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Hi everyone! :)
My real name is Olesya Sokolova
("Olesya" - forest ('les' in Russian), "Sokolova" - falcon ('sokol' in Russian))

I'm a Warrior-Cats fan and also like some anime.


Группа Вконтакте


I have a twitter now! :>


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TR: Vinnlok
Character design belongs to :iconloreleaa:
With some tweaks here and there from me :>
Adopted from the tryout for Mirelis' pups~

"You're opening bombs in gift wraps

without a care."

Name: Vinnlok (Loki)

Age: Pup [the Sun Prince]
Gender: Male

Pack: Pyrebale
Rank: Omega
Task: aspiring Crimson Guard [or even Rosen Ward]

Weight: 121 lbs [adult]
Height: 35" [adult]

Orientation: heterosexual | biromantic
Mate: -

Physical Description: Vinnlok takes much from his mother's build, but has hints of his father's dark colouring as well. He is athletic and appears strong, but at the same time he leans towards agility and quick, but powerful strikes (because of lack of strength in his hind leg, for now).


cunning | adaptive | wise | playful

sly | quick-tempered | deceiving | proud

Cunning. Because of his injury he had to stay unmoving for a long time not to disturb his leg. This was an incredibly difficult task for such energetic pup as himself, so he used imagination and built masterplans to keep himself occupied. Daydreamed and watched others, to put in other words. He would often overhear different fables and stories that described different battle moves and tips. This has shaped him a clever strategic mind.

Adaptive. He's been through hell both mentally (felt guilty before Mirelis for not following her disobeying her that time and bringing her such pain and worries) and physically, so almost nothing bothers him.

Wise. Looks at the root of the problem and tries not to judge straightaway (which is hard, because he is sometimes super hot-headed). Loki is pretty good at explaining everything from the psychological point of view and he's truly surprised why some wolves can't see what's obvious.

Playful. He lacked a normal childhood. That says everything. Now he wants to have fun and be an optimist even if his status and age won't ket him.

Sly. He's pretty clever when it comes to hiding something and even manipulating others to think what he wants (he thinks that for now, he's a child).

Quick-tempered. He was deeply shaken by the fact that he'd have to stay in the den for most of the time and remain unmoving while his brother began his training and grew bigger day by day. Should someone say anything about Loki's incompetence, he's quick to snap back. Not a proper trait to have for a warrior and heir.

Deceiving. Sees nothing bad in white lies if they're to maintain one's peace of mind.

Proud. He's a Prince and though he's far from arrogant, he thinks he should be respected and his accomplishments appreciated as well.

Pre-group History:

A Ghost Prince, born to the Red Queen, has never seen his father but has asked surprisingly little about him, be that lack of curiosity and satisfaction of having only his mother or perceptiveness and unwillingness to remind his Mirelis of Zharin. However, he often would sit near a puddle or river, watching his own reflection and wondering about his parents.

>> here <<

In-game Family:

    Mother: Mirelis
    Father: Zharin (estranged)
    Siblings: Avalon

    Other: Sequoia (maternal cousin)

- is still ashamed of someone mentioning the incident with the coyote
- is afraid to let his family and Mirelis down again

WoLF: Hellija | T1 | Apprentice: Healer

June 2, 2018 | accepted
July 18, 2018 | Tier 1
September 15, 2018 | Manning added as a sibling!
December 2, 2018 | new app art!


Open for RPs

:: I D E N T I T Y ::

Name: Hellija [HELL-ee-ya]

         Alias(es): Hela

Sex: Female

Age: 4 years [Young Adult]



50% Timber

20% Steppe: blond fur

30% Mountain: long thick tail, pelt colour, dull eye colour

        Height: 34” [34” as an Adult]

        Weight: 105 lbs [110 lbs as an Adult]

Voice: feminine, a bit low: Diana Arbenina

        Mannerisms: calm and reserved voice for most of the time, may appear tired or sarcastic


Physical Description:
Average build with long legs and
bushy tail. Hela is rather strong and athletic, with muscle weight evenly distributed over the body, but her frame tends to soften as pack life is less harsh than that of a loner.

