirring of the engine was not steady.
“Sonic?...” the creation asked more gently, his worry evident.
There was no reply.
“You’re hurt... aren’t you..?” He continued more solemnly.
Still no reply. Shadoh sighed quietly, turning his head and placing a hand gently on the controls, hoping it would comfort him. He was also reveling in the fact that he had said hurt, and not damaged, which would have been a more appropriate term...
“I’m sorry... if I knew what was going on I...” and then he paused for a minuet, not sure what he’d do.
He didn’t want to admit it only would have made him more scared to know...
“I would’ve done better to help you..” He finished finally, making that a note to himself more than anyone.
There was still silence, besides the occasional shudder of the aircraft, as the descended into the earths atmosphere. Shadoh saw land masses... clouds... oceans. And then he looked up. From this altitude, the great vastness of earth, its brilliant cool light, and harbor for life... why had they said it was decimated?
“Where are we going?” The creation asked, now more exited about visiting the planet.
There was a moments pause before the system returned.
“I don’t know...” he said quietly.
Shadoh frowned, and looked back at the planet, however after a few minuets, he noticed something about the instruments on the panel.
They were following a trajectory... Sonic did know where. He wondered however, if he would have enough energy.
“Sonic, wherever you’re going you’re not going to make it. Get in the ring and I’ll take it from here.” He said, both comforting but commanding.
There was another silence.
“Sonic, get out of the jet.” He said again more firmly.
“Shut up!” Was the vile response, but nonetheless allot of the controls became manual.
“Sonic I’m sorry! But I wouldn’t want to live on earth if you aren’t with me.” The creation said, trying to assure him as he attached the ring into the small input.
The jet lost function for a moment, as the system made the transfer, and Shadoh grabbed onto the steaming rig, trying to follow the path the other had set into the dashboard. The creation took the ring, detaching the cord. With a hand, he pressed it against his abdomen, hoping the warmth from his body would soothe the digital speed demon.

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Successful revolution. Neutral Connor story. Peaceful Markus story. //

The old man stepped out onto the porch, he wheezed slightly, placing his hands on his knees.
“Hhehh.. hwew.. damnit Connor and here I thought you ran!” He grunted, shaking his head slightly.
“Sorry lieutenant.” The android replied briskly, looking down innocently at him.
“D- hh, didn’t you hear me calling?!” He exclaimed, still annoyed.
“I don’t think so lieutenant.” Connor replied, inclining his head to make sure he was alright.
After a moment, Hank was able to catch enough of his breath to stand up straight with a heave, after which, he smacked the detectives shoulder.
“Whattyou doin out here?” He asked gruffly, leering at him.
“I... was looking around.” The other replied, however, his hesitation had made Hank narrow his eyes suspiciously.
“Hrrr.. you still reporting to cyber life?” He growled, remembering how the android would stand around lifelessly whenever he was in that head of his.
“No... they’ve... shut me out.” Connor replied, though, he the briskness in his words caused Hank to become more curious.
It sounded as if he was troubled by that. The android wanted to do good for everyone, both for humans and his own kind it seemed. Going against the Deviants was maybe because he didn’t like them killing people. But... perhaps it was always in his mind to do what was right. He had never wanted to go against his creators but...
“Yknow Connor... the freed androids are making use of their time. Some have gone back to their original jobs, stayed with their owners. Some went to bigger and better things. Cyber life is on the process of re-purposing themselves. The only thing that’s changed is giving equal rights. Is that so bad toya?” Hank asked, hoping his news would make him feel better.
“You didn’t let anyone down son. You did what was right. Like you were programmed to.” He finished, placing his hand on the others shoulder. Connor looked around, staring at him, his expression and dark eyes neutral. It was hard to tell if he was really helping or not.
Finally, after a moment of quiet, he spoke.
“I was programmed to follow Cyber Life’s orders... they aren’t bad people lieutenant... they were looking after their own...” he said quietly, turning back to stare at the fence.
“What if the androids take advantage of this? Some of them said they wanted to enslave the humans-“
“Then it’s up to you to keep em in line. Right Connor?” Hank interrupted, giving him a serious look.
“You work for us now. No other android has skills like you. And that’s sayin somethin, because Cyber Life has destroyed your uh... replacements or whatever, the, the prototypes thing.” The lieutenant said, waving his hand for lack of better terminology.
“They what?!” Connor asked, his eyes suddenly wide as he turned to Hank.
“Yep! Guess they really hated you. Be happy that means your one of a kind now eh?” The man asked with a drunk chuckle.
“... Oh...” The android responded, turning away again, not liking either idea at all.
