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Hi everyone! :)
My real name is Olesya Sokolova
("Olesya" - forest ('les' in Russian), "Sokolova" - falcon ('sokol' in Russian))

I'm a Warrior-Cats fan and also like some anime.


Группа Вконтакте


I have a twitter now! :>


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WoLF: Hipo Offspring Meme | Hellija
It has happened! xD

First of all I should mention straightaway that everything in this meme is super hipo, as Hela turned out to be a girl who doesn't make finding a partner her life goal - she's perfectly fine on her own, being helpful in Asgard.

Anyways, here we go! c:

Actually, it turned out both Shadow and I had viewed each other's OCs as a potential pair, but then Hela and Manning became siblings xD ANYWAY this is a hipo meme, so here the two aren't related.
They would have only one pup, at least in the first litter eyebrowing

I just saw him described as cold wise and romantic and my heart said take himm x))
This girl would be a secondborn out of the litter of three pups

There's a rp going on between these two and as for now everything seems to be going well despite a clear difference between Ivan and Hela's views upon life, not to mention their size comparison and the fact that Hela is much younger there and thus, less experienced and less wise. It's revenge shipping and man do I ship these two.
The boy would be the second born along with his sister being the firstborn

This sweetheart just couldn't be left out! Especially, since he was the one who helped Manning and Hela find each other. Did he know everything? Who knows.

Hellija by me

WoLF: Hellija

ugh it took me ages to get it done right

anyways, here's mah gorl washing away her old paint to apply a better and higher one :з

Hellija by me

WoLF: Tier One Healer
The first time in years I've saved my art in a jpg weLL THAT'S ANCIENT
because png in PS looked waaaaaaaaaay different than that in SAI meh

anyways here's mah gorl enjoying being a Healer apprentice x)) she's teaching herself xD

don't ask what's with the background Idk myself, it's terrifying, look at these rays of light and Hela's slender legs xD

mah strong gorl
Hellija by me

RoC: Fellwood | Mothana

"With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite."

Sleeping At Last - Saturn


[ Please 'x' all that apply ]
 Status: [x] Alive | [] Dead | [] Dormant | [] Inactive
 Contact: [x] Skype, [x] Discord, [x] Notes, [] Google Docs, [] Other (please specify) 
 RP Maturity Level: everything except M18+
 RP Style: literature, 3rd person


Name: Mothana
        Nicknames: Moth (even more common than her name), Ana
Age: 1.5 years old [Young Adult]
        Birth Season:

Sex | Gender: female | female
        Sexual/Romantic Orientation: heterosexual | demiromantic
        Relationship Status: single

        Current attractions: none
        Past attractions: ?

Experience: Virgin
        Sex Drive: Low

Pack: Ty'Koga FellWood
        Pack Rank: Gan'Aos (omega) | aspiring Pamaba (The Priestess)


Eye Color: caramel
Height: 31.5" (current) | 32" (adult)
Weight: 70 lbs (current), 80 lbs (healthy)
Fur: thick, though just of average length, except for the tail, shoulders and cheeks - the fur gets longer there. Pelt colour is chestnut brown with pale red patches on her face and a little on her back. The underbelly is light cream.
Body Type: small, lean and athletic with little muscle weight, hardly built for fighting. As Moth ages, she'll gain more strength.
        Scent: cold water and sun-heated dust
        Voice: here  [lively and sharp, her voice sounds a bit childish, but has some tendency to sound raspy because of lack of talking]



Bullet; Green loyal | generous | kind Bullet; Green

Bullet; Yellow sarcastic | quiet | secretive Bullet; Yellow

Bullet; Red poor-spirited | will-less | distrustful Bullet; Red

Bullet; Green Loyal. Once Moth picks the ones she respects it'll take them to do something unbelievable to make her turn on them, even slightly. She remembers everything good everyone has ever done for her and is willing to accept others' mistakes and downsides.

Bullet; Green Generous. For now, this generosity comes out of guilt for failing to cure the pup in Ty'Koga - Moth tries to cheer herself up by bringing happiness to others. But outside of her guilt lock Moth was willing to share everything she has.

Bullet; Green Kind. Though this is not the trait she became a healer in her birth pack for, it definitely helped to establish a good relationship both with her packmates and patients. Her facial features make her smile very sweet and even childish which usually leaves a good impression about her.

Bullet; Yellow Quiet. A temporary state because Moth is afraid to reveal why she had come to FellWood. Better to keep silent than to let too many cats out of too many bags.

Bullet; Yellow Secretive. Talkative she might have been, Moth rarely spoke of herself or others just because she didn't want others to know much about her or her beliefs.

