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Girl by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Girl :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 8 2 Me (Before I dyed my hair and before my contacts) by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Me (Before I dyed my hair and before my contacts) :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 3 13 Chara GIF by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Chara GIF :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 1 4 [One of my new art styles] Rachelle Dawn by SnowyFuyuko-Chan [One of my new art styles] Rachelle Dawn :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 3 0 [Art Trade] Ladybug and Chat Noir by SnowyFuyuko-Chan [Art Trade] Ladybug and Chat Noir :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 4 2 Happy (Late) International Women's Day~! by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Happy (Late) International Women's Day~! :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 1 2 Hansel and Gretel by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Hansel and Gretel :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 1 2
As years pass
7 year's old
Mommy, I might be small,
but soon I'll be tall.
I know that I'm not pretty,
but there's no need to pity.
I know I'm not smart,
but if I were, would you reward me a tart?
I want you to stay with me and
please don't let go of my hand.
11 year's old
Mom, I'm tall now,
I've sold the cow!
Look and see! There's gold coins! SO much!
Wait, one just dropped so let me add a final touch.
There, much better, right?
Also, today my teacher called me "bright".
Aren't you proud?
She also said that I never talked loud.
Mrs. Jones said I'm the best,
cause you see, I've passed my test!
13 year's old
Mom, I'm still the best in class,
and in every test I pass.
But so you know, I'll always love you,
I hope that you'll believe what I'll write, cause it's true.
Today some girls asked me to smoke,
I knew it was bad and it'll make me choke.
When I refused, they called me names,
thinking that I'm into their games.
I ran home and cried all day,
went to your room but you were away.
While trying to sto
:iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 0 0
For everyone who's going through depression
D eep down all you feel is pain,
E very where it is, in the daylight, at night and in the rain.
P ressured by a lot of things,
R eactions with strings.
E ventually, it grows
S tronger and stronger, or maybe not, who knows?
S eeing, believing, dreaming, all of these falls,
I nside it can feel like long, empty halls.
O nly then now I'll say : "Good Bye"
N ot then I add "Don't die".
Wanna re-post this to help those with depression? You can! Go ahead and re-post, if not, well, it was your choice so...
:iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 0 0
Pain, is it? Or stress is it?
If it is, then I ask you to sit.
You must relax- chillax,
And don't stress yourself to the max.
Open your bag, take out your homework,
when you look up, you see someone twerk.
You yelp, freak out and run away,
then you run home and look like a stray.
Doing your chores, you hear your mother scream,
you run out to check but oh no! You've left a stream!
You clean up the mess and then you fall down,
when ten years pass you look at your gown.
Then look at the mirror and remember those hard times you faced,
and because of that the smooth skin you have is now replaced.
It's wrinkly and old,
that makes you remember what you've been told :
"Don't stress yourself out!"
And then, you started to pout.
Re-post this poetry if you're against stress! It's fine I allow it! :3
:iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 0 0
Down in the basement with the mice,
tried to sleep but heard a slice.
Looked right down just to see,
there's blood in every part of me.
It hurts but I don't understand why,
is it because I wanted to die?
Those funny memories in my head,
reminds me of when I wasn't dead.
I don't understand, it's so confusing,
my mixed up feelings starts fusing.
Now I hear falling rain,
and now I feel all this pain.
Hurts doesn't it?
Like you're falling down a pit.
Then I finally sit right up,
seeing my mother with a cup.
Down it goes down her tummy,
must have tasted really yummy.
But she then starts to puke,
and she starts saying : "Oouk, oak, uek!"
Blood starts coming out her eyes,
her stare as cold as ice.
I run as fast as I can,
but then I got hit with a pen.
"Ouch!" I say,
oh wait it's day!
I hear myself scream,
Oh what a dream!
:iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 1 0
Colorful Pain by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Colorful Pain :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 1 0 [Art Request] Emily, Mary and Simon (For jadelh) by SnowyFuyuko-Chan [Art Request] Emily, Mary and Simon (For jadelh) :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 0 0 Frisk and Sans (UnderTale) by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Frisk and Sans (UnderTale) :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 14 0 Angel (Me) by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Angel (Me) :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 3 3 Zalia for Cha-aim by SnowyFuyuko-Chan Zalia for Cha-aim :iconsnowyfuyuko-chan:SnowyFuyuko-Chan 0 0
The EARTH is my ART! Take the "E" and "H" out, what do you get? ART! Say it louder! AAAART!!! Ok, that's good to see! Oops, sorry didn't see ya there! I LOVE, like seriously, I LOOOOVE drawing and crafting so... HERE are my Master Pieces. And yeah, they're not Purr-fect, cause I'm like a complete amateur! LOL! :3 Anyloops, feel free to browse through my work!