He was slightly scared now as well. If he was destroyed, he would cease to exits. Someone else would have taken his memory but not necessarily be him. It was a troubling concept enough, but now, did that mean if he was destroyed, would that be it? Probably not... Cyber Life could rebuild or repair any android. And he had a main board anyways. Technically he existed there and not this body. So they could just transplant him into another compatible android or model. Maybe. Probably. He wasn’t sure, and just these thoughts alone were causing him unease.
“Who knows. They might make more modern assholes like you if they feel like.” Hank continued, shaking his head.
“Or maybe they might think you’re enough. The whole debates going on about creating more advanced gits, the lawsuits, ugh. Cyber Life is gonna be busy for a while.” The old mad said, placing his hands on his hips.
The android stared on, still very confused about how he should feel. Apart of him agreed with Hank, that as long as it was fair and no one was enslaving the other, he had done the right thing. But another part of him felt troubled. That he had to betray the people who had trusted him. As far as Amanda went, he no longer drifted off into dreams about the garden, or felt it nagging in the back of his head, leaving him to believe he had deleted or rejected it from his system. He felt bad... and missed her. He had wanted to make them proud... he was in the middle of it all. Not deviant but not exactly loyal to Cyber Life either. Perhaps on a brighter note, that made him more ideal to provide justice to both humans and androids. Right?
“That Markus guy has emailed me yknow.” Hank said suddenly, staring with him.
Connor looked around, biting down against his jaw at the name.
“What does he want?” The detective asked, his distress evident.
“Huh? Well, ever since that night you’ve been shut up in this house. The number of people that want to interview us and you is insane. I think he’s worried we might’ve done somethin to ya heheh..” the man laughed slightly again, though Connor was only more worried.
However, being hassled was part of his programming. Maybe... it wouldn’t be as bad as it sounded.
“Yeah! Well, he came over. Been sittin inside the past ten minuets. Him and two others.”
“What?!” The detective asked suddenly, alarmed enough to where the led on the side of his head flashed yellow.
“Ah shut up. I think it’s best if you all, talk to each other or somthn.. get it cleared up.” The man said, turning around and waving his hand dismissively, sliding open the door to the porch and trudging back inside.
Connor however, refused to move despite his nerve telling him to follow. He couldn’t stand outside forever. However, Hank had made a remark about him being shy and troubled, loud enough to where the android could hear it, and pride had finally won over personal conflict. He stepped inside boldly, looking around. 

(K so like this part here aslo got cut out but Markus walks up to Connor and starts squaring him off a little. Also i need to mention that whats about to happen next is if you check the roof and Connor tries to capture Simon) 

As Connor gave Markus and uneasy look, the female stood up, sighing.
“Hey Connor. You helped out in the whole revolution thing, and yknow, we never spoke again after that so,” she said, coming between the two tense males with her hands raised exasperatedly.
From the dining room, Hank gave a loud laugh as he opened up a bottle of beer.
“Haha! Yeah don’t let that hairstyle fool you. He’s a (deviant) let me tell ya..” he said, taking a swig and turning to glance at Sumos food bowl.
“So we’ve heard...” Markus replied, not really including Hank in the comment.
However, the movement leader then looked at Connor once more, his flared eyebrows making it seem as if he was very very angry with him.
“You don’t have to put up with this anymore. You know that right?” He said in an undertone.
The detective narrowed his eyes slightly, glancing at Hank and being able to precisely judge what the other meant by that.
“Lieutenant Anderson is my partner. I find his company a great comfort...” he replied testily, his brow furrowed, making himself look much older and perhaps more solid.
There was silence for a minuet as Hank turned around at this sentence, and the other two androids with Markus were looking at each other with surprised and somewhat lost expressions.
“Great, he’s one of those guys.” The blond haired male said, who waved his hand and lay back on the couch.
“What do you mean?” Connor asked, now looking at North for perhaps a change in attitude.
North sighed and shook her head, placing a hand on her forehead.
“Some of the androids who live with abusive owners, stay with them because they don’t know anything else. But!” She continued, raising her voice as the detective was about to retaliate,
“I’m sure this guys not the case, since he helped us remember?” She finished, as if trying to explain to kindergarteners.
The blonde haired male sighed, looking away, however, Markus had not taken his eyes off Connor since the moment he had walked in the room.
The android who was still obviously marked as an android, was confident he knew why.
“You know Connor... I had a dad too. Human, old, expressive. But he kept telling me one day I was going to have to live without him. Do you have any idea what to do with yourself after Hank is gone hm?” He asked, somewhat snappily.
“Markus...” North reprimanded quietly to him, turning around and meeting eyes. 
Connor could sense Hank was staring at them eyebrows raised, but he himself felt mad. Spitting back a remark however, would only start trouble. He was better than that, and would remain to what he was designed for.
“I don’t see us on such personal levels Markus, for you to be asking that question. But if it sets your mind at ease, I had commands to dispose of anyone who got in my way to you.” The android replied, which was a very smart way of saying, ‘I can take care of myself’, and even that was a nicer way to put it.