Bullet; Yellow Sarcastic. A trait she lacks for the time being as for now she doesn't talk much, not about herself to be precise. But otherwise, she's quite sharp-tongued and can stand up for herself and for those close to her.

Bullet; Red Poor-spirited. She's terrified at the very thought of being found and, thus, punished. As well as that, Moth is afraid of treating others as she believes that everything she does is wrong and will only harm her patients. This, however, doesn't mean she'll whine about her condition and seek for support openly.

Bullet; Red Will-less. Though not suffering from a depression, Moth is deeply upset because of the discouraging experience with Ayashe.

Bullet; Red Distrustful. Kind she might be, Moth's true trust is hard to gain, even though it may look like she's ready to fall into someone's embrace. This also means that before she considers someone her true friend, she will most probably be able to back away from her to-be friend easily.

[total word count: 349 ]

Religion: none | curious about FellWood gods, will eventually seek support in their beliefs and presence


A usual child of common wolves, Moth was loved and cherished as a normal pup should. Though not spoiled because of lack of any siblings, she developed a rather sharp tongue thanks to her father. Sol was a strict parent, sometimes even overly so, to the point that after one incident Moth was scarred for life: she gets scared when something doesn't work at once. Even though she was soon cheered up by her mother, the fear of failure still haunts her.

Later on, this affected her choice of task. She thought herself incapable of protecting her pack or even helping on a hunt- not only because of the mental barrier but also because she's smaller than an average wolf. So she somehow assumed that being a herbalist would be much safer and would save her from having to deal with responsibility. Well, the Ty'Koga wolves were experienced enough and rarely got hurt, giving Moth little problems to worry about.

Until one day when Pompeii brought little pup right to Moth's paws and told her to save it. Ayashe, the name Mothana will never forget. The name that makes her shiver with shame and guilt.

The pup was so small and malnourished that Moth could circle it with her front paws and fully embrace if she lay down. Moth was at a loss, she had never encountered anything like that and wasn't prepared to see the abandoned Ayashe. She was slowly dying right before Moth's eyes and she couldn't help her. Her quiet cries of pain scratched Ana's heart deeper than any bear could ever scar. And nothing was helping, nor water, nor herbs, nor food, nor warmth Moth tried to give to Ayashe's small shivering body.

Ayashe was dying and Moth... had failed again. Panic-stricken, she gave the pup a different medicine in hope she would recover after it. But it had no effect. In desperation that others and Pompeii would blame her for this failure, she abandoned her post, her duties, her patient and her pack.

As it turned out, the herbs took a bit longer to ease Aya's stomachache, allowing her to eat just enough to survive. If Moth hadn't panicked, she would have welcomed Ayashe healthy and alive the next day. But until these days Moth os unaware that she had indeed succeeded in saving her little patient.

Depressed and shaken, she went silent. No sharp or witty remarks escaped her mouth anymore. For days she roamed neutral territories, caring little about her own state until her ribs began to show up from under her pelt. Moth needed a pack to survive. Too scared and ashamed to return, she went to FellWood as it had been the closest pack she could make to.

[total word count 457]




Father: Sol | NPC, Presumed alive
Mother: Notah | NPC, Presumed alive

Siblings: none yet

Offspring: none

Other Significant Family: none


- someone patronizing over her


- pressure

Theme Songs:


- "You smell of dust." "That's the scent of sunshine."


- she was named Moth after her butterfly-looking mask on her face, the suffix -ana- came later;
- she is the first and only child of her parents (as of joining FellWood);
- she never complains about her mental state, instead, she keeps everything to herself;
- she is very perceptive and often daydreams;
- (man she was supposed to be anything but a healer, be fiery and stuff, untamed warrior buT HERE SHE IS);
- (welp, everything could change haha);
- she looks almost like a juvenile, especially when smiles;
- she has a lot of knowledge as a healer, she's just scared to present and use it;
some kinky shish going on here ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚

and another stonewarg eheh coz they're amazing

the design will be fixed later according to the rules! (one edit done)


Hirogane by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn 

Toothed leaves tickled Ao’s nose and muzzle as he gently pulled and pushed the herb out from the ground by its roots, grunting to himself here and there as his claws and teeth worked away, all very carefully. He racked his brain as he worked, knowing the herb was familiar, and he’d certainly seen it before, but alas, could only recall its name--mint. He was unfamiliar with its purpose.

Things had become hard on the young adult ever since Kiona’s disappearance. He had learned very little by the time she was gone; to say the pressing fear of a war with High Mountain, who had been suspiciously quiet ever since the announcement of Koda’s death, was a cause for building anxiety in Ao would be an understatement. He was very concerned, and worrying hadn’t been like the silvery-furred male until recently. In consulting his father about it, he had only earned a sympathetic look--somewhat uncommon considering his gruff nature--and only told him to pray that nothing came up for now.

