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Zephyr by SnowyRaven7502 Zephyr by SnowyRaven7502

*This Character is not in the group, she was not excepted because of her blue eye's and I was not willing to change her*


                           How you like to RP: Discord | Notes | ( I prefer Discord though)

RP Style: Paragraph 



Name: Zephyr

Name Meaning: Breeze

Nickname: Zeph 

Age: 2

Gender:  female


Appearance description: Zephyr's fur is very long and silky and very very soft, she has thin fur in some spots and thick in most other spots, she has a long tail, and fluffy butt fur and very long soft head fur, she also has very long soft fur on her chest and belly, her eyes are a soft icy blue, resembling winter, she smells of fresh snow and ice. Her walk is smooth but can also be bouncing depending on her mood. She has a black nose and paw pads that stand out against her white fur. She mostly resembles the season Winter


Height: 27 inches



Voice: very soft and smooth


Tribe or Loner?: Arrowhead Tribe

Rank: Hunter




Detailed description: Zephyr is a lovable goofy girl, she is kind and sweet and gentle, always so caring and she would always put others before herself, she loves to hide in the snow and wait for wolves to walk past so she can jump up and startle them, she loves their reactions, they always make her smile and laugh but she doesnt do it to be mean she just does it because she is playful, she is a skilled hunter because she can blend in with the snow and she just loves hunting in general she finds it fun and it also means adventuring. Zephyr loves spending time with her friends, just being with them makes her happy, even if all they do is chat, she still loves it, she really hates heights though, one time her friend took her up to a cliff that overlooked a valley and she just totally freaked out and froze 





Trait 1: Loyal

Zephyr is very loyal towards her tribe, she can be a bit skittish with wolves she isn't sure about but once you get her trust and friendship you will have a loyal friend for life, she would stop anything to come and help, do everything in her power to do anything you ever needed and she would just be happy being your friend 


Trait 2: Playful

Zephyr is very playful, she loves just running around randomly in the snow and tunneling through it and she loves running around with her friends, she also loves to hide in the snow and pop out and startle others, so this can end badly and she somtimes wishes she wasn't so playful because sometimes others take it as if she was trying to be mean


Trait 3: Caring

Zephyr is very caring, if you ever got hurt she would try to do everything she could to help but she would stay with you and refuse to leave your side, she enjoys taking care of others and she likes being there for her friends when they need her


Trait 4: Brave

Zephyr would jumped in the way of danger to protect her tribe and the ones she cares about without hesitation, she would do anything it takes to protect the ones she cares about and she would do it again, her tribe and friends bring her happiness and she would protect them with her life, Zephyr is also a bit of a dare devil, doing things thats are probably to dangerous for a wolf to be doing, but she still does it


Trait 5: Kind

Zephyr is very kind, she is always willing to give others second chances, she tends to see the small things in life that others just pass, she is also very understanding, she also knows how to keep a secret for her friends, but if it's something she knows shouldn't be kept a secret she will tell someone, but sometimes she is too kind, and it can get her into trouble because others take advantage of it


Strengths: Camouflage In the snow, Bravery, Loyalty 


Weaknesses: Kindess - to kind for her own good, fear if heights, her white coat gives her away sometimes


Likes: snow, Ice, Snowy Forests, clear nights, spending time with her friends

Dislikes: heights, mean wolves, swimming in cold water 



Detailed Overview: Zephyr was born and raised in the tribe, she was born with 2 brothers and 1 sister, her and her siblings played almost everyday, all day, and behaved quiet well, they grew up with out a father, he disappeared before they were born and there mother was very very kind, she taught them everything they needed to know, she taught them right from wrong and to follow their heart, Zephyr and her sister were very very close, just like her 2 brothers were very very close, her brothers promised to always protect the family, and Zephyr promised to always make sure her family had food and her sister promised to make sure her family was always healthy, growing up with a kind caring mother really taught them a lot, it taught Zephyr to always be kind and caring and protect the ones you love. Zephyrs mom taught her everything she needed to know about hunting, and she worked very hard every day to become a good hunter, their mother also taught her and her siblings to not only care about and protect each other and there family but to also care about and protect the tribe because the tribe was also there family, they grew up to be very loyal wolves and they still are


Group History: Will need to be done when accepted




Father: Unknown

Mother: Tara

Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister


Mate: None

Offspring: None


Currently looking for a mate?: Yes

Sexuality: Straight


Pebble Tracker

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Tribe symbols by: Little-Lisikka
Application Art and Design by Soyala-Silveryst
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