Pack/Guild: Asgard

        Rank: Apprentice | Tier 1
Task: Healer


:: P E R S O N A L I T Y ::


        wise | understanding | loyal | patient


        sarcastic |
straightforward | moody

    In Depth:

Bullet; GreenWise. As a healer, Hela has to deal with wolves of different personalities and emotional states which has led her to have a habit of looking deeper into every matter and to remember that not everything is as it might seem at the first glance.

Bullet; GreenUnderstanding. Even though someone may act in a way Hela disapproves, she accepts that they may have their reasons for that. Simply because everyone keeps a secret and Hellaija has no right to blame or judge them.

Bullet; GreenLoyal. Picks up a side and sticks to it. Tends to be friends with few, but is acquainted with many wolves. Hela could do a lot beyond her limits to help the ones in need.

Bullet; GreenPatient. Can wait for a very long time both to achieve a set goal or for a patient to recover. She may appear like she can't stand someone breaking her personal space, but if it is necessary, Hela will bite her tongue and just wait.

Bullet; Red Sarcastic. This hardly a negative trait in Hela's opinion, yet she lets sharp words escape her mouth from time to time. This rarely happens because of her bad mood as she finds it inadmissible to let her feelings get above common sense. Though a sharp remark may be useful for the ones who have less experience in some case than she does.

Bullet; Red Straightforward. Will hardly hesitate to point at something that she thinks is done wrong.

Bullet; Red Moody. Though she hates to take her anger out on someone, her past life of a loner has its imprint on her. She finds it hard to always maintain happy and cheerful and often likes to be alone for a while. Currently, she manages her temper much better than when she arrived.


:: H I S T O R Y ::

Pre-Group History:

Was born to a pair of lone wolves, Kaijo and Narryn along with her brother Ragfuss. They didn't call themselves a pack, but still, they were a family. Being the youngest in the family, she often competed with her brother for dominance but often lost due to him being stronger and bigger. Nevertheless, Hellija was the first one to ask her parents to teach her some battle moves, much to their gladness.

In contrast to her brother’s generous and overall cheerful nature, Hellija grew more serious and silent. Her strict judgement often prevented both adventurous Ragfus and her from getting into trouble. As they grew together, becoming almost unseparable, Hela started to notice that her nose became more perceptible to the smell of different herbs, than to animal tracks. When she shared that with her parents, it turned out that Kaijo’s mother was once a healer and this could be a real genetic gift for young Hela.

Thus, a new training for Hela began. Her father taught her everything he had learnt from his mother as he saw nothing wrong with his daughter picking up a harsh path of a healer. But those lessons were soon to be over as Narryn, much to the family’s happiness, expected one more litter. Everyone’s attention was averted to her and Hellija was willing to wait until her father could join her again.

But with the birth of three pups the family became even more busy. One of the pups was born being much weaker than the others and failed to live up to reaching a month of age, despite all the efforts. Grief-stricken, the parents concentrated on keeping the other two alive and healthy, and Hela became close with her brother once again. Now serious and mature, he impressed her with his wisdom and suggested that she should probably seek for someone who knows of medicine much more than just from the childhood stories. At least to ease her tense and calm her consciousness down after failing to help the doomed pup.

This set the she-wolf thinking and Hellija concluded that the suggestion was worth the try. She left with the promise to come visit once in a while and to return home one day with the power to heal and support.

A year later she stumbled upon Asgard and had enough courage to ask the Alpha to accept her. This was the only way for her to reach the needed information and knowledge without the risk of getting killed because of her unawareness of the pack wolves’ laws.

