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Hey guys, my name is Daniel. I started my career in 2007. My favorite arts are the web interfaces including logos, websites and much more. Most of my works are in connection with esports, because i'm playing many video games too, and i have a lot of inspiration in this theme.
Thanks everyone for checking my profile and feel free to comment in my gallery.

You can contact me:

Skype: kemenydani
Steam: snowy1337
Xfire: razi000

------------------- 2013 works --------------------- (elitgamers multigaming design and coding) (estatic gaming website webdesign and coding). webshop logo (magma esports website webdesign and coding)

------------------- 2012 works --------------------- (NetCups V3. website webdesign, logo and coding + custom tournament system with team management and guid management system (php)). (lowlandlions only coding). (westernwolves only coding). (atgaming only coding). (Refuse V2. website webdesign and coding). (Team Mistral website webdesign and coding).… (derailed-gaming only coding).
AlienWare Gameshow Webdesign

Netcups 2012 logo
Juventus Club Hungary (JVC) logo
CallofDuty Hungary ( logo
Encore-Gaming logo