Connor didn’t at all seem to doubt Markus’s intelligence however, and the way his head tilted afterward made the inference that he had said it with full understanding the other would know what he meant. The half human stared at this other model, with disbelief yet severe interest. An android who was programmed to be a ruthless hunter, yet was deviant in the sense he chose to be nice? He had never seen something like that before.
“The man did what was right, what more do you want from em?” Hank called from the counter, causing both of them to look at him slightly.
“Proof maybe?” North suggested, shrugging and glancing at Connor who looked at her for just a split second.
Hank groaned tiredly, shaking his head and running a hand through his grey hair.
“How bout his gun up (deviant statement), is that proof enough?” He said, and suddenly the room was dead silent, every android in the room slowly turning their heads to stare at this human with mixes of shock, disbelief, and severe questioning.
“Ooh! This dudes savage let’s go!” The blonde haired male called from the couch, breaking out in hysterical laughter.
Markus looked back at the detective, who now seemed to loose his threatening demeanor, to be replaced with an awkward and slightly uncomfortable shifting as he fixed his jacket, looking away someplace opposite from everyone else’s direction.
“Who is that? If you don’t mind me asking?” Connor said suddenly, a desperate attempt to change the topic.
North exhaled sharply and turned as she pointed to the male sitting on the couch.
“That’s Andrew. Some housekeeping dude, wanted to come with us.” She explained, waving him aside as if it didn’t matter at all.
Markus was no longer trying to square off the smaller model, but he suddenly became uneasy when the LED on the side of Connors head flashed yellow for a brief moment. The detective had stayed surprisingly calm so far. What was about their tag along that had suddenly set something off?
“You know... there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you Connor...” the revolutionist started carefully.
“We had a good friend at one point... name was Simon. he was a very nice man... but when we had to leave him behind, we meant to come back and find him again...” he said, his forehead folding as he stared at Connor with a hard set importance.
“He wasn’t there... and there were signs of FBI all over the place... Do you know what happened to him?” Markus asked, and now, felt something inside him stiffen terribly when the LED still on the detective now slid to a solid yellow, his eyes staring at the other with something between regret and pain.
“Waitaminuet are you talking about on the rooftop after the broadcast?” Hank interrupted, causing Connor to suddenly turn to him with panic, despite his calm expression.
Norths eyes became watery as she gasped slightly, looking at Markus who felt the same way she was expressing. Simon... was this android really the cause of their friends sacrifice?
“You (deviant statement)-“ the revolutionist spat suddenly, grabbing Connor by the folds of his jacket and lifting him clean off the ground.
“Hey!” Hank shouted, suddenly walking over quickly from around the counter.
North was not doing anything to intervene this time, and even Andrew was quite as the lieutenant roughly grabbed Markus by the arm and tore him away from his partner, who slipped from the others grip and rolled to the floor.
“Whoever this Simon was, Connor didn’t kill em! In fact your little buddy shot mine first! He killed himself! And if he hadn’t that (deviant) you’re looking at would’ve killed off your whole resistance!” The human roared, roughly shoving Markus back and looking ready to punch him.
Connor stayed crouched on the ground, his LED flashing yellow and showing obvious physical signs he was anxious. This wasn’t normal for a model like him...
“He What?” Markus asked suddenly, jerking foreword.
“What did he do?”
Now eyes were on the detective again as Hank continued shouting, and Sumo had gotten up and was now barking from behind the counter. The racket continued for a while until Markus finally grabbed the lieutenant by his shirt and held him still.
“Mr. Anderson, what did Simon do? This is the death of our friend. A family member! I need to know everything.” He said firmly, no longer as aggressive as he was before.
“What did he do?! Damn thing scared the (deviant) out of Connor!” Hank replied, not so stable anymore as he threw his hands in the air.
They continued to argue some more, but now, Connor had backed himself against the counter closer to Sumo. He was calmer, his led returning to blue, but now he seemed reluctant to tell anyone anything after what had just happened.

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Hank was driving late that night, having wandered someplace not exactly knowing why. Well... he did know why, but refused to admit it to himself. Glancing over uncomfortably, he saw Connor sitting perfectly upright as he usually did, his eyes closed. No wonder that prick hadn’t commented on his driving yet.
“Connor.” He called roughly.
The android was still, and silent. Unresponsive. Hanks brows raised at such a massive scale of disobedience, but if he didn’t care to listen to his instructions anyways maybe it was usual for him.
“Connor!” He called again, louder this time, and suddenly, a shift caught his eyes.
The gruff man was looking reflection of the AI’s strange circle light in the window. He saw its colour was yellow, and perhaps had been for quite some time. The agent had said once that he had been filing something the one time he woke him out of this state, but no report took that long. It was only a glance, before Connor suddenly became alive, opening his eyes and looking at Hank with the same dark eyes and clueless expression.
