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but not here lol CLICK HERE FOR INFO -->…




plz click here for info -->…
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YES HELLO i tried to have my friend upgrade my computer for me but then after he took it apart and put it back together it no longer displays image bc my motherboard went out and my comp is a pos in general SO YEP MY COMP W/ ALL WIPS AND MUSIC BASICALLY ERRTHANG....


so hopefully i can get a new computer soon and retrieve what i can from my old hard drive

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you guys are too kind srsly

i had a great midnight adventure last night with some cool people (and male strippers hallelujah), and i had a great dinner with my family tonight.

and thanks to a few special people who surprised me with gift art!!!
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HEY GUYS SORY I'VE BEEN DEVIANTRART DEAD 4 A V. LONG TIME.... cause tumblr is taking up all my free time heeheheehfdf

But anyways, i'm starting to take commissions again. I don;t have a super fancy clean commission page or anything yet, so I'll redirect you to my tumblr where I made a quick post about it

Click here if you're interested in commissioning me!! ->…

Send me a note here on dA with what you want according to the styles I'm offering. Thank you guys!!
I appreciate all the favs and comments from my watchers, sorry i usually never reply. my laziness always gets the better of me sdkjfhskdjfh.
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my wishlist for Secret-valentine2012!!

can i get something of Lin pleaseee……

interpret the character however you like! thank you :D
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well guys, i'm really sorry for being so inactive for the past two years or so. i really wish i had more time to dedicate to art like i used to, but after high school, my schedule just got so taken up by college, working, people, and overall stress and personal problems. i literally have piles of sketches i have done in my short periods of spare time, but i never have the time to actually put enough effort to finish something i actually feel is any good. i uploaded that sketch dump in november and hopefully i can get to finishing some of those pictures and start updating again. there's just too many distractions for me right now, but i'll try and get back into drawing more often c:

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm and as for the commissions, i am slowly but steadily finishing the last couple of them up *U*;;; SOLLY. U CAN COME 2 MY HOUSE AND KILL WHENEVER


OH AND! i'm gonna try and upload WIPs whenever I can on my tumblr. go here ->
Okay okay so here goes.

I'm gonna do commissions!! Wahoo!!

Not quite sure how to price my shit, so here's what I'll try to start off with

I can only take Paypal btw!!

Bust ->…

Halfbody ->…

Fullbody -> no sample

eA e;;; lol

However you can commission multiple characters at once. It'll just take me even longer ahahaaa


+ Uhhh I'll draw most things lol. I LOVE KAWAII DESU CHARACTERS THE MOST HEEHEE *U*

- I'm terribly suck @ mecha and big burly men. and furries

Note me if interested! Use this form:

Username: Your dA username
Character(s) + Style: refs go here and if you want bust, fullbody etc
Brief Info: blah blah blah u kno wat 2 do
Email: Your email! I'll give you mine when I accept your request
Total: Yup!!

You can send the whole payment at once, or you can send half and then I'll show you a WIP, then send the rest c: Just say so

1. pinbuns
2. BritsMc13
3. jamu-pan

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i'm thinking about doing rl commissions again.

but then again i got lazy and ended up never finishing the ones from the last time lol

sooooo idk what do you peeps think   (´ヘ`; )
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well i've had it for a while but

i have a tumblr that I was originally gonna use for sketchdumping

but that didn't happen lol

just reblogs blah

o well if anyone wants to follow here it isss C':
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I suppose....


He's a chill, mochi loving, shamisen playing, womanizer with thick bushy eyebrows and an ahoge. I'd like to see him smoking a pipe/kiseru if he's drawn c: and bunnies! he needs bunnies!


He's way 2 srs samurai and ttly doesn't know how to have fun and chillax. his lame hobbies incrude flower arranging and sword fighting. cherry blossoms go well with this faggot <3


both of them topless and kouhei touching kazuya inappropriately Something cute like, sharing Valentines chocolate. or something cute and homo cB

Thanks! b*U*z
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I apologize for being so inactive. For those of you who I owe art to, please send me a note.


Thank you Hyo-san-desu for the subscription!! I didn't even notice it until just now. I'm not sure what compelled you to spend money for me like that, but thank you so much! 8D

AND thank you so much to the generous person who sent me this: Yellow teeth, Yellow eyes by MinnaSundberg
My dad brought it in for me one night and I was so surprised that someone actually bought me a print. Again, I don't know who did it but thank you for the gift! I'm extremely grateful.