Colds! Ao’s narrowed face relaxed and brightened as he finally recounted the purpose of the plant he’d been digging up. But, why had he been, if it was the summer…? Flustered, he gave a small shake of his fur. Maybe if he was really so worried about fighting High Mountain, he should get more oak bark instead… but whatever! He’d remembered it! Ao wagged his tail and scooped up the leaves into his jaws, gently, happily, and trotted away from the swaths of mint.

The Rift: Hirogane Medallion by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn
No matter how hard Hirogane tried to track down his past, his every thought trailed to one simple truth - he was born a warrior. He was big and muscular and even during his childhood, his parents projected he'd be a fine warrior, especially with the large paws and strong shoulders
like his. It was during the Great Journey, how he liked to call it himself that he realised, after losing weight because of hardships of the migration, that he was better at hunting. Being swift somehow turned to be a better point than brutal strength for Iro.

However weird he might have felt about it at first, later it began to seem so natural. Don't get him wrong, he was still a tall and big wolf, it's just that he chose another path and it would certainly shape him into someone else. Little did Iro know that him turning into a hunter would not be the last present of his fate.

He suddenly realised he started paying more attention to where the herbs grew and even recalled how and when to collect them. Vaguely, of course, as even though his younger sister was a very decent healer, they were never close and had very little in common, not to mention that they
hardly spent time in each other's company. Of course, Hiro was glad she had found her place in the Stonecreek pack but he could never have guessed he would want to become a healer himself.

That was definitely a surprise for him. It wasn't anything like he heard the voice of his heart, no, just youthful interest if he could master this art.

The thought made him chuckle. 'As if I'm a perfect hunter or warrior already. Leaving my task before even digging into it properly. What would my parents have said?'

'Ha-ha, turns out I'm the disappointment here, not the Little Snowflake.' Seems like Arwen ended up the one bringing honour to the family. Oh, well, she was a hard-working one, that's for sure.

Luckily enough, he was still an omega in Riverdale and could pick up any path he liked. The problem was that there already was a healer in the pack, a black and white wolf named Ao. They got along very well, in fact, they were good friends, if not best, but that was what bothered Iro the most. He had no intention to overthrow Ao or anything whatsoever. But what if their friendship would get in the way? Or even worse - get damaged because of their mistakes or griefs?

The silver wolf shook his head as if trying to get rid of a noisy fly. He should talk with Ao first, that's for sure. He has been tracking the small wolf all over the area and finally caught his dark frame in the bushes.

"Ao!" he called, quickening his pace until it turned into trotting. "Hi, how are you doing?"

Then his gaze travelled from Ao's brown eyes to his mouth.

"Oh, sorry, you need any help here?" and looked past his friend's shoulder to see some patches of cold-smelling herbs.

Ao pranced on, intending to make his way back to the healer’s den before he would head back out to gather more herbs, but a flicker of movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention and the silvery-furred male halted, startled. The pressure High Mountain had been pushing onto Riverdale in the past months, although having not acted upon them further than their announcement, still made Ao tense and overly aware of his surroundings. Or maybe he was just growing up…

The young adult quickly realized that the wolf seemed to be coming towards him, and that's when he recognized his scent and his light fur--it was Hirogane! He wagged his tail as the much taller wolf approached him. "Hello, Iro!" He greeted around his mouthful of herbs, carefully putting them down. "Yes! Help would be appreciated! I don't wanna take all of that mint right now, but if you could get one or two more stalks for me, that would be very helpful!" He scooped the herbs back into his jaws.

Being the sole healer was hard. Very hard. Especially now that it was just him, and his pressing worries about being rather inexperienced at the task he had wanted, and still earnestly wanted to keep to the best of his ability--after all, the prospect of fighting and hunting just didn't quite appeal to nor interest him, personally--it was just, if only someone was there to teach him so that he could adequately serve his pack should trouble arise. Maybe it was time to start looking for that help, even if it was dangerous... but he wouldn't trouble Hirogane with his distress. Unless he asked!

The Rift: Hirogane Medallion by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn
"No problem," somehow after Ao's words it looked so simple. "Just hold on a second."

He walked past his friend and searched for a patch with fresher... mint? Yes, its freezing smell and taste gave it away. Besides, he had seen Arwen collect it.

'Why do my thoughts keep trailing back to her? Maybe because of the question that won't leave my head?'