“Yes Hank?” He asked simply, but his lips seemed to twitch slightly when he noticed where the elders eyes were looking.
The dial on the side of his head had now returned to its usual blue, and blipped a few times. Connor himself was trying to keep his eyes solely on his partner, however, he kept glancing slightly away, as if knowing he was guilty for something.
“Whattyou doin?” Hank asked, his lip curled somewhat.
“Nothing.” Connor replied, now trained on him alone.
The human scuffed slightly, and shook his head, looking back at the road. There was a moment of quiet, with Connor staring at Hank expectantly, until suddenly the human flipped his hands on the wheel, causing the car to skid with a sudden velocity and screeching whine before gliding into a small parking lot by a bridge. The android didn’t seem phased by this, and continued to sit as perfectly still as if nothing had happened. Once Hank recovered from his wild spin however, he turned around, and tugged on the androids sleeve.
“Listen Connor. You’re real shitty at lying. So don’t do it.” He snarled, leaning close to the others face.
Connor leaned back slightly, remaining calm as his program had ensured, but he felt a slight pricking of-... no. There were just more warnings that he should be careful here... that was all.
“Then I’m unsure about what you want me to say.” He replied, staring him straight in the eyes with cool confidence.
Hank looked at him for a long time, then grunted slightly with perhaps distaste, before leaning back in his seat once more.
“Whenever you just sit there I’ve got no idea what you’re thinking. Well, lemme take that back.” He started, waving a hand and nodding at him, as if daring.
“You’re thinking about the girls aren’t you?” He asked, crossing his arms.
Connor was silent, and staring for a moment, before finally he could guess there would be no harm in telling the truth.
“Yes...” He replied, not exactly reluctant, but knowing very well where this conversation could go.
Hank stared at him some more, before he sat back against the door of the car, making sure to hold eye contact.
“So you felt sorry for em?” He asked, his brow furrowing as if he was upset, but only meant he was interested in something.
“It... was... unfortunate yes.” The android replied, looking even more stiff then usual.
Again... this human seemed to persist the concept of him having the capability to emotions. He was sure what he had felt was nothing close to what humans did.
“So why’d you shoot ‘er?” Hank continued.
Connor looked at him for a long time, before he decided, he wasn’t going to have this conversation now. He was made to tolerate extreme circumstances. He could eventually wait him out.
“Connor, I asked you a question. Answer it.” Hank ordered, causing the agent to frown severely, finding it more reasonable to once again, tell the truth if it pleased the other.
“Because, they were hostile! There was a higher chance of-“
“Ah, shut up with your statistics. So, they attacked us. Not a great first impression but could you really blame them? All you androids were scared!” Hank interrupted, and this time, Connor visibly seemed displeased about the interruption.
“I wasn’t, scared. I can’t be.” The android insisted, determinedly, holding the lieutenant in a serious fixed gaze.
The grizzly human stared at him for a long time with sleepy eyes, and then sighed, Connor backing away sharply as Hank reached into his coat pocket. The android knew what he was reaching for, but refused to react. Instead, he let his partner load the revolver in his hands, pointing it at him.
The agent was trembling slightly, his led blipping yellow, his eyes calm, but staring at Hank with uncertainty.
“What about now? You scared to die Connor?” His partner asked coolly, but his voice rumbled with the threat of a foreboding storm.
Connor just continued to stare in his eyes, knowing very well that Hank could pull the trigger, and would. Possibly. He just needed to stay calm! Calm! He would be fine.
“What happens if I pull this trigger eh? Is that it? The end?” The human pressed, leaning closer, his grip tightening on his gun.
“I-i would be replaced. I myself wouldn’t exist anymore but another model would be uploaded with my memory.” Connor explained, though it was obvious he was still nervous.
“And how do you feel about that huh?” The human asked, cocking the gun and snapping it to the ready.
The androids LED was a definitive yellow, but he was fighting in his mind. He wasn’t feeling fear! Hank is just a very unpredictable man who’s jeopardizing the efficiency of his mission. He was only being conflicted with his desire to succeed. This wasn’t fear!
“It... would be rather unpleasant... “ Connor admitted.
There was a long period of silence, before finally Hank slowly withdrew his gun, his partner slowly sitting up as the other did so.
“You saved my life over catching someone key to our mission. You feel something Connor. I think you just don’t want to admit your deviant...” the human said, rather smugly.
“I’m not!” The agent retaliated, still having yet to return to his placid state, now leaning forward in his seat, a hand pointing at him as if to underline is point.
“Deviants, kill people Hank!”
“So you’d rather see your own kind enslaved and abused-“
“No!” The android finally shouted, and then froze, his eyes wide as he realized what he had just said.
