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So, I'm looking for some role playing buddies with akiulfrs, I prefer to use discord , so if anyone has some akiulfrs and would like to rp, just send me a note or comment on this journal

Hope everyone has an awesome day :)
                      Zeraa import | N#000 by Munaipo


ID: N#000

Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Breed: Zeraas
  Height: 17 Hands 
Personality: Asha is very sweet and gentle, she behaves almost perfectly most of the time when she is with her owner, but with someone she doesn't know she can miss behave a bit. Asha is a very good jumper, she is okay at dressage, she also really enjoys cross country, she is also pretty good at barrel racing, she enjoys doing Liberty work with her owner, following her around everywhere. Asha also has a love for water, she would jump into a body of water without hesitation ... unless it was freezing outside, and she also loves the snow, she loves to goof around with her owner, she is always goofy and always making her girl laugh, and she trusts her owner with her life.

Asha arrived at her new home, nervous and skittish, but she quickly grew to love her girl, the one she was always with, she learned right from wrong, and quickly became a loyal partner, she eventually grew out of her skittish nature and learned to trust her girl, if her girl wasn't freaking out then Asha had no reason to be either, Asha was always careful around her owner, never wanting to hurt her, something Asha and her girl started to do almost daily was liberty work, they learned liberty work together, dancing around with her girl was very fun and they soon had an unbreakable bond as they grew to trust each other, learn from each other and enjoy every moment they spent together, Asha's girl also almost always rode her bare back 

Genotype:  Ee AA nSpl nDz
Phenotype: Wild bay splash
Eyecolor: Brown

    ------------------------------------------ SSS:Unknown
    ----------------- SS:Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ SSD:Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ SDS:Unknown
    ----------------- SD:Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ SDD:Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ DSS:Unknown
    ----------------- DS:Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ DSD:Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ DDS:Unknown
    ----------------- DD:Unknown
    ------------------------------------------ DDD:Unknown



 Daily art:





Horse owned by : SnowyRaven7502 
Designed by : Munaipo 

This wonderful person is making an incredible cat comic, I absolutely love it, but they haven't updated in awhile because they are busy trying to pay for food and all that fun stuff, so they created a Patreon account, if they get a certain amount of money per week they will continue the comic and upload a page a week, but of course I'm not asking you to possible pay for a comic you don't even know if you like, they have uploaded 48 pages so far on there DA 

<da:thumb id="546538418"/> , If you want to help fund this comic it would be very kind of you, and I'm sure the creator would be very happy as well because they enjoy doing it, even if you can't pay any money to help the comic, share this, or copy and paste all this and make your own journal , and I'm sure people will be interested :D

Thank you and have a wonderful day :)…

if you are unable to donate , please share 
Please help this incredible artist , they are trying to help a friend *  Emergency Commissions/YHH  *  even if  you just share the link , that is a bunch of help 

Hope everyone has an awesome day
I just started working on a painting , so that should be posted very soon , today or tomorrow probably ,3 days at the latest, only cause I'm still getting used to my painting program
This coming Monday I get to start riding lessons with my younger sister, sadly I can't ride my own horse but that just makes me think .. what horse am I going to be riding for lessons ... hmmmm :D