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Zephyr by SnowyRaven7502 Zephyr by SnowyRaven7502
Name: Zephyr
Age: 5 
Breed: Andalusian/Mustang mix
Gender: Mare
height: 15 hh
Kingdom: Beorg
Level: 1
Fertility : 100% 
Color:  Classic Champagne Minimal Splash
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCh/nSpl
Eye color: Blue
Accessories: 2 leggings

She is a very sweet kind girl, she treats others with respect , unless they give her a reason not to, she enjoys exploring and prefers to do so then stay somewhere for long periods of time, she loves meeting others, and getting new friends, something she has always loved is rain storms , she loves the smell of rain, and she loves the wind , rain storms are refreshing to her... unless there is lightning and thunder , then she stays out of the rain. She also really loves snow , Winter is one of her favorite seasons and as a foal she would always go play in the fresh snow, when she was younger she licked an icicle and got her tongue stuck. She also loves walks through the forests , often singing along with the birds, most of the forest creatures were her friends, she never got lonely. She always follows her instincts 

She always has a very calm soft expression, in troubling situations she always remembers to stay calm, she is a natural born leader , she always try's to make sure everyone is happy, she also loves foals , she thinks they are the most adorable things ever

She grew up in a loving family, her mother taught her many wonderful things, she was very close with her mother and still is, her parents taught her how to survive by herself, how to protect herself , what plants were bad and good, and to always be kind 

she got her love for rain storms from her mother , she would often find her mother out in the rain , enjoying it well it lasted , and she would usually join her mother and they would enjoy the rain together, her mother taught her to keep a calm level head in stressful situations, when she was a young adult she was always exploring , sometimes with her mother and sometimes by herself , eventually she got permission from her parents to explore beyond the mountains and that's where her travels began , she would meet many wonderful helpful kind creatures along her travels , meeting new friends, finding new places , but she would always wander back home to visit with her parents for awhile before looking for new places to explore. Whenever she is home she goes to this cliff that overlooks a forest, sometimes to think , and other times just to stand in the breeze

Every year her family has a tradition to go on a long run through the forests and fields on the first snowfall, running through the fresh snow , the cold breeze running through there manes, she can be slightly shy with horses she has never met before. She has many collections , she has a small collection of sparkly/shiny rocks she has found , she also collects bird feathers , and during fall she will make a giant pile of leaves and play in it with all the other forest creatures. She would also like to learn how to swim, but is afraid 

------------------------------------------ SSS: STARTER  
----------------- SS: STARTER  
------------------------------------------ SSD: STARTER 
------------------------------------------ SDS: STARTER 
----------------- SD: STARTER 
------------------------------------------ SDD: STARTER 
------------------------------------------ DSS: STARTER 
----------------- DS: STARTER 
------------------------------------------ DSD: STARTER 
------------------------------------------ DSS: STARTER  
----------------- DD: STARTER 
------------------------------------------ DDD: STARTER 

Health: 100%


Endurance: 5
Covertness: 2
Strength: 2 | +3 strenth : 5 strength |
Speed: 5  | -3 : 2 speed
Cunning: 1

Mares: 0
Stallions: 0
Foals: 0

Design by : FeatherCandy 
Owned by : SnowyRaven7502 
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November 7, 2017
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