“I- I mean they’re supposed to do what they’re told! They’re not supposed to feel! It shouldn’t matter to them!”
“Then why does it matter so much to you?! Huh?!” Hank roared, jerking foreword as well till they were almost face to face.
The car was tense,  and for a moment, even the snow seemed to stop in its tracks as the andoirds dark eyes met with sleet grey. Connor, having finally had enough time to take in the situation, was once again quiet as he looked at Hank, more collected it seemed. The lieutenant seemed to realize that the android was no longer shaken enough to break, but he wasn’t about to give up his question.
“I don’t know. lieutenant.” The android finally answered, nodding his head slightly as he did such.
With that, Connor turned in his seat, and opened the door to the car.
“Hey!” Hank called angrily, getting up as well, but the android was already walking in the snow.
“Where ya goin?!” The man said, standing behind the car.
The android stopped, a few meters away already. He was still, looking out into the snow laden grass and skeletal trees around him.
“...what does it matter?” Connor returned staidly, not looking at him.
“You seem confident I’ll always come back...”
Hank, who had been about ready to threaten the android with his gun again, narrowed his eyes as he read the tone in his voice. Not often expressive but... he could’ve sworn what Connor had just sounded was... discontent?
Meanwhile, Connor himself was thinking. He had nowhere to go, nothing better to do... it’s not like- (WHOOPS A PROBLEM OCCURRED THE REST OF THIS WAS CUT OFF SRRY ILL UPDATE SOON!) 

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Alright, so! You know me right? Baddest of the bad. King of my universe. Hah! I'm better than Sonic ever was! Of course, some jokers don't realize that. But that's just a setback till the day I get out of this place... if you couldn't guess already your just dumb. I'm Scourge, King Scourge that is. At my home world everyone bows down to me! Tsh, but here, it's lame on a level I never thought possible. See, I'm kinda in a jam. Or, a cell. My fourth time getting caught AGAIN and brought back to this freak show of a universe. The No Zone. More specifically the No Zone prison. The inmates are diverse, some of them the most horrifying things I've ever seen! I could've sworn I saw a giant squid on a rampage down a hall at one point. But then there are those who I can at least call mobian. still doesn't mean I like looking at their ugly mugs though. Some are pretty chill, others are total lilies, and there are those who are thicker than Rosy Rascal. But I'd chose this over her any day. See, the prison doesn't really do that time thing. Well, in some cases sure but not allot. It's a re-forming facility, counseling sessions and everything. As long as you play nice you can get off the hook. But I don't bend to anyone! And neither do some others. Fighting isn't really allowed, but only if they see you. There's a hierarchy in this place, and I'm on the bottom. Horrible I know. The people who run this place are the Zone Cops. They know all the gangs and statuses the inmates (capable to think) establish. I swear some of them play favorites. A few guys fall for this reforming thing and actually make friends with them. It's disgusting! Very rarely though someone might find their alternate version of them self here. Weather they get along or not I don't really care. As far as I know these sideways walking people can't handle any of us without cheating. Control collars. All the inmates have them. They lock down any special powers we might have. How? I have no idea. I know that guy Shadow had something like it but I don't need any math to figure it out if there's an easier solution. Which there is. I just haven't found it yet. Anyways, these Zone Cops are about as dense as the inmates! They always have their backs turned and it seems if anyone's in trouble they apparently can't hear it. Obviously nobody's stupid enough to do it in front of them because then they'd be forced to do something. And that's where this hierarchy comes in. People here get rough which I guess is the only good thing. If I wasn't on the bottom end of course! These big guys come up in gangs and pretend we're all friends but as soon as they get the chance I'm shoulders deep in the dirt. It doesn't hurt that much because I'm not like these normal losers. Heck, I've stood in volcanos and they stuff me in dryers. But sometimes, sometimes, there's one guy with some special power that the control collars can't exactly fix. Sometimes I wonder why the nurses here don't question how so many inmates break limbs daily.  