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Nap Time

This can be my Mothers Day and early Fathers Day gift to ya guys :meow:
I always love to imagine Cheese and Pinkie being like parents to Pound and Pumpkin while the Cakes are gone for trips. :iconawwwplz:
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These two were so perfect for each other, that I think it was destiny that they'd end up together. After all, Pinkie Pie was the one who inspired Cheese Sandwich to become a party pony, I think these two were soulmates who were destined to meet one another and eventually fall in love 😍😍😍

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And that's how he got the idea for making their own baby :meow:
Hey Cheese, what’re you doing in the Cake’s house?
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OMG this made my day
the cuteness is off the charts
the consept is too much for me to handel XD
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Mr and Mrs Cake are definitely gonna take a picture of this^^
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You KNOW they will XD
if they don't I will ^^^
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So cuuuute!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
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Imagine the daawww looks on Mr. and Mrs. Cakes' faces as they walk right in the door. ;P
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*Giggles* So adorable!
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dwaa..... my OTP for pinky
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Mine too. Do you like SoarinDash?
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That my main ship for Dashie
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Who you ship flutters with?
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It is between Discord or Big Mac. (Even thou Butterfly is a FlutterMac ship I posted a while ago).
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Don't think Big Mac is cannon anymore since the show went with BigBell but Discord is a fun character and a great opposite of flutters so I fine it cute.
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Ok so i'll just make a younger sister of Butterfly that is a daughter of  Discord (Even thou Sunny and Solar Eclipse are daughters of Celestia and Discord)
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dawwww..... adorable :)
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whate hell is he doing in there miss and misses cakes house?
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Aww, sleep together. :)
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They just look like one family, aren't they?
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Too cute for words.
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