Now, back to doing nothing!
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Heeeeey, I figured I should open up commissions for sketch chibis to try and make a bit of money for.... unknown things. :U

SO! I'm gonna try and offer chibis like these:…

$5 each, PayPal please w@;;;;

*COUGH* First things first!

Will Do
- guys and gals
- shounen/shoujo ai
- avatars from any site
- OC's (:heart::heart::heart:)

Won't Do
- hairy/supermanly/bald/old/babies/fugliness
- mecha
- full anthro (tails/ears/horns ok)
- fanart
- couples/group

Please note me with this form if you're interested. I'll only draw from IMAGE refernces!

Username and paypal account:
Amount of chibis:
Additional notes:
Total $:

I'll reply and tell you if you're accepted or not. If I do, I'll give you my paypal account and you send the money as soon as you can. I won't start until I receive the payment.

here goes nothing...


1. Oclupaca [done]…
2. PralineQueen [not started]
3. candie-junkie [not started]
4. Sliver-Of-Moonlight [not started]
'Kay, so I just updated my gallery in the first time in forever, and it was my entry for next year's Kumoricon mascot. Turns out I won the contest, so I won a free artist table at next year's con. Yey! :iconiloveyouplz: I forgot to go to Kumoricon this year, and I've never really been to any others except one in Hong Kong in '04, which I forgot most of the details to, soooo I have absolutely no idea how to manage a table or sell things or anything. /noob

Tips are greatly appreciated~

Also, I want some suggestions for what anime/videogame/whatever I should do some fanart for to sell at kcon. I NEEEVER do fanart, so what do you guys like? I most likely won't be doing mainstream anime, because I don't even keep up with those. e_e;;;
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I finally saw it last night. It was amazing. That is all. Anyone else see it?

Plus, school starts on Wednesday. nuuuuuuuuu.....
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Hello? Anyone here? ECHO Echo echo ....

So today I turn 17 years old. BUT HEY THAT'S ABOUT IT.

I'm also entering my senior year in highschool in a few weeks, so I still won't be able to ever update much at all. At least I might be able to upload stuff from my AP studio art class? But then again, my school's art classes ususally never let you draw what you want.

Dude, this sucks. I don't like how I barely drew anything this whole enire summer. I've just never really felt like it. And now that senior year is coming, I definately won't be able to draw much if I want to pass all my classes. Hopefully my teachers are merciful people and won't give out so much work so that I can still enjoy drawing. DDD;

At this summer has been fun! Anyone else enjoy their summer?
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I'm a bit late in writing about my trip. Buuuh. Oh well! Here goes! *copy paste from Gaia*

So first we took our long ass flight to Narita to connect a flight to Incheon. I was so tired and pissed of from lots of lying and the humidity. Wheh we were at Incheon Airport, we saw a pair of GANGSTA COPS. Like they were in SWAT looking uniforms and doing a shoulder-lean thing as they walked down the airport. THEY WERE AMAZING! I wish I got a photo.

We drove to Seoul in our hot pink charter bus. It was night time when we drove into Seoul. I remember how from far away the city looked alot like Portland, but once we got inside the city, it was so beautiful and lit up and there were many young people in the streets. We took notice on how many 7-11's there were. So me and my friends did this thing where whenever we see a 7-11 we have to go, "7-11! Woo!"

Our youth hostel was pretty nice. It was the International Seoul Youth Hostel or something like that. All the Koreans kept staring at us in the cafeteria. Maybe it was mostly at my friends cause they weren't asian. I'm asian but I spoke English so I got looks too. We had one shower in the room, but it was one of those bathrooms that everything crammed into one small space, so everytime you tok a shower you'd get the toilet and everything all wet. They also had a public community shower that had no private curtains, but at least whenever me and my friends used it, there was nobody there.

We went to a comic martial arts performance group called JUMP. Have any of you guys heard of it? It's actually really good. When we heard we were going to see a martial arts show, we thought it was going to be kinda lame. We were flatout wrong, haha. It's about this Korean family that just... does funny stuff with some martial arts thrown into it. If anyone even cares, go look it up on youtube. After that show, me and my friends got autographs from them as well as some photos. I didn't have my camera so my friend took the pictures instead. I might scan or take a picture of the autographed photos later. Some of the guys in JUMP were hot. w@ heart Oh, that reminds me... while we were in Korea and Japan, me and my friends were being giant creepers and took ninja photos of random guys we thought were attractive. *cough*