What was I getting at again? Oh yeah! Ok, so remember when I told you about people finding their alternate doubles here? I forgot to tell you about mine. That guys weird, and such a prick. The funny thing is I hear the other Zone Cops talking about him to. I don't know what exactly they think of him but what would I care? Anyways, the guys called Zonic. Sooo original I know. He's been keeping me here from the day it started! He used to be just as sassy as that sissy Sonic. I know he talks some street lingo but something changed along the lines. I'm proud to say it's most likely because of me. I figured it's his shtick to watch all the alternate doubles but he can't keep me under control. Ha! As far as I can tell he doesn't have any powers either! But he's creepy... at least I can say he pays more attention to what's going on. He comes here sometimes. I know he's around but I guess he just lurks around like a weirdo. Again they talk about him like gossiping girls at the lunch table. He mainly guards during the night since the actual guards here got routines. I've learned allot about them and their schedules, so I can better my chances of planning out my epic, solo, one handed escape this time. See, the prison staff are allot of cadets, first and second years. Not allot of experience but they learn from us in this controlled environment. That's why I need to make myself unpredictable. Put up the image that I'm helpless so they'll never expect it when I kick the doors down! So since they're still training they've got this routine. At night and early mornings some of the higher guys come around to help with shifts. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! Ok so Zonic right? And the gangs right? So this group of guys decided to take me down the halls as soon as the day started, for a little 'spin' which is the laundry thing they like so much. So I'm stuck right? They've got both my arms and drag me down the hall and they're all laughing and stuff. I'm not calling out for help because that's just weak! I'll take my chance when I get it. So these guys right? They turn the corner and who do we come face to face with but sideways cherry stick dude. I can tell it's him because he's got this weird helmet, two gold bands around the red antenna. So he's walking ok? And it's near the ceiling because the Zone Cops are sideways. So the guys just start giggling like weirdos and I didn't expect him of all people to notice me. In fact when the dude looked up I expected him to be happy of all things. But no, he stops and looks down at us and does this little cough before he speaks up. "And where do you think your going?" He asks, as if he's trying to be all nice and stuff which honestly annoyed me. The guys holding me sorta shove me on my feet and get all buddy buddy as usual. "Oh, us? We're just gonna wash up that's all." The guy to my left, a badger, explained. The gang shrugged and went along with it. I could almost see that Zone Cops eyes narrow behind his black visor. "Mind if I ask exactly Who?" He went on. The gang started getting a bit shifty, because they knew he had asked 'who', as in one person, as in me. I look at my goody two shoes double over here with ultimate confusion. Honestly I think I would have wanted him to ignore me if it gave him satisfaction in telling off these guys. Then this parrot starts talking. "Well, uh, it was Jacks idea-" "no it wasn't!" "I mean he just.. suggested it-" "to be productive!" "Of course I-" "Enough.." and the group looks up at him, and even I give this look. He sounded pi- uh, fed up. "You don't fool anyone for a second. All of you back to the yard, and you." He looked at me. "Why don't you do something about that." He finished, and followed the gang back down the other corridor. I stood there pretty shook. Did he just spare my spines? What an embarrassment! He better not go off thinking I owe him or anything! But there was something else to. Why don't I do something? Well I was going to!.. if I got the chance!... but that either meant I be a good little hedgehog and cry to someone about it like a baby, or... did he actually suggest I fight back? I told you this guys weird! But that's not why I hate him. Actually that's probably the first time I've ever come face to face with him. I've tried picking fun at him but he doesn't fight back and that's just boring. No. The reason why I hate him is because he follows the rules, and enforces them. I guess that's why not even a few of the other Zone Cops like him. He gets all snappy if they aren't doing what they're supposed to. If anything he should be wearing a collar. And that's why I'm a Sonic at his fullest. I'm Scourge. I don't follow anyone! And if I don't follow anyone that means I'm on the top! That's why these jokes got it all wrong. But I'm gonna show them... just you wait! For now I'm biding time...

Chapter 1

'If they could just see the way I did' 


The morning was dreary, as Scourge walked the grounds of the prison yard. It would be another hour until breakfast, and fall was coming fast. This morning when his cell block had been released, the sideways sun hadn't come above the horizon yet. The clouds where grey and covered the sky, dark cornflower blue light filtered through them and made it look like someone put a blue filter over the universe. It was a bit cold, no breeze, and the inmates yawned as they grudgingly shuffled around to their usual spots. Scourge made sure to stick around the skywalks where the Zone Cops, taking their posts for the morning, could always see him, so nobody would try to drag him off again. Going to the back of the yard, he leaned against the chain link fence, his arms dropping to either side. The prison itself was a large module, floating in the sky to make things a little easier orientation wise. It was really weird, with one side of his vision being deserts, forests, and mountains, and the other, the early sky. At least if one turned their back to a side it'd look like they where flying. The former king sighed, and breathed in the cold fresh air. Boorrrriiinnng. Nobody was in the mood to fight as waking hours where the usual year round. It only looked extra early, so