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Svajone: Raksha | Kilti Dios

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 Now in this twilight how dare you speak of grace. 

Mumford & Sons - Broken Crown

Still not quite satisfied with the design
I love this design so much more aa
March 1, 2019 | Rank up to Eiti Dios!
March 29, 2019 | Margo and Dianna added as relatives!
May 2, 2019 | Rank up to Kilti Dios!!
November 3, 2019 | She a disney magical princess now + fixed the format of the written part a bit to it looks far less messy
February 8, 2020 | New app art!

Pixel Sparkle Bullet Basics Pixel Sparkle Bullet

Name: Raksha
    Allies: Cinder [close friends and family], the Sooty Bitch [Augusta]
    Meaning: Protection
    Origin: Hindi

Age: Adult | 5 yrs
Joining Age: 4 years

Gender: Female

Height: 84 cm | 33"
Weight: 38 kg | 84 lbs

Appearance: a dark she-wolf, slightly taller than average, pretty lean with muscle weight evenly distributed over her body. Appears strong, yet compact and feminine. Raksha's neck mane is thicker than her body fur as well as at the base of her tail.

Territory: Kol

Rank: Kilti | Gamma
Task: Dios


Pixel Sparkle Bullet Svajone Information Pixel Sparkle Bullet

Abilities: Shieldwolf 

    STAGE 1: Past Stage

In stage 1, this ability is passive. Your wolf has no control of the shield - it seems to activate without any warning when your character is in danger, and protects only their own body from harm. It appears in this stage as a flash of blinding white light, and remains for no more than a couple of seconds. The user is always physically exhausted afterward, despite the short lifespan of the shield. In stage 1, the cooldown period between shield usage is 2 days.

 | |

    STAGE 2: Intermediate [current]

Your character begins to learn to focus, and project the shield slightly. They may be able to shield a second wolf, provided they are in very close proximity. While learning and growing their ability, the user can hold the shield for up to one minute maximum. The exhaustion lessons as the user continues to practice, but it will still be extremely draining to hold the shield for the full minute.  In stage 2, the cooldown period between shield usage is 12 hours.
 | ◇ | ◇


Moon Phase: New Moon: Elder | The Seeker

[free character slot]
[trasfiguration ticket - discord]

Pixel Sparkle Bullet Family & Relationships Pixel Sparkle Bullet 


Paternal: Variot (grandfather, alive) Lilith (grandmother, alive)


    Father: Immanuel (deceased, Kol)
    Mother: Amani (NPC, alive, Tundes)

    Siblings: Bera (paternal half-sister, deceased, Tundes), Fitch (paternal half-brother, alive, Tundes)

        (many half-siblings both paternal and maternal)


Uncles and Aunts: Windmourn (paternal uncle, alive, Kol), Dianna (maternal aunt, alive, Kol), Phoebe (maternal aunt, alive, Tundes)

Cousins: Hotch (paternal first cousin once removed, alive, Tundes), Margo (maternal cousin, alive, Tundes), Maggie (maternal cousin, alive, Kol)

    Mate: -
    Offspring: -

Orientation: heterosexual
    Romantic: demiromantic

Current attractions: none......?
Previous attractions: Arlen



Pixel Sparkle Bullet Personality Pixel Sparkle Bullet 

Bullet; Green Wise. She tries to look at every matter from different angles to get a full picture in order to give a fair judgment. Raksha is usually calm and benevolent towards her packmates. This often makes her look motherly in general.

Bullet; Green Patient. Raksha understands that everyone has different abilities and personalities and is more than willing to embrace them to some extent. She is willing to wait for something to happen rather than take it with force.

Bullet; Green Noble. Chill with pretty much everyone as long as they watch their tongue. Raksha is reserved and can rarely be seen showing many emotions and being expressive in general.

Bullet; Yellow Testing. Testing towards her father first of all. She likes to ask him compromising questions to know him better. It seems he has so many secrets and different personality sides that it is the only way to grow closer to him.

Bullet; Yellow Suspicious. Her trust is difficult to gain. She may appear cheerful and a close friend, but she herself is the only one she depends on in the end.

Bullet; Red Vicious. When fighting, she is ruthless and brutal with a tendency to maim rather than to kill. This has a reason - mainly to threaten the remaining enemies. Another reason for this is her lack of strength in comparison with taller wolves because of her average built, even though she appears agile and athletic.

Bullet; Red Sadistic. She starts to notice that it is intriguing to watch others express their emotions once they are put in an uncomfortable and painful situation both mentally and physically.

Bullet; Red Threatening. Calm she may be, Raksha won't hesitate to use sharp words to put someone in line.

