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  •  When you are using my stock please give us credit for making the stock and link back! to link back type in the description :devsnowys-fox*: (remove * ) or :iconsnowys-fox*: 

  •  Please Link me to the images you have created so I can see them and comment on them and :+fav: them I always do! 

  •  You may use the stock for commercial pieces but you are not allowed to sell our stock on as its a free resource! 

  • Yes you can use my stock on other websites and for projects such as school work, Yes you can make arts and craft with my stock hell i don't even care if you make commercial art with my stock what is not allowed is to sell the stock itself (even if you have made small edits)

  • When using on other sites please link back to this site or give credit to me snowys-stock please please please post a link in comment section of the stock you used so I can see! 

  • Yes I like features, please do host on other sites to display how awesome all this stuff is BUT ALWAYS LINK TO THIS ACCOUNT!

  •  Updates are slow and demanding updates will result in me just ignoring you, I do take suggestions and requests and see if i can answer them but I might not able to find/make all the stock that you have requested sorry about that!


  • Anything abusive such as graphic mutilation of an innocent person/animal, Anything featuring underage children in inappropriate situations. 

  • Selling my stock, its a free resource and i want it to remain that way! (this includes minor edits to the stock you cannot get around it by saying i just changed the colour a bit)

  • Claiming my stock as your own. 

How to link back

  •  To create an icon link :iconsnowys-stock: simply type :iconusernamehere:

  •  to create a text link Snowys-stock simply type :devusernamehere:

  •  Please always remember to link back thank you! 

Pulpit rock

© 2011 - 2021 Snowys-stock
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Yelliebeans's avatar
I made a stamp background and gave you full credit, linked it back and shared this journal if others use yours!! Yaoi Pun Stamp ftu by Yelliebeans
PanSatraw's avatar
I'm using one of your stock picture in my journal.
Kittyspirits's avatar
SpaceWolfcake's avatar
I'm going to be using :Custom box 12: Twilight for my profile, I'll give all credit to you for this beautiful piece of art.
Miz-Jynx's avatar
I'm using/going to use Custom box 11: Polaroid and Custom box 12: Twilight on my profile and credit you within the boxes.  (:
King--kun's avatar
Currently using Custom Box 7: Autumn Colours and have credited you at the bottom on my page in the "Credit" box ~
rezberri's avatar
I'm currently using Custom Box 9: Cool Air on my profile.
AssortedA-Art's avatar
Pearl-Katze's avatar
I used your stock:… Thank you so much :hug: You kinda saved my drawing, I didn't know what to do with the background this time at all!
bastiIles's avatar
I am using…
On my profile as a background for my Custom Widgets
TaquitoQueen's avatar
Volksfeind's avatar
Thank you for explaining how to link back, I really didn't know how to do that and since I'm using one of your textures for a drawing, it seemed fair to link back :D.
Snowys-stock's avatar
yes when i first joined DA it took me a long time to find out how to do it i am glad it was some help :D
DietSoDuh's avatar
Could I use it on a school assignment?
Snowys-stock's avatar
sure! If you upload it to DA please credit me!
(also make sure its okay with your school, i herd that some don't allow you to use secondary sources)
DietSoDuh's avatar
They're okay with it! Thank you so much :)
Verteth's avatar
would i be able to use your stoch in the makeing of a group app sheet? such as open books?
Snowys-stock's avatar
yes of course :) give give me credit for making the stock :)
IAmJakey's avatar
could i use some of your stock in CD artwork design (traycard, liner notes, CD itself, the album cover was already done by someone else) i would of course give you full credit and i'll also put a link in the liner notes. i just wanted to be sure this is ok.
Snowys-stock's avatar
IAmJakey's avatar
cool if you want i could also send you a free CD when it's finished (it'll probably be a couple months, funding is impossible)
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