the morning wasn't sleepy, but dismal. The green hedgehog eventually got tired of looking at the world and turned back to the courtyard. The other inmates where sulking about as well, and only a few looked as if they where either expressionless or cheery, those most likely those reformed. Some where talking in groups, or playing card or hand games. Scourge shuffled away from the fence, watching his shoes make tracks in the dirt and sparse grass. A bitter gust blew, and caused him to brace his shoulders, a shifting throughout the yard appeared as others immediately did the same. How long had he been here? almost a year, as he didn't really pay attention to the time. The changing in season however was what he mainly focused on, but the No Zone seasons weren't usually reliable for date. One day it could be dry and the next pouring. It could be winter in the middle of June. There wasn't one thing in this dimension that wasn't here, there, everywhere. He just wanted the day to be over, and for what? To start the next? It was more like school than a prison, and another thought in his mind vaguely told him there wasn't much difference between those to begin with. He finally walked around behind one of the sideways skywalks that hung over either side of the yard. Promptly, he fell flat onto his back with a loud thump and a cloud of dust. This attracted the attention of a few of the Zone Cops, perhaps under the impression he could have died of misery. They too seemed drained, and perhaps didn't yell at him just yet from a sort of amusement. Boredom was a problem right now, and once every day was like this it made him feel dead at a max. Suddenly, there was a loud blaring as a sort of "Ahem!!" Resounded throughout the court yard. Scourge sat up, and he could head a clinking noise from above as the guards jumped. "Well goodmorning everyone!" A gruff and deep voice called from somewhere above. The former king looked around, knowing that voice all to well. It was the Jail Warden Zobotnik. He was standing rightside up, on a platform overlooking the prison yard, holding a megaphone. Perhaps he was trying to relate wth them by standing rightside up. "And how is everyone doing on this splendid sunrise!" He asked, leering over both Zone Cops and inmates under his vision. There was an uneasy shifting about them. Finally, someone decided to take one for the team, a young first year on the skywalk to Scourge's left. "Just fine warden..." she said. The humans attention was directed to her. His broad smile made Scourge's insides writhe with disgust. "Really?" Zobotnik drawled, his spectacles glinting with a harsh light. "Well I don't see a whole lot of 'just fine'. Is there perhaps something wrong?" He asked. The first year seemed to shrink slightly, Scourge could see the other Zone Cops uneasily avoid any eye contact with anyone. Perhaps, this was some sort of trick question. Silence rang across the courtyard, until finally the first year slowly hung her head, not daring to answer. The wardens smile seemed to stretch triple times its size. "Well, would anyone else like to volunteer?" He continued. Nobody talked. "Hmm... well I guess I'll have to chose a lucky winner to share with us today!" He said, and mock closed his eyes as if he was deeply pondering. "Eenie meenie miney... you!" A white gloved finger fell down upon the former king. Scourge grimaced. He took a moment to weigh his options. He had three choices. One was to be a suckup and play along if it bettered his chances of getting out of here. The other was to see how intense his response could be before it got him in trouble. But what's the worst that could happen here? It wasn't like the prison staff themselves actually hurt anyone. The last was somewhere in between. He decided to go with that... for now. "Well see, we all would be happy if we where out of here." He said. The warden beamed at him, the glint in his spectacles becoming just slightly menacing. "Ah, but see, you are here for a reason. We don't want anyone getting hurt now do we?" He sneered. Scourge growled. He wished this guy would learn to take a hint. He didnt want to say anthing else, so the warden would get the idea and wouldnt talk to him anymore. After a moment, and the stares of everyone towards the former king, Zobotnik cleared his throat again though it was just to direct everyones attention back to him. "Right well, wouldnt you all just love it maybe, if you woke up with a good morning and a smile on your face? Its just starts the whole day right and if every day is a right day, then you have a right life!" He boomed, throwing an arm up in the air as if he was praising the sky and his own saying. The former king couldn't help but narrow his eyes in complete confusion. What kind of logic was that? He didnt say anything but it was failry obvious none of the other prisoners, not even the reformed ones, knew what he was talking about. The jail warden took a second to grin over his audience once more, perhaps taking their speechlessness as perhaps a moment of self evaluation. Finally satisfied, he gave an obsequious bow. "Well, enough of me. Ill leave you all to it then!" He said, and disappeared, his form becoming gradient and fizzing. So it was a hologram... of course. Zobotnik was jolly but he wasn't ever considerate. Maybe there was some way he could passive aggressively get his message out, that he really had enough of this place. 

