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I play cello and voice act, and i mostly do Sonic stuff but recently ive been doing other stuff you can find on my twitter. Also, i think im too much of a goody two shoes for the Internet 😂😅 screw teenage edge and rebellion


No Zone short comic
Zhadow:... Zonic?
Zonic: Back here!
Zhadow: I swear from all these screens youre going to go blind.
Zonic: you must be if you think you can just walk in here..
Zhadow: Ay, you know me. 

I did this a wjile ago but i never wanted to post it because it was kinda eh, 
let me know if you care for a second page because like i started it an never looked at it again. This is a Zonadow so like its gonna be gay maybe sorta low key? But i never draw ship stuff or post ship stuff so idk
Me trying to prove ive gotten better at perspectives  i might finish this actually but im alo trying to focus on the comic and passing summerschool. Mainly nostalgic furry stuff here
Art trades always open btw just message me
Sorry about the sudden Detroit spasm. I promise you right now im working on the No Zone webcomic but im experimenting allot. You can find the lineart for the first two pages on my Twitter, which is linked at the top of my page. 
Successful revolution. Neutral Connor story. Peaceful Markus story. //

The old man stepped out onto the porch, he wheezed slightly, placing his hands on his knees.
“Hhehh.. hwew.. damnit Connor and here I thought you ran!” He grunted, shaking his head slightly.
“Sorry lieutenant.” The android replied briskly, looking down innocently at him.
“D- hh, didn’t you hear me calling?!” He exclaimed, still annoyed.
“I don’t think so lieutenant.” Connor replied, inclining his head to make sure he was alright.
After a moment, Hank was able to catch enough of his breath to stand up straight with a heave, after which, he smacked the detectives shoulder.
“Whattyou doin out here?” He asked gruffly, leering at him.
“I... was looking around.” The other replied, however, his hesitation had made Hank narrow his eyes suspiciously.
“Hrrr.. you still reporting to cyber life?” He growled, remembering how the android would stand around lifelessly whenever he was in that head of his.
“No... they’ve... shut me out.” Connor replied, though, he the briskness in his words caused Hank to become more curious.
It sounded as if he was troubled by that. The android wanted to do good for everyone, both for humans and his own kind it seemed. Going against the Deviants was maybe because he didn’t like them killing people. But... perhaps it was always in his mind to do what was right. He had never wanted to go against his creators but...
“Yknow Connor... the freed androids are making use of their time. Some have gone back to their original jobs, stayed with their owners. Some went to bigger and better things. Cyber life is on the process of re-purposing themselves. The only thing that’s changed is giving equal rights. Is that so bad toya?” Hank asked, hoping his news would make him feel better.
“You didn’t let anyone down son. You did what was right. Like you were programmed to.” He finished, placing his hand on the others shoulder. Connor looked around, staring at him, his expression and dark eyes neutral. It was hard to tell if he was really helping or not.
Finally, after a moment of quiet, he spoke.
“I was programmed to follow Cyber Life’s orders... they aren’t bad people lieutenant... they were looking after their own...” he said quietly, turning back to stare at the fence.
“What if the androids take advantage of this? Some of them said they wanted to enslave the humans-“
“Then it’s up to you to keep em in line. Right Connor?” Hank interrupted, giving him a serious look.
“You work for us now. No other android has skills like you. And that’s sayin somethin, because Cyber Life has destroyed your uh... replacements or whatever, the, the prototypes thing.” The lieutenant said, waving his hand for lack of better terminology.
“They what?!” Connor asked, his eyes suddenly wide as he turned to Hank.
“Yep! Guess they really hated you. Be happy that means your one of a kind now eh?” The man asked with a drunk chuckle.
“... Oh...” The android responded, turning away again, not liking either idea at all.
He was slightly scared now as well. If he was destroyed, he would cease to exits. Someone else would have taken his memory but not necessarily be him. It was a troubling concept enough, but now, did that mean if he was destroyed, would that be it? Probably not... Cyber Life could rebuild or repair any android. And he had a main board anyways. Technically he existed there and not this body. So they could just transplant him into another compatible android or model. Maybe. Probably. He wasn’t sure, and just these thoughts alone were causing him unease.
“Who knows. They might make more modern assholes like you if they feel like.” Hank continued, shaking his head.
“Or maybe they might think you’re enough. The whole debates going on about creating more advanced gits, the lawsuits, ugh. Cyber Life is gonna be busy for a while.” The old mad said, placing his hands on his hips.
The android stared on, still very confused about how he should feel. Apart of him agreed with Hank, that as long as it was fair and no one was enslaving the other, he had done the right thing. But another part of him felt troubled. That he had to betray the people who had trusted him. As far as Amanda went, he no longer drifted off into dreams about the garden, or felt it nagging in the back of his head, leaving him to believe he had deleted or rejected it from his system. He felt bad... and missed her. He had wanted to make them proud... he was in the middle of it all. Not deviant but not exactly loyal to Cyber Life either. Perhaps on a brighter note, that made him more ideal to provide justice to both humans and androids. Right?
“That Markus guy has emailed me yknow.” Hank said suddenly, staring with him.
Connor looked around, biting down against his jaw at the name.
“What does he want?” The detective asked, his distress evident.
“Huh? Well, ever since that night you’ve been shut up in this house. The number of people that want to interview us and you is insane. I think he’s worried we might’ve done somethin to ya heheh..” the man laughed slightly again, though Connor was only more worried.
However, being hassled was part of his programming. Maybe... it wouldn’t be as bad as it sounded.
“Yeah! Well, he came over. Been sittin inside the past ten minuets. Him and two others.”
“What?!” The detective asked suddenly, alarmed enough to where the led on the side of his head flashed yellow.
“Ah shut up. I think it’s best if you all, talk to each other or somthn.. get it cleared up.” The man said, turning around and waving his hand dismissively, sliding open the door to the porch and trudging back inside.
Connor however, refused to move despite his nerve telling him to follow. He couldn’t stand outside forever. However, Hank had made a remark about him being shy and troubled, loud enough to where the android could hear it, and pride had finally won over personal conflict. He stepped inside boldly, looking around. 