Group History:

>> here <<


:: R E L A T I O N S H I P S ::


Mate: none

        Offspring: none



        Father: Kaijo (NPC, alive)

        Mother: Narryn (NPC, alive)

        Siblings: Ragfuss (littermate, alive), Gynna (NPC, sister, alive), Amara (NPC, sister, alive), Manning (younger brother, alive [unknown to Hela yet]), Echo (NPC, sister, deceased)

        Other: none (tba *eyebrowing*)

Relationship Tracker:   
>> here <<


:: A V A I L A B I L I T Y ::

Timezone: Moscow Standard Local Time

Preferred Methods

Notes: why not

Comments: um, no

Skype: yes

Docs: no

Other: Discord

        I guess I can create an account somewhere to match others' wishes)


:: E X T R A::

Old app art: ver. 1

TR: The Storm
next >>

During the journey to Stonecreek Hirogane got separated from Inigo and Ao and decides to find shelter from the storm that suddenly broke out.

He has no idea of what's yet to come.

I like his new design aaa

Hirogane and art by mee


[1420 w]

Magnus by SheltieJoy
[1883 w]


Moth didn't know that stomachache could be so painful and overwhelming. She couldn't think about anything else properly as hunger had consumed all her thoughts. Well, most of them. She could feel the ground with her ribs that began to show after a few weeks of living alone. At least that distracted her from her bitter, toxic thoughts of what made her leave her pack behind.

But living in a pack was vital, especially for such a young wolf like herself. Moth wasn't able to fend for herself, nor did she have a territory to live in. That's why she was here - lying under the rare bushes that were supposed to hide her from FellWood wolves. In fact, Moth had nothing to fear - she never crossed the border to trigger the guards, nor did she appear near their territory in the recent past. Yet, she didn't have enough bravery to sit in the open to let potential packmates notice her immediately.

Her thought of maybe coming out of the bush that was also hiding her scent to some extent was soon to vanish once she heard someone's heavy steps heading in her direction. Moth pressed herself deeper into the ground, too rabbit-hearted to step and meet the stranger and too desperate to run away.


The calm nature of FellWood’s forest always helped to soothe Magnus on his patrols. It didn’t particularly fully placate him, for he was prone to a hot-headed streak combined with his own deathly serious nature. Magnus always played his patrols as if he always expected something to go wrong. You had to expect the worst with the increasing threats from outside his home. It was better to be defensive of his territory, lest he not be prepared when the worst did come.

With the pack’s den site increasingly in the distance, Magnus noted the increasing proximity towards the Dead Black River. A narrowing of the male’s fiery eyes signified his realization that just beyond that ugly thing would be the territory of Cean’Nari. That specific reason one of the most urgent reasons to be on guard. He flicked his tail, deeply entrenched in the thoughts in his head and retaining attentiveness as he did his duty for his pack. It was vital to be there for his pack, protecting them from any threat.

A faint and unfamiliar scent hit his nose as he neared a thicket of bushes. Magnus was only familiar with the pack scent of FellWood, anything different was sure to be alarming. The large golden male made his way towards the thicket, wondering what he was to find. He was sure to look intimidating to whoever awaited him, he was powerfully-built and tall, with an expression that showed he meant business with whatever he did.


Much to Moth's horror, the wolf went straight to the bush she hid in. Moreover, he was huge. Even through dappled shadows, the leaves cast on her eyes worsening her vision, she could tell that he without a doubt was incredibly strong. Muscles moved under his thick golden fur and his very posture now posed hidden threat. He was definitely someone who could break her in half in one snap of is jaws. And he has noticed her.

Once he came closer, almost to the point of hovering over her, Mothana took a step back, and another, gradually uncovering herself. Perhaps, her dirty brown pelt could have worked as camouflage but the psychological pressure of being so close to a stranger was almost unbearable.

His gaze finally got locked on her and the she-wolf swallowed and lowered her ears.

"I-I'm sorry," she stumbled, her voice hoarse. "I never crossed your border, I promise."

Oh, great stars, is he enormous. Moth took another step back and froze, ready to sprint away as fast as possible, should the wolf show aggression. If I could outrun him...

Then, she looked up and suddenly felt her body shiver either because of hunger or out of fear. Or most probably, both. "Are you by a-any chance from Fellwood?"