The hallways where dead quiet as thickly padded rubber boots treaded slowly down the metal corridor. The morning was not starting off right for the hedgehog elite, perhaps his oddly shaped helmet had rubbed his quills the wrong way long before. He didn't need to be here but when you did the same thing every day you might as well make yourself useful elsware. Zonic the zone cop watched the floor as he made his way to the transports. yet another alternate version of the same prime counterpart, he watched them all. Especially one in particular. From his first years learning about these universes, he knew from the start Scourge would be trouble. There was another zone cop who passed by his usual area, a crocodile, who was part of the transport unit. Since he didnt really have a backup driver, Zonic often went with him. While the crocodile did watever he needed to do, the elite wandered the halls, helping where he was needed. It also allowed him to keep a closer eye on Scourge. He had hoped to stay as far away from him, possibly due to spite and precautions. However, what had happened this morning proved the multiverse had other intentions. He'd get in trouble if anyone heard about what he did. And that was in fact probably his main reason. Scourge had broken out four times before, and still the Warden insisted he could teach him peace. The former king was a 'special case', where they where told not to interfere, if anything help with, his process of degrading. It was a stupid method that only made things worse, especially when they where talking about the anti version of Sonic The Hedgehog Prime. If he couldn't change it then he'd wait for them to see it eventually. The truth was Zonic hated the Warden. He wasn't sure if ALL alternate zones had to fight a Robotnik, but it definitely seemed like 'mother multiverse' definitely wanted theirs to. The man was crooked deep down and that was the elites reason to go against the method they used to keep Scourge busy. He suppressed a growl and clenched his fists as he thought about the screwy ways of this place, and especially what it taught the cadets. They'd always have to re-teach them everything when they processed into specific jobs. And speaking of specific jobs who should come running around the corner but a purple Chameleon holding a few cases of hard drives. "37:86!" He called as soon as he saw him, and awkwardly shuffled to a halt, beaming. "47:53..." the elite replied slowly, though he knew his real name to be Zespio because of his prime counterpart. "What are you doing?" He asked, looking at everything the other was holding. "Oh your not gonna believe this!" 47:53 started, turning his hands so the other could read the labels on the clear plastic boxes, with columns that held a hard drive in each one. "Ok, so I was looking around the catalogs because someone asked me about those weird invasive plant things, and while I was doing that I-" "how long is this story?" Zonic interrupted with a dismal sigh. 47:53, was not only famous for stabbing him with his horn by accident one time, but also for his expertise in cataloging information, and not to mention his gossip about it. He was like the gatekeeper among headquarters. The Chameleon looked up at him with a frown. "Not long at all! I mean after you skip the history of the generations and their additions to the culture but-" the young hedgehog shook his head, and waved his hand, continuing down the hall. "Some other time Zespio but not now." He concluded. The Chameleon stared at him for a moment, perhaps upon hearing his real name, then he stomped his foot and called out. "You could help being such a prick you yknow!" He shouted, and primly turned away, walking in the opposite direction with his horn in the air. The elite paid no mind to the biting remark, as he knew the poor information expert rarely ever got the chance to tell any of his surely amazing tales. And it was, by now he felt beyond caring about any insult, even if 47:53 did mean it. The truth was he couldn't help it. Just as Zespio couldn't help but be exited about everything, or even Scourge with his thirst for conquest. Every Zone had something special about it, some mental or physical change, a glitch in the eternal looping of the universe, that made it an alternate Zone. In the No Zone, personalities where inverted. So if Espio Prime was secretive and brooding on the outside, however just as hyper as a teenager would be on the inside, then Zespio would be hyper on the outside, and brooding on the inside. However, no one really knew that. It all depended on your skill and mental capacity, to be taught certain things. The elites knew this and maybe some of the runners, that hid in a Zone and watched from the sidelines for a while. If you knew things where fated to be this way, then the best you could do was do others the courtesy in not telling them, though it was frustrating. No. He had tried before, tried fighting against the way things where supposed to be. But in the end, the best courtesy he could manage, was easing the minds of others by doing only what was expected of him.

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i always try every day to improve on something, but sometimes it dosnt work out. i get frustrated because im not as good as other people, but then i stop. at least im not BAD. Evan wasnt hired in a day, and Loor101 didnt get millions of subscribers overnight. it takes time, effort, and repetition. i keep telling myself 'dont be shy on those spines' or make sure their arms arent weird giant noodles' or 'make those fingers a little more angled'. eventually i wind up tracing (but not posting keep in mind duh), to see how it feels or how i SHOULD feel when i draw whatever. i guess my problem with the way i draw sonic characters is anatomy, which really tbh i dont care about. im so used to drawing anthro furry stuff that i dont know allot of other styles. im trying to make the adjustments but again, it all takes time. with my furry stuff, i kinda overlook proportions. so i made up this little thing, that applies to more than just drawing. i found it could be used for homework, fanfiction or any other story, and most important, fighting in person or social media fights. "sleep for a while, ignore it for a day, it will look different now youve had time away" (I made it rhyme just now as i type). so, to wrap everything up,

1: your not going to instantly become anything
2: make the adjustments
3: its ok if it dosnt look that good today. now you know what to fix next time
4: look at examples
5: try another
6: its all evolution. you cant see it now but you will in a couple of weeks
the hardest part about drawing; is deciding what to draw in the first place.
i got a deviant account after so long, so i could share my fan art and appreciation to people who really deserve it! i have legit lockdown restrictions, to the point where i cant open my own email. but finally, with help from my friends, im here at last! technically im a furry, and my character name is Snowpaw. im not a super detailed artist, but i feel like i dont want to be with all the other people out there. as an avid fanfiction writer, it is my job to make it so touching and descriptive, to the point where my friends tell me i need to stop or that ive ruined their week. #standards