Pixel Sparkle Bullet History Pixel Sparkle Bullet 

Raksha never knew her father and was brought up by her mother Amani along with Tundes’ support. She embraced the result of her and Immanuel's brief relationship and never blamed her daughter for anything connected with her father, rather, she swiftly grew numb towards her daughter and at times stopped noticing her at all. Without any harsh words spoken towards her father for her to be angry at, and her own mother almost an idol who knows everything, but ignores her, toxic thoughts began to creep into little Raksha's head.

Maybe something was wrong with her.

The thought consumed Raksha and brought her such pain that almost all of her childish behaviour and cheerfulness faded into oblivion, never to appear again, it seemed. At first, it scratched Raksha's soul deeply but seeing her mother rarely talking about herself and coping with everything on her own, provoked Raksha to walk the path of becoming an adult solitary.

During this period Raksha developed her perceptiveness of others and found out that every wolf expressed emotions differently and it would be interesting to see everyone's capability of restraining themselves in order to appear strong before the opponent.

In the end, all the pain disappeared and Raksha stepped into young adulthood a stable wolf who could fend for herself. She grew to be a secluded wolf, much like her mother, but now she enjoyed her status.

That's when Amani thought her daughter to be old enough and told her about Immanuel with every detail she managed to know about him. Raksha was thrilled. Now she finally could recognise her father, if they met. But would he recall her mother's reflection in Raksha? Would he accept her?

Her questions were soon to be answered - she met Immanuel in person somewhere far from her home. But instead of expected family reunion Raksha suddenly felt hostile towards her kin. The anger was irrational as if all her pain suddenly came out and needed to be poured on someone. But she kept it to herself as usual and turned around hoping to never encounter her father again.

But those were only dreams. She ran into him from time to time but instead of leaving the area Raksha started to seek for the opportunities to meet. She was interested in the wolf, his goals and personality as she had never met someone like that before.

She soon grew to enjoy Immanuel's company even if sneaking out of the pack to meet with a loner was illegal and would mean trouble. There still were things that irritated her but he was a living wolf, just like any else and he couldn't be perfect. His positive side, however, brought Rasha unexplainable joy.

Tensions rose, as Raksha’s disappearance attracted unwanted attention among her  packmates. She was always able to find excuses or bring something to the pack to say she was hunting, but she soon grew tired of it. So much, that when Malaysia gathered her group of wolves, Raksha gladly joined. She needed a breath of fresh air, a change.

Raksha happened to grow close with her little half-sister Bera just before she was taken to Tundes. Though far from open-hearted, Raksha managed to crave a special spot on her heart for Bera, and she still secretly hopes they will meet as friends again someday.

In-Game History:

Pixel Sparkle Bullet Trivia Pixel Sparkle Bullet

- has elongated fangs
- prefers to be called by her full name
- loves her daddy and often acts childishly around him (it's luv boi)
- has a slight form of Electra Complex, which means her love towards her father may appear far from platonic, but mostly she just admires him from afar, flirting innocently with him from time to time
- had a big quarrel with her mom before abandoning Tundes

Pixel Sparkle Bullet OOC Pixel Sparkle Bullet

Contact Preference:

Discord - Rosemund#6847
Timezone - Standard Moscow Local Time [GMT +3:00] 

RP Prefences:

Notes - NO red cross 
Comments - NO red cross 
Docs - Green tick 3
Discord - Green tick 3
Skype - Green tick 3

Contact Preference: via Deviant Art Notes

Random Events: I'm opt in!

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Oh I want Wind to meet her!
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Welcome in!!
Seriously love this gal. She looks like she'll be so much fun, and I can't wait to see her in action!
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aslkdfhlf thaankss :33
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WELCOME TO SVAJONE! If you ever wanna plot I got 3 in Kol!!
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yaaaaaay thanks!! :3

of course :>>
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Aaaaah she is beautiful! I'm excited to see what she'll be up to! <33
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*sets fires to everything*

PS | New Recruit by halloumicheese
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aaaaaaa yaaaaaassss thankss :3
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Welcome to Svajone!!

Immanuel you cheeky boi she's so cute!! I love that she's got a bit of a fiery side!

if you ever wanna RP feel free to let me know!
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thanksss :33

of course Eyes 
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Yoo I just wanted to say your art is literally so cute ;A;
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What a pretty gal! I love her app art gosh golly.

n the poor bab, with her mum ;;


Welcome to Svajone, btw! Can't wait to see her story progress :>
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aaaaaaa thanks :33

yep ;-;

happy to be here xD and yooooss :33
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ur bois are gorgeous too <333
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That is one beautiful character! Have fun with them!
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