Shopping in Korea was so fun because everything was cheap. I could afford alot of stuff, so I really regret not buying as many things as I could've. But then again, I was saving my money for the more expensive country of japan. >> Even I'm still not really a fan of them, I wish I had bought more DBSK stuff than just a single keychain with Yunho's face on it. At least I bought a shitload of NEWS stuff in Japan. *weirdo*

We actually got lost at one point. Me and two of my friends were in a taxi that totally took us to the wrong place. It was probably our teacher's fault since she was the one who told him where to go. >> But anyway, we were at the base of Seoul Tower for about an hour waiting for our group who never showed up. We decide to walk up the hill to try to see if they were already there, so we took a bus halfway up and walked the rest. IT WAS PAINFUL. Turns out our group wasn't there, so we just sat on a bench in the shade, just awaiting our fate while feeding some pigeons with some leftover breakfast. Then, to the right of us was a police car with the cops talking to some guys who were olding three fingers and pointing to me and my two friends. The cops drove up to us and asked us if we had a teacher. So we were like YAY THE PIGEON GODS GAVE US ITS BLESSING WOOO and we all were smiley and went into the cruiser. I'm pretty sure there were people looking at us like we were crazy. After we were rescued by the cops, we met up with our group and went shopping in Myeongdong. My friend apparently was flirting with this hot guy at a Korean idol store. We gave him the codename "Johnson 33". Don't ask. The other guy that worked there was codenamed "Megaperv". Again, don't ask. Later on, I got a hug from one of those free hug people who walk around in Myeoungdong. The guy I hugged was cuuuute~~!!

We had also visted Gyeongbokgung Palace while we were there.

So.... after our two FABULOUS days in Seoul, we left for Incheon to go to Japan.

Let me just say, the short two day Korea portion of our trip was much much better than most of the nine day Japan portion. I think it was because for pretty much everyday we spent in Japan, we just HAD to go visit some temple or castle. I mean, it was nice to see all the historical buildings and stuff, but it totally cut into our actually goofing off in the city and having fun time. Like in Korea, both days we had like, at least four hours to shop and goof off in the city. In Japan, we only had arounf forty-five minutes to an hour to shop. WE ONLY HAD ONE HOUR TO SHOP IN HARAJUKU. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT? We were sooo busy with HISTORY we didn't even get to go to Shinjuku or even most of Shibuya. Howcan someone go to Tokyo and not even visit Shinjuku? Fuck that made me so upset. At least Himeji Castle, Kiyomizu Temple, Nara, and Hiroshima were interesting. Okay, so we had only a severely insufficient one hour to shop in Harajuku, then we had to go to Tokyo Dome City. It would've been funner, had it not RAINED!!! The huge ass roller coaster that I wanted to go on was closed because of it. So we went on that spinning mini coaster thing and ate junk food all day. Mmm... takoyaki and crepes.

Our host family was nice. They had a nice traditional home. They bought us so much stuff and fed us so much fucking food. They wanted to make us fatasses. ;_; Our obaachan bought me a yukata, which I was forced to wear to our goobye party. Lol, it was terrible. I kept walking like some American douchebag so my yukata kept flying apart. Plus I sat like a dude, so that didn't help me. Erm, I was being a stupid little girl, so I totally drank a little bit of beer. Only a little!! I must have low tolerance cause I was feeling tipsy. My friends fell to peer pressure apparently. But we were ok and we're not doing it again. Least till we're 21. There was some cute drunk at the party who totally sat on my lap. ew e;; Guh, my friends were obsessed with him. We called him Tomo-chan~

Blehk, Japan could've been way better, but it was still fun. I miss Korea.


Korea was funner than Japan. So...many....temples and castles. I miss them both!

And sorry for barely updating. Junior year was hectic and I've been busy doing other commissions or just being lazy. I'll try to update soon.
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School ended on Friday last week. I don't feel too excited either. The only thing I'm looking forward to is my trip which is next Tuesday. After that, I'll just be stuck at home. Maybe I'll convince my parents to drive me up to Vancouver B.C. or something.

Well, how's everyone else's summer?
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I really want to go there to set up an artist's table, but all the tables have been taken already. So is anyone who actually decided to click on this journal gonna be an artist over there? If you are, and you're willing to share the table if I pay for half.... would you share with me? o_o;;; All I want to do is do on-the-spot commissions. I won't be taking up too much room. Once again, I'll pay half for the table.

My chances of someone actually wanting to share with me are pretty slim, but I'm trying to fins someone anyway! Kumoricon would only be my second over anime convention. The first one I went to was during 2004 in Hong Kong. I'm really hoping I can get a table to share. *crosses fingers*

@_@;;;  Please note me if you're interested!!