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DiRPG | Zephyr | Oh look , Killer Puppys by SnowyRaven7502 DiRPG | Zephyr | Oh look , Killer Puppys by SnowyRaven7502


You’ve been travelling for what feels like forever. You stop to rest but are rudely awaken by the sound of wild dogs, they sound pretty vicious and large in number. What do you do?

A] Run, Flee 
   Blue Arrow Bullet B] Hide, head for the bushes, then search for shelter. 
C] Follow the noise and attack

Zephyr had just laid down for a  nap, as he dozed off he was awoken by loud barks. He stood up and looked back into the forest he had come from, the barks were getting louder and louder. Zephyr turned quick and dashed down the hill, galloping across the grassy field he risked looking back and he regretted that.

The dogs had just come out of the forest and were speeding down the hill after him ... Zephyr was almost at the edge of a different dense forest .. perfect for hiding in he thought , he ran through the bushes, dodging trees and a few large rocks.Zephyr continued running as fast as he could leaving the wild dogs far behind him, the only sounds he could hear now were the sounds of his hooves pounding the ground, the soft chirps of the birds in the trees and the trickle of a small stream.

Zephyr slowed down to a walk and took in his new surroundings " There has got to be at least one good spot to take shelter in this forest "he said to himself , he continued through the forest looking for somewhere to finally get some rest. He was startled by a few dear running away from him , but he wasn't really concerned as he walked through the forest he thought about what his father would have wanted him to do when he saw the dogs ... he probably would have expected him to turn around and fight but he wasn't much of a fighter he would fight if he had to but he usually avoided it. Zephyr shook those thoughts out of his head and continued looking for shelter.

Diamond (f2u)  37 Diamonds Diamond (f2u)   

I know I'm not great at art but I am trying I do think I have gotten better .. it's just those darn backgrounds that ruin my life 

hope everyone has an awesome day ^-^

( and if you notice any spelling errors tell me please and if you have any tips for drawing , I will gladly listen )

Program: Clip Studio Paint

Words: 273

Art and character belong to me 
rosie756 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017  Student General Artist
Congrats! This image has earned you 37 Diamonds!

Opting to stay calm and silent, you noiselessly head for the bushes, head held low as you hide. The bushes were quite dense, managing to cover you well, the dogs barks and howls fading into the distance. Now that the initial threat was over, it was dire time you look for shelter. You cross the river, belly deep in water. After exiting the river and shaking off you leave the area, lifting your head up you:

A] Decide to spend the night by the river bank
B] Decide to spend the night in a nearby cave. 
C] Decide to spend the night among the bushes. 
SnowyRaven7502 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
thank you :)
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