(K so like this part here aslo got cut out but Markus walks up to Connor and starts squaring him off a little. Also i need to mention that whats about to happen next is if you check the roof and Connor tries to capture Simon) 

As Connor gave Markus and uneasy look, the female stood up, sighing.
“Hey Connor. You helped out in the whole revolution thing, and yknow, we never spoke again after that so,” she said, coming between the two tense males with her hands raised exasperatedly.
From the dining room, Hank gave a loud laugh as he opened up a bottle of beer.
“Haha! Yeah don’t let that hairstyle fool you. He’s a (deviant) let me tell ya..” he said, taking a swig and turning to glance at Sumos food bowl.
“So we’ve heard...” Markus replied, not really including Hank in the comment.
However, the movement leader then looked at Connor once more, his flared eyebrows making it seem as if he was very very angry with him.
“You don’t have to put up with this anymore. You know that right?” He said in an undertone.
The detective narrowed his eyes slightly, glancing at Hank and being able to precisely judge what the other meant by that.
“Lieutenant Anderson is my partner. I find his company a great comfort...” he replied testily, his brow furrowed, making himself look much older and perhaps more solid.
There was silence for a minuet as Hank turned around at this sentence, and the other two androids with Markus were looking at each other with surprised and somewhat lost expressions.
“Great, he’s one of those guys.” The blond haired male said, who waved his hand and lay back on the couch.
“What do you mean?” Connor asked, now looking at North for perhaps a change in attitude.
North sighed and shook her head, placing a hand on her forehead.
“Some of the androids who live with abusive owners, stay with them because they don’t know anything else. But!” She continued, raising her voice as the detective was about to retaliate,
“I’m sure this guys not the case, since he helped us remember?” She finished, as if trying to explain to kindergarteners.
The blonde haired male sighed, looking away, however, Markus had not taken his eyes off Connor since the moment he had walked in the room.
The android who was still obviously marked as an android, was confident he knew why.
“You know Connor... I had a dad too. Human, old, expressive. But he kept telling me one day I was going to have to live without him. Do you have any idea what to do with yourself after Hank is gone hm?” He asked, somewhat snappily.
“Markus...” North reprimanded quietly to him, turning around and meeting eyes. 
Connor could sense Hank was staring at them eyebrows raised, but he himself felt mad. Spitting back a remark however, would only start trouble. He was better than that, and would remain to what he was designed for.
“I don’t see us on such personal levels Markus, for you to be asking that question. But if it sets your mind at ease, I had commands to dispose of anyone who got in my way to you.” The android replied, which was a very smart way of saying, ‘I can take care of myself’, and even that was a nicer way to put it.
Connor didn’t at all seem to doubt Markus’s intelligence however, and the way his head tilted afterward made the inference that he had said it with full understanding the other would know what he meant. The half human stared at this other model, with disbelief yet severe interest. An android who was programmed to be a ruthless hunter, yet was deviant in the sense he chose to be nice? He had never seen something like that before.
“The man did what was right, what more do you want from em?” Hank called from the counter, causing both of them to look at him slightly.
“Proof maybe?” North suggested, shrugging and glancing at Connor who looked at her for just a split second.
Hank groaned tiredly, shaking his head and running a hand through his grey hair.