After gently ripping off a bunch of stalks with leaves, the light grey wolf turned to Ao and realised that he, perhaps, had overdone the job. Or maybe it just seemed so, as his mouth was full of leaves, but they hardly as organised as the healer's herbs. Even Iro's bigger jaws were of little use whatsoever.

"Will dis do?" The sound that escaped his lips was more like suppressed mumble and Iro couldn't help rolling his eyes in self-irony.

Ao gathered the herbs back into his jaws and watched him go, but was unable to help but notice that the other seemed to have a troubled look on his face, one that came and went, but was still apparent to the young adult. He recalled Kiona, and how she always seemed approachable no matter what, even if she was clearly having her own problems - she always made time to console her pack mates if she needed to. He wanted to be like that too!

”Yes! That will do,” he gave a grin and could not suppress a small chuckle at the much bigger wolf’s attempt at pulling up the herbs. It truly was a precise job that even Ao hadn’t perfected quite yet, and he’d been doing it for a little bit now. He gave the bigger male a friendly nudge before turning to make his way back. ”Don’t worry, it takes practice!” He wagged his tail.

As the silvery-furred male lead the way back, he decided to confirm if his friend wasn’t feeling alright. For all he knew, he was looking too deep into it, but he didn’t like to take chances with this type of thing. So, he asked, ”Is everything alright? It looks like something’s bugging you…”

The Rift: Hirogane Medallion by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn
Iro couldn't help wagging his tail a little after hearing Ao's approval. "It sure does," now is words sounded a lot more distinctly as he repositioned the herbs in his jaws.

For a while they walked in silence, Hirogane totally fine with that. Today he wasn't really up to small talks. Actually, he never was, preferring to listen to others rather than chatting himself. Once Ao broke the silence the blue-eyed wolf's ears twitched but soon relaxed. 'Troubles me?'

"It is indeed a pity that my emotions are so easy to spot on my face," another portion of irony. 'Especially in times like this.' The male couldn't but smile softly. Perhaps, Ao was just extremely perceptive when it came to watching others. "Why am I surprised, you are a healer after all," Iro kept a pause and made his way around a big boulder that suddenly appeared on his way. "Which brings me to a thought," he paused again, a little unsure if the question would sound straightforward. "Have you ever considered having an apprentice or just a spare pair of helping paws?"

Ao’s chest swelled as he was praised - yes, he wanted to be just like Kiona! Perceptive and approachable. To his curiosity, though, Hirogane did not go into detail about what was bothering him. Instead, Ao’s ears perked up and he gazed at the much larger wolf, stunned, as he asked him if he was looking for help.

The young adult didn’t know how to reply at first, just gazed at him, startled. And then, he gave a sigh, a peaceful one, one of relief. ”Follow me!” He gestured the remaining way to the healer’s den. ”I’ll give you a proper answer once we get these herbs set down.”

He speedily trotted along to the den, nudging his way inside and carefully setting the mint down where the last two shrivelled, remaining leaves had been, nudging them aside. Then, the silvery-furred male sat down on his haunches, trying to collect his words.

”Okay!” Ao finally decided how to put the issue into words. ”I would be really happy to have you to help me out, Iro!” He looked around the den. ”See… there was another healer, Kiona. I didn’t get to know her that well and she didn’t get to teach me that much… I’d love to have you help me out, but…” his ears drooped. ”I don’t know all that much myself. It’s kinda scary to not really know that much in such an important role, either…”

The Rift: Hirogane Medallion by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn
Hirogane nodded patiently and trotted alongside the healer, keeping his teeth squeezed tight enough not to lose any herbs or damage any. Ao seemed to have absolutely no trouble with that. Although he seemed a bit puzzled when Iro asked about becoming his apprentice. The question sounded quite vague, in the silver wolf's opinion, but Ao took it seriously, Iro could see it as his friend quickened his pace.

I would be really happy to have you to help me out, Iro!

The blue-eyed wolf's eyes widened a bit as he heard Ao's response. 'So simply? With no problems?' It seemed almost unbelievable and Iro's tail began to wag on its own out of cheerfulness.

Still, his ears sank to the sides of his head a little as he recalled the situation with Kiona. He had only had a glimpse of the golden female and by the silvery wolf's intonation Iro could tell that Ao was very fond of her and respected her a lot.

"I know there's not much we can do," the words could be assigned both to Hirogane's grief about Kiona's disappearance and to his attitude to the issue of not having a fully-educated healer in the pack. "Still, I want you to teach me everything you know, every piece of information Kiona shared with you." 

'Why do I feel like, after all that happened, this is my place... As a healer..?'