Cute Blood by InsaneRainbowDrops Cute Blood :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 2 1 Anime First Attempt To Success by InsaneRainbowDrops Anime First Attempt To Success :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 4 0 Wannabe like Mitty by InsaneRainbowDrops Wannabe like Mitty :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 1 0 For Mari-Chan Fanart by InsaneRainbowDrops For Mari-Chan Fanart :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 1 0 Element Tale: Ice! Sans by InsaneRainbowDrops Element Tale: Ice! Sans :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 2 3 Discovering by InsaneRainbowDrops Discovering :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 6 0 Misty (My mascot) by InsaneRainbowDrops Misty (My mascot) :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 5 2 ElementalTale: Intro and Guide Part 1 by InsaneRainbowDrops ElementalTale: Intro and Guide Part 1 :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 3 3 Chara by InsaneRainbowDrops Chara :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 4 0 Hey, Look Another One of My Crappy Art! by InsaneRainbowDrops Hey, Look Another One of My Crappy Art! :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 6 0 Have a heart~! by InsaneRainbowDrops Have a heart~! :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 42 5 Since When Were You (The One) In Control by InsaneRainbowDrops Since When Were You (The One) In Control :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 8 0 Sansy Wansy!!! by InsaneRainbowDrops Sansy Wansy!!! :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 3 0 My Favourite Trio! by InsaneRainbowDrops My Favourite Trio! :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 8 0 Redraw!!! by InsaneRainbowDrops Redraw!!! :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 8 0 MISTY (My Mascot) by InsaneRainbowDrops MISTY (My Mascot) :iconinsanerainbowdrops:InsaneRainbowDrops 5 2
Doesn't matter if it's pretty or not, these are my favorites! They really make me smile and feel happy (Even if it's violent) so here I show off other artists work. I give them FULL credit because well, they made it! Shooo... YAH!


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Note: I've got a great goal right ahead, and its your choice if you want to donate or not, I'm not forcing you to. But I really need some points so I'd be very much happy if you do donate! Please do not mind how much the limit of my goal is, it is just an extension so if some are willing to donate a huge amount of points then they can. Thank you for reading! ~Angel-Chan

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Hi ya Reader/ Viewer-Chan~!
I'm Avangeline but you could just call me Angel for short! (Or you could call me by my Japanese name Fuyuko though, t''s Fuyu for short.)
I do Arts & Crafts and I write stories and fanfictions about Tenkai Knights! I love all shippings except for ShadesOfRedShipping. (I have a reason why, okay?)
I am a self-learned artist and I trained myself to draw, paint, do Digital Art and craft stuff.
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Identity: White hair with rainbow stripe, light, pink glossy lips, rainbow eyes, pale skin, and light pink, heart shaped cheeks. [Yep, my hair is probably damaged by all that hair dye, LOL]

Gender: Girl (Duh!) But so you know, I am asexual and I'm proud of it! Asexuality does exist by KittyJewelpet78:thumb611231166:

Fave Colors: ALL!!!

Birthday: Febuary 22

Status: Depressed

Personality: All! My personality could change randomly when I'm with different people.

Most Fave Show : TENKAI KNIGHTS!

Tenkai Knights Fan Stamp by JRWenzel

Don't use my work without my permission!


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Facts About Me: I'm a Fangirl, I SHIP!, I can voice act so I'm a voice actress, I am a Tenkai Knights fan forever, I LOVE Creepypasta, Gore is my Core, I HATE Bullies, I have about a million locks in my heart (So I don't think anyone would fully understand me but myself), I LOATHE and LOVE pain!