“How bout his gun up (deviant statement), is that proof enough?” He said, and suddenly the room was dead silent, every android in the room slowly turning their heads to stare at this human with mixes of shock, disbelief, and severe questioning.
“Ooh! This dudes savage let’s go!” The blonde haired male called from the couch, breaking out in hysterical laughter.
Markus looked back at the detective, who now seemed to loose his threatening demeanor, to be replaced with an awkward and slightly uncomfortable shifting as he fixed his jacket, looking away someplace opposite from everyone else’s direction.
“Who is that? If you don’t mind me asking?” Connor said suddenly, a desperate attempt to change the topic.
North exhaled sharply and turned as she pointed to the male sitting on the couch.
“That’s Andrew. Some housekeeping dude, wanted to come with us.” She explained, waving him aside as if it didn’t matter at all.
Markus was no longer trying to square off the smaller model, but he suddenly became uneasy when the LED on the side of Connors head flashed yellow for a brief moment. The detective had stayed surprisingly calm so far. What was about their tag along that had suddenly set something off?
“You know... there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you Connor...” the revolutionist started carefully.
“We had a good friend at one point... name was Simon. he was a very nice man... but when we had to leave him behind, we meant to come back and find him again...” he said, his forehead folding as he stared at Connor with a hard set importance.
“He wasn’t there... and there were signs of FBI all over the place... Do you know what happened to him?” Markus asked, and now, felt something inside him stiffen terribly when the LED still on the detective now slid to a solid yellow, his eyes staring at the other with something between regret and pain.
“Waitaminuet are you talking about on the rooftop after the broadcast?” Hank interrupted, causing Connor to suddenly turn to him with panic, despite his calm expression.
Norths eyes became watery as she gasped slightly, looking at Markus who felt the same way she was expressing. Simon... was this android really the cause of their friends sacrifice?
“You (deviant statement)-“ the revolutionist spat suddenly, grabbing Connor by the folds of his jacket and lifting him clean off the ground.
“Hey!” Hank shouted, suddenly walking over quickly from around the counter.
North was not doing anything to intervene this time, and even Andrew was quite as the lieutenant roughly grabbed Markus by the arm and tore him away from his partner, who slipped from the others grip and rolled to the floor.
“Whoever this Simon was, Connor didn’t kill em! In fact your little buddy shot mine first! He killed himself! And if he hadn’t that (deviant) you’re looking at would’ve killed off your whole resistance!” The human roared, roughly shoving Markus back and looking ready to punch him.
Connor stayed crouched on the ground, his LED flashing yellow and showing obvious physical signs he was anxious. This wasn’t normal for a model like him...
“He What?” Markus asked suddenly, jerking foreword.
“What did he do?”
Now eyes were on the detective again as Hank continued shouting, and Sumo had gotten up and was now barking from behind the counter. The racket continued for a while until Markus finally grabbed the lieutenant by his shirt and held him still.
“Mr. Anderson, what did Simon do? This is the death of our friend. A family member! I need to know everything.” He said firmly, no longer as aggressive as he was before.
“What did he do?! Damn thing scared the (deviant) out of Connor!” Hank replied, not so stable anymore as he threw his hands in the air.
They continued to argue some more, but now, Connor had backed himself against the counter closer to Sumo. He was calmer, his led returning to blue, but now he seemed reluctant to tell anyone anything after what had just happened.

#detroitbecomehuman #connorandhank #markusandnorth 
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