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Galamutts Flower Festival - Adoption Stall

sooo i wanna get that third place lolol soo i made this! 

summary: beta is looking around the fields when he sees a adoption stall. evanthe is there talking to clove ! <33

    The smell of newly bloomed flowers wafted around all of the flower fields. Beta pranced around enjoying the beautiful sight before them. 
    "What a gorgeous day!" The sun was high in the sky and the heat began to become more apparent. Beta decided his new quest for today would be to find another mutt to help his growing dehydration. Despite it being the start of the Flower Festival the fields were empty, although Beta did enter in one of the farther parts of the fields that had more overgrown plants. Beta started to pant slightly as the sun's rays continued to hit on their bluish-gray back. Then all of a sudden, if they squinted, they could see a small banner in the distance. 
    "Could there be mutts there?" Beta muttered. They continued to make the journey to the other half of the field. As Beta grew closer they realized the banner was advertising the adoption stall it hung over. They never really had thought about getting a pet. But as they thought about the idea it seemed to be a decent idea. Of course Evanthe was hosting the adoption event, he was the pet shop owner after all! A few other mutts were there such as Galaz and Clove. 
    "Oh! Hi there Beta!" Evanthe called. Beta bounded over.
    "Hey Evanthe..!" Beta spoke. 
    "Were you interested in adopting a pet.. are you alright?" Evanthe questioned as Beta started a coughing fit.
    "Yes..I'm..great..need..water.." Beta coughed out. Evanthe sped to a handy bag with water and gave it to Beta.
    "Here you are!" Beta nodded in thanks and gulped down the water quickly. As they drank the cold water, Evanthe went back to talking to Clove. Beta heard a few snippets of their conversation, something about adoption and a Star Raven. As they finished off their water, Beta began to walk around the stall to look at all of the pets for adoption. There were Star Birds, Star Fish, and many other kinds of pets. Beta stared in awe of the selection of pets. "I see you've seen the pets up for adoption." Beta turned around to see Evanthe standing behind them. 
    "Oh hi, Evanthe! Thank you so much for the water! I really appreciate it- I've been walking around the fields for a while..." Beta's voice came out grateful to the mutt now in front of them.
    "It's no problem, Beta! I hold adoption events every once in a while- the majority of these pets I found were hurt. I always want to give them to new owners who'll take good care of them! Anyways were you interested in adopting today?" Evanthe was clearly very passionate about his job as you could tell from the sparkles in his eyes and how happy his voice was.
    "Hmm, I'm not sure.. For now I'm just looking around." Beta decided that it wasn't smart to impulsively buy a pet without doing the proper research.
    "Sounds good. Call me over if you need help with anything!" Evanthe called as he walked over to Galaz.


    Beta continued to stare at all the pets and smiled, Evanthe's good deed had made his day. They decided to support the cause but not to adopt today. Beta stayed till the end of the event seeing the majority of the pets get adopted while helping Evanthe out with small tasks. At the moment they were helping carry everything back to Evanthe's shop. They were just finishing up feeding the pets remaining when Beta heard his name.
    "Hey Beta!" Beta turned around to see Evanthe bounding over, "Thank you so much for your help today!"
    "No problem! It really warmed my heart to see all those pets go to good homes! Plus, just consider it payback for the water-" Beta teased, "Although I'm about to head out, do you need anything?"
    "Nope. Everything's great! Thank you again!" Evanthe replied as Beta bounded out the door.

Today was a great day, Beta decided. <33

whew that took me a bit Cloudii-Dreams oc! hope that that's ok!
i also used galaz and evanthe
sorry if there are any typos or spelling errors lol 

i used 
thanks for reading!! <33

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This is so adorable!! Thank you for adding Clove in!
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no problem!! i was just scrolling and looking for a galamutt that had a pet! clove and her star raven stuck out to me! <33