Magnus neared the bush, mentally preparing himself for whatever awaited him. The male knew he had to be ready for whatever awaited him, whether it be a threat he needed to deal with accordingly or anything in between. All he knew was that the scent was not that of a FellWoodian, and that was plenty enough to trigger his guard into being up as he approached, undeniably that meant he was ready for a fight.

He was right by the bush when it rustled, it surprised him and worked to effectively stop the large wolf in his tracks. The golden male squinted his fiery eyes in an effort to see who was hiding inside, a ploy that didn’t immediately work due to the intense shadows created by the forest FellWood made their home within, but it wouldn’t take long for a much smaller female wolf to slide out of the thicket.

The golden male looked over the thinner female carefully, taking her in. His readiness to outright pounce on the outsider waned as he realized she wasn’t much of a threat, she was rather thin and honestly Magnus completely towered over the smaller individual. Before he knew it, the brown-furred female was uttering apologies, something he wasn’t quite sure of how to take. Was she alright?

After listening to the end of her words, he responded in his deathly serious tone, ”Yes, I am of FellWood.” Magnus took a step towards her, ”Why are you here?”


He hasn't attacked. Yet. Was that confusion she saw in his eyes? Whatever that was, it was soon to fade and his eyes pierced Moth coldly and sternly.

Then suddenly he spoke and took a huge step forward. And Moth, despite having had a plan of retreat, lay on the ground before the huge wolf, her tail tucked underneath her. She froze, unable to move and stared at the stranger as if that could slow him down or even make him change his mind about no matter what he has come up with, regarding her.

"I s-searched for a pack to join-" Moth stumbled again and pressed her ears against her skull. "And FellWood is right here, so..." any decent reason she had come up with while waiting for someone to appear at the border vanished from her head. "M-maybe I could be of some use to y-you?"


Magnus wasn’t particularly skilled at portraying himself in any other light than strict and intimidating, this was certainly a fact that wasn’t aided by his own serious persona. Strict regimentation was common for the way in which the golden male governed himself and his interactions with others. Due to this, he could certainly come off as more intimidating if a wolf didn’t know him, this made him good at keeping his pack secure, but perhaps he was not the best when faced with fear and not aggression.

As the male looked down at the female from his taller vantage point, he was somewhat surprised to see the brown-furred female quickly take a submissive stance, going so far as to lay upon the ground. Magnus was prone to standing tall, the idea of crouching and groveling pained him to consider. It wasn’t his place to judge the manner in which the female tried to show her lack of a threat.

She wanted to join a pack? He understood the sentiment of finding a new home for he had not been born in FellWood himself, and he had not been a member for all that long in the grand scheme of things. It was hard to live as a loner and it was understandable to want the safety and community of a pack. He wouldn’t run her away as long as she didn’t pose a threat.

The male blinked his fiery eyes, unsure of how to proceed, but his voice still rung out strongly, ”You have an interest in joining FellWood?”


The silent pause suffocated Moth and she could clearly sense her heart pounding in her small chest. The male spoke again as if to make sure she knew what she was asking for. W-why shouldn't I want to join FellWood? Different thoughts crowded her head and she could feel her ears running cold. Now she wasn't as eager to follow the wolf to the heart of his territory.

"Yes," all the assumed certainty seemed to have vanished from her soft voice. But where will I go otherwise? Nowhere. She'd have to starve slowly to death. She won't have enough strength and courage to make it to another pack. And who knows, perhaps, they won't be as patient. She had to try once more.

Moth then swallowed and sat on her haunches, her front paws still trembling slightly. The she-wolf summoned all her bravery and then spoke.

"I happen to know s-some herbs," she said, looking up at the golden wolf. Though her rising made little difference to him - the stranger still examined her from above. "If you could consider it useful."


The golden furred male knew to always stand his ground, though certainly he knew that he was probably frightening the younger wolf. He didn’t mean to frighten a wolf that wasn’t posing a threat to FellWood, he was certainly wasn’t one to act cruelly, though he was certainly prone to acting defensively. Magnus was interested in seeing what she had to say.