"Please," he added then, smiling at the smaller wolf. After some seconds of looking at Ao, Iro's voice grew casual again. "I shall inform the high ones," that's how the male usually called authorities of the pack. "That I'm changing the task."

'Now I'll be just like Arwen.'

'Hold on a second.' Iro blinked, as the thoughts untangled themselves in his mind.

"Actually, I think I have a solution to our problem of knowledge, its lack, to be precisely," he narrowed his dark eyes and lifted a corner of his lips, gazing somewhere into abyss above his friend's head. "I think I know someone who could help us, if we're lucky."

Seeing Hirogane’s determination, Ao felt his chest swell with hope on its own, memories of being an excited juvenile maybe only a few weeks ago flooding back to him. He recalled his own excitement, remembering the energizing feeling of having a path to walk upon. And he remembered it now, why he wanted to be a healer, why he still wanted to learn, why this was how he wanted to contribute to Riverdale.

And now, he wasn’t alone…

”Of course! I’ll teach you all I know, even if it’s not that much,” his tail sheepishly thumped against the ground, but he couldn’t contain the large smile on his face. Something was very reassuring to him, now - he couldn’t quite describe it. He was less… embarrassed at knowing so little. Still, that wasn’t to say his limited knowledge was not problematic.

The silvery-furred young adult gazed curiously at the taller male. The curl of his lips startled Ao initially, but his ears perked up and he gave a jolt at his following statement. ”Someone who could help us?” He turned and looked over his shoulder, as if that would help him figure out who he spoke of. Stonecreek, maybe? Ao only recently was allowed to leave the territory at all in the past few weeks. ”Who?"

The Rift: Hirogane Medallion by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn
Hirogane shifted his eyes from the back of the den and looked at Ao. "You do remember I come from Stonecreek, right?"

Though not noticeable now, the male used to act a lot unlike Riverdale wolves. Even though they had travelled as one united pack for a long time, each wolf stayed loyal to their pack's mentality and, if watched carefully, could be distinguished from the others.

"My younger sister Arwen is a healer there, a pretty experienced one, to say the least," Iro blinked, unsure if Ao had already met her on the journey. "You may recall her if you meet in person."

He smiled softly and shrugged his shoulders. Iro's blue eyes trailed away as is sear for a solution. "If we could talk to Caspian about letting us go..." No matter how the wolves felt about their new alpha and how he related to them, the fact that the pack needed experienced healers was as obvious as snow on the peak of the mountain.


Ao recalled it now - yes, Hirogane had originated from Stonecreek! And he had a sister, though he never got to know her too well personally. Hearing that she was a healer of Stonecreek gave the young adult a surprised jolt, and his brown eyes filled with excitement as his friend continued.

”I have considered travelling to Stonecreek for a while,” Ao thoughtfully mused, following the larger male’s gaze. ”It’s just, all the tension with High Mountain has made me hesitant to actually leave. On top of that, I haven’t even been able to leave until I got my rank, which was also very recent,” he brushed his tail across the floor, a sheepish grin filling his muzzle. ”You knowing just the wolf we need there helps out a lot!”

The silvery-furred male halted his thoughts at the mention of Capsian. ”Right…” that was another factor. The male assuming his position rather suddenly had been another matter that frustrated the process of visiting Stonecreek to continue learning. ”We can’t just sneak out, can we?” He gave an awkward chuckle. Sure, they could - but whether it was smart idea or not was another matter.

The Rift: Hirogane Medallion by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn

Despite the seriousness of Ao's words, it was not a quiet warning that escaped Iro's lips. "Haha, you sneaky sneak, I didn't even think of that!" He lifted up his front paw and waved at the silvery healer. "But even if we do leave without saying a word, I don't care about Caspian, he seems to be busy with his own matters. But what I do care is our packmates. If something were to happen, it'd be my fault I talked you into this and, moreover, encouraged you to leave in secret."

Ao thought about the other's words carefully, casting a look over his shoulder. Caspian was quite intimidating - Ao would be lying if he said that the prospect of talking to him didn't fill him with unease, even if he was embarrassed to openly admit it. They might have to talk with him, anyway, so he would have to buck up and get over it...

"Right... we will have to move with haste, then," the silvery-furred male rose to his paws. "Let us be on our way.



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Hi! Your art is beautiful :0
Small question: Do you speak spanish?
Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Thanks :з

Only a tiny bit x))
Eaglefeather47 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018
Oh, I see :0 Thank you for the reply!
Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem! c: why do you ask?
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Epic123NightFrost Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I made a pixel for your new character for the group! -->  Blizzardstar pixel by Epic123NightFrost
Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
THanKs :3
Epic123NightFrost Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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