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Fake Friends and Real Friends
Fake Friends- Never seen you cry.
Real Friends - Cry with you.
Fake Friends - Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
Real Friends - Keep your stuff so long they forget it's yours.
Fake Friends - Know a few things about you.
Real Friends - Could write a book about you.
Fake Friends - Would knock on your front door.
Real Friends - Walk right in and say, "IM HOME!"
Fake Friends - Will help you up when you fall over.
Real Friends - Will jump on top of you and shout, "Pile up!"
Fake Friends - Are for a while.
Real Friends - Are for life.
Fake Friends - Will read this.
Real Friends - Will copy and paste this, just like I did

Floating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBun Floating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBun Floating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBun

So, I hope that you enjoy my stories/ fanfictions and art works because I always try to give my very best when doing these things!…
Okay, so my friend :iconblackdevilwhitedemon: tagged me sooo yeah... Actually I'm really nervous, I've never been tagged like this before.

Rules are:


1.) Write the rules.

2.) Write 13 things about yourself.

3.) Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.

4.) Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!

5.) Make sure that they know that they are tagged.

6.) Don't say "You're tagged if you read this."

7.) It is forbidden to not tag anyone.

8.) Tag backs are allowed.

9.) If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you. 


Facts about me:

1.) I was born with an Alexandria's Genesis (Purple eyes)

2.) I'm asexual and agender (Meaning I'm not attracted to either boy or girl or both or any, and I have no gender. They/ Them/ It)

3.) I'm not crazy, I'm insane! 

4.) I have about two siblings, my twin bro and girl.

5.) My personalities could randomly change.

6.) I can dance, hip hop and ballet, dunno why but I guess... meh!

7.) I am a Half-Japanese and the other half... I won't tell.

8.) I never once in my life ever swore or cussed before.

9.) I dunk my cookies as well as other sweet pastries on milk.

10.) I've been bullied before and I still am.

11.) My fashion is unusual to most other people.

12.) I wear mostly rainbow headbands, clips and scrunchies.

13.) I  HATE Papaya, it tastes weird in my mouth. 

1. How many OC’s do you have?

-I don't have any...

2. Are you sure that you’re human?

-Nah, I'm not :)

3: What fandom(s) are you in?

-Undertale and Tenkai Knights.

4. Favorite color?


5. What was your first pet? If you haven’t had a pet yet, what pet do you want?

-A bunny... and it died...

6. What do you think of me?

-I think that you're a great friend and you've helped me a lot.

7. Your first anime?

-Shugo Chara

8. Do you know the Muffin Man?


9. Homestuck?

-Yep, heard of it.

10. Is your dad alive? Mine isn’t.


11. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying?

-Depends, if I'm sick I wouldn't cause it'll only make it worse.

12. How are you going to beat a dragon if you’re dead?    

-Haunt it forever and use my "magical powers" to destroy it.

13. If you were a flower, what flower would you be?

- Tulips

My QUESTIONS for you :

1.) Do you know UnderTale? If so, then who is your most favorite character and your most hated one?

2.) Do you ship?

3.) Do you support Gay or Lesbians?

4.) What's your favorite type of art?

5.) Can you lick your elbow?

6.) Can you sing and dance at the same time?

7.) Do you like, still play with toys? (I do...)

8.) If you were to give advice to your younger self what would it be?

9.) Do you support Donald Trump? (If you dunno who he is, you may search about him in the web)

10.) Ice-cream cake or ice-cream cookie? (For me, I can't really decide.)

11.) Do you believe in magic?

12.) Do you ship Sans and Chara?

13.) What's your favorite ship?

Now here are the people that I will be tagging!

:iconblackdevilwhitedemon: :icona-tomic-sans: :icontekitourabbit: :iconeloogls: :iconcha87680g: :iconinsanerainbowdrops: :iconlikirie: :iconnateynoo: :iconby-art: :iconstefi-tails: :iconvollnuss16: :iconchirafu: :iconamazingartistyellow:

  • Listening to: The air-con blowing
  • Reading: Words...
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Playing: With my emotions
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: My Saliva


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you ship charisk and sara too
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Why yes, I certainly do. Mirai Remove Gasses Icon 

Now if I may remember, you joined the Chara x Sans group that I made on Google+, right? Mirai Cooling Icon 

I just checked on your gallery before and saw something that was similar to one of the posts on the Shara group. Anyways, thanks for joining the group.

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(P.S: Finally I have the time to respond, also checked your gallery again and nicely done!)
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