Magnus heard his previous speculations affirmed by the female’s words, with that he nodded his head to show that he had indeed heard her, ”I see.” He wasn’t against her joining, in fact he would escort her to the Rodai if that was what she so desired. But the male still had a bit of a hard time trusting the female, that was probably due to his inherent initial distrust of outsiders, but that wasn’t really the way of FellWood.

The female took more time before responding again. Apparently, she knew herbs, was she a healer like Yahto? She was trying hard to prove herself with words, the female seemed desperate. Magnus was most certainly not a healer, his aptitude ended with the physical brutality of fighting and hunting. He had a distinctive appreciation for those who differed from himself in that respect. The golden male flicked his tail as he responded, ”If you’d like to join our pack, I can take you to speak with Rodai Yaeger."


Little seemed to change in the male's pose or the way he looked at Moth, but with each moment the she-wolf spent lying before him she became more and more sure that he had no intention in harming her. Be that her submissive pose, the fact she indeed never entered FellWood territory or his unwillingness to harm her.

The thought made Moth lift her head and look at the wolf more carefully, with a hint of interest reflected in her eyes. Then the brown female twitched her ear at hearing the unknown word. It must some rank, a high one, probably. Beta? Or... "Rodai? she questioned and sat. "Is this how you call your alpha? Ya...eger?" The name seemed no easier to pronounce, to Moth's shame.


Magnus flicked a golden ear as he continued looking upon the female, trying to think of how to proceed. He knew that it was in the best interest of loners to join a pack, thus he knew it was in the female’s best interest to wish to join FellWood. He doubted she would do anything, but she certainly didn’t seem to know much about the culture of his pack, but of course when he joined the pack, he was only familiar with their gods, for it had been the same in his old home. He wondered, but highly doubted, that she was in a similar situation.

He wanted to bristle when the female didn’t know what how to address the Rodai, but of course after a bit of thought he remembered that he had to learn the same as well. It wasn’t that hard to get used to, but it was an important distinction to make and it would aid her to know. ”Yes, Rodai Yaeger would be our alpha, he is the highest authority of our pack,” Magnus spoke slowly and deliberately, beginning to wonder if he should get a name from the small female at his paws if she really was to join the pack.


"I see," Moth nodded and sat in a more confident pose. "If that's the way it is done, then," the former healer stood up and looked at the fellwoodian once more. "Could I ask you to escort me to your alpha?"

She was still cautious about the large male before her, but now she had a goal in front of her and her every thought got dedicated to proving she was worth having in this pack, leaving little space for fear of the male who hasn't even broken her personal space.

She then blinked, thinking if there was something else she should say.


Magnus nodded his head, hoping he was doing this right, ”Yes, that is the proper way.” He knew that it wasn’t so much of having to prove oneself as useful, FellWood wasn’t a cruel pack that would turn someone away, unless of course they showed signs of being a threat. The golden wolf opened his jaws to respond once more, ”I can take you to him right now.”

The fiery-eyed wolf noted the growing confidence in the female, that made him feel glad that she didn’t seem as scared. It wasn’t right to frighten those who hadn’t done wrong, even if he would defensively guard his pack to keep it safe. It would be good to have another healer, he reflected as he thought on her self-proclaimed experience with herbs, there was nothing wrong with the rank even if the male had no real experience with the rank.

Magnus realized he still ought to get a name, it would be more polite to call her by a name, ”How can I call you?”


Moth nodded slightly and finally stood up, ready to follow the golden wolf. However, she made no attempt to come closer and stayed on her place, keeping her tail down. "Thank you," despite the seriousness of her words, her voice still sounded too young and even childish to some extent.

Should I tell him my real name? What if the news has already spread? The thought arose a short-lasting wave of panic because the she-wolf suddenly realised that she couldn't come up with a different name. She left her post and abandoned a dying patient, a pup. She was a criminal, seeking refugee.

But she had nowhere to go.

