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Ive had this account for a long time and really just posted images mostly as a sort of...drop box. Id mostly draw images related to role-playing games I was in and would upload them so I had easy access to them to show people in the games.

The last few months however ive been drawing to try and objectively get better. I am making progress I think but ive still got a long way to go!.

My Drawing style is really slow it typically takes me 5 to 8 hours to draw my simpler images and probably half again as long for my more complex ones : /

I am however experimenting with a mix of simpler images, forcing myself to move a little faster and switching to a different shading style. I probably wont stay on this shading forever but for a bit for the sake of practice the faster drawings I think for a while ill primarily be concentrating on this. If I draw faster, I can iterate more and hopefully improve faster.

I am going to update these details shortly in more detail but i wanted to quickly clarify information on requests

I am open to requests but I reserve the right to decline if I am too busy, It involves too many new elements at once (I am not a skilled artist and can only handle so many 'firsts' per image : ) ), or is simple very complicated and would be difficult.

I am unlikely to accept requests which involve more than one character as I am a very slow drawer and multiple characters becomes similar to multiple drawings.

I am far more likely to accept requests from watchers, however if the request from a non watcher happened to be something I personally liked the idea of drawing, I may still do it.

Essentially feel free to ask, I can only say no : p but I am more likely to accept straightforward requests of drawing 1 charachter, than complicated requests or multi-charachter images.
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Hey everyone, I'm running a Raffle to win a drawing of your OC in a random Halloween Costume over on my Twitter. I know some of you dont have twitter, for now I am only running the contest there because part of the reason is try and get my art more exposure and getting exposure on DA is something I have largely given up on. (Though weirdly there has been quite a bit of activity on my DA account recently, People here seem to like my Gummy Fox)
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Hey Everyone! So after my current studies are complete (and ive got an art trade im probably going to do) I want to start on another Sophie outfit project (or who knows maybe ill occasionally draw a different character) I want to spend the 4-6 weeks running up to Halloween drawing Sophie in a variety of Halloween outfits and/or cosplays Im taking suggestions / requests here and on Twitter, though i wont make my Twitter post till later on in the week. Theses no rush on these suggestions as I wont be starting for a little while. References are appreciated but given the nature of this, pretty generic requests are fine lacking references. I am almost certainly not going to be doing every request/suggestion, so I apologise if I dont do yours, I can get burned out doing these kind of things sometimes so Im probably going to try and avoid confirming which ones I am going to do because i might have a list im planning to do and not get all the way through them. This is primarily to put my
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Hi Everyone! Apologies ive not been posting much recently, ive been doing more studies, I havent stopped drawing. Ive also been more active on twitter @NyoDraws if you do like my work i do recommend following me there. Ive been put on Furlough at work so that means I have a bit more time. im going to do more studies for the next week roughly and maybe next week start on a project of drawing Sophie in a bunch of different outfits! im taking suggestions for this, please drop any refs here or on twitter. You can go fairly provocative if you want, if its too far i just wont pick it (or ill do a variation) If youd prefer to see Fox, tiger, Cow or Dragon Sophie wearing it let me know as well! though i dont promise to follow that. As a small aside, I know there are some artists following me, though not many. If you are a small artist and are not on Twitter please get on Twitter. The last couple of months on Twitter and the support i've received there have made me realise just how bad
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Hey, I just wanted to let you know I finally got a Twitter, the link is in my bio :)

Awesome : D Ive given a follow

Hello do you take requests? if so please can you draw my bat silver reff of him not thank you anyway. :)

Thank you for the watch o3o

Hello do you take requests if so please can you draw silver my bat? reff: if no no worries ^^

My requests are currently closed but its just because ive done quit a few (and got one more to do) so ive closed them so i can spend some time on focused practice / non request images. I will be reopening requests probably in 4 - 6 weeks and most likely at that point I would be happy to accept this request. (you'd probably need to remake the request though. i don't want to end up taking loads of requests by just queuing them. i might then need to close, closed requests!)