"Moth," she replied finally with slight hesitation and twitched her ear, "For short."

The brown healer then looked up at the fellwoodian. "And you are..?" she observed his posture and the way he held himself and suddenly jumped to a conclusion. "Are you a beta?"


Magnus turned his gaze from the small female to glance towards the FellWood camp where he would soon be heading back to. The golden-furred male’s paws were well-versed in the way back to camp, used to traveling the territory and would lead him back nearly subconscious when he started back with his charge in tow.

The male noted that the female was keeping her distance from the larger male, she was certainly cautious, but she was a polite young wolf, he would give her that. ”You’re welcome,” Magnus dipped his head as he responded in his deep and rumbling voice.

Moth, that was a nice name, short and easy to remember. Magnus was glad to have a name to attach to the face, for it felt rather rude to not do so. He didn’t quite understand that odd flash of fear that came across the female’s eyes, but he chalked up to her intimidation of joining a new pack, and maybe of him, he didn’t quite know. ”Pleasure to meet you, Moth.”

The male knew he had to introduce himself, ”I am Magnus.” He was taken aback when she asked if he was Treyor, he had only just stepped up to the role, ”Yes, I am the Treyor.”


Since you have no intention in attacking me...

"Nice to meet you too," Moth bowed her head slightly as a sign of gratitude.

She followed the male, as he led her to the heart of his realm. Moth guessed right when she assumed that the male's radiating strength didn't come from nothing. Not only was he well-trained and huge, but also occupied a high rank in his pack. Treyor, was it? I wonder how do they call their healers.

Speaking of which. "Um, do you have any healers in your pack already?" she asked, looking at Magnus from behind.


The male began moving towards the densite of FellWood with Moth in tow, when she spoke pleasantries the male nodded, okay with allowing a comfortable silence to ensue. The brown-furred female seemed to have calmed down from when he initially found her and that was good in his opinion.

As the pair made their way through the territory, Magnus periodically glanced over his shoulder to make sure the female was still following. He didn’t know where the female had come from and wondered if she had been a part of a pack in her past, which could have helped her know the different ranks that the higher-ups held, even if she didn’t know the titles that FellWood used. It wasn’t his nature to prod in what wasn’t his business if it didn’t affect his pack, and FellWood was a safe place, accepting of wolves from all backgrounds, thus the thought would remain merely passing.

”Oh yes, we do,” Magnus stopped for a moment to respond to Moth’s question. ”My good friend is a herbalist, actually.” The male’s tail swayed slightly at the thought of Yahto.


So they do have a herbalist already.

"I see," she responded, keeping up with Magnus' large steps. "Are they experienced?" she paused and suddenly thought a wave of worries close above her head that she could help but give them away. "Because even if they are, I think I still could be of some help?"


”Yes, I’d say so. It’s been his specialty as long as I have known him.” When the golden wolf spoke words that concerned his friend, Magnus could not deny the faith that he put in Yahto as a herbalist and the elevated platform on which he placed the abilities and trustworthiness of the dark-furred wolf.

There was certainly a possible bias that he could not deny, but he didn’t want to intimidate the smaller wolf, ”I’m sure Yahto would love an extra paw that could help.” He blinked his fiery eyes as he further reflected on his own lack of proficiency in the art, that was coupled with his appreciation and admiration for those skilled in healing, finishing with a quite simple conclusion, ”Healers are always useful.”


I’m sure Yahto would love an extra paw that could help.

Moth lowered her gaze to the moving ground beneath her paws as they walked along the path she'd soon have to remember. Was it just her imagination or Magnus' voice grew a bit gentler? It was as if he read her thoughts and gave the answers she eagered to hear.

Healers are always useful.

'I hope you're right.' Even having no clue of Moth's situation he tried to ease her burden unconsciously and calm down her unnecessary fears and worries. Moth glanced at the beta and suddenly felt gratitude for his patience. And for the fact that it was him of all the wolves who found her under that thicket.

"Thanks, Treyor Magnus."



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