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Gusto's Descendant by snowy-inferno Gusto's Descendant :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 15 6 Summer RR Grunts by snowy-inferno Summer RR Grunts :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 16 12 Female Rainbow Rocket Grunt  by snowy-inferno Female Rainbow Rocket Grunt :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 37 5 Jota Quirino Lady by snowy-inferno Jota Quirino Lady :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 5 1 T'boli Lady by snowy-inferno T'boli Lady :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 9 7 Valentine's Nikki by snowy-inferno Valentine's Nikki :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 13 1 Prepping for Alola Friendly by snowy-inferno Prepping for Alola Friendly :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 5 2 Focus Sash Pheromosa by snowy-inferno Focus Sash Pheromosa :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 10 14 #658 Greninja by snowy-inferno #658 Greninja :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 10 3 #652 Chesnaught by snowy-inferno #652 Chesnaught :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 11 4 Mimikyu Xmas 2016 by snowy-inferno Mimikyu Xmas 2016 :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 9 3 Pokemon Sun/Moon Breeding by snowy-inferno Pokemon Sun/Moon Breeding :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 6 20 Pokemon Sun/Moon GTS  by snowy-inferno Pokemon Sun/Moon GTS :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 6 13
TCDW Chapter 7: Nina's Lament Part 2 (END)
Chapter 7: Niña’s Lament Part 2
Apo then fired of a huge blast of light energy from the impaled Hawker which sent him flying towards Amihan, Zentus and Catlys. Amihan was there to catch Hawker with a telekinesis skill thanks to her magic. Hawker then reverted to his human form and he was fatally wounded and unconscious. The Patchia's Bawa was dropped near the king.
"Father!!!", Zentus cried out loud.
Amihan looked at Zentus and his injured father with sympathy and cried also.
Suddenly, there was an earthquake. Clinn was laughing hard while trying to keep his balance. The soldiers and Clinn's clones stopped fighting.
Zentus was still screaming in pain and anger. Amihan sensed something approaching.
"M-mother... Father... Habagat... Why?! WHYYYYYYY?!?!?", Zentus was in uncontrollable rage.
"N-no, this is...!", Amihan said to herself. She was trembling in fear.
A pillar of light appeared from the mountain. Dragons of many kinds came out of the pillar of light. Big and small, ae
:iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 0 1
TCDW Chapter 7: Nina's Lament Part 1
Chapter 7: Niña’s Lament Part 1
Ningha's ports were filled with people that were in a rush to leave the island. Ships were getting ready to set sail, just waiting to get the men, women and children on board.
"Ningha has fallen! Our beloved city is no more!", an old man yelled out in despair. He was then dragged along with the crowd of refugees.
The ships have begun to ferry away from the island. A lone boat was seen from afar heading towards the island. The ship captain began signalling the boat to turn away, since the island is now abandoned due to the chaos. The boat soon met up with the ships. The people stared at the two passengers of the said boat - a young man dabbed in a white coat with a pentagon shape mark in his clothes, and a young lady whose shady clothing  covered her face with a hood.
"What do you kids think you're doing?!", "Ningha is doomed!", "Get out of here!", the people shouted so many other warnings to the couple to stop them from going to the islan
:iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 0 1
#644 Delphox by snowy-inferno #644 Delphox :iconsnowy-inferno:snowy-inferno 10 1


Shiny Mega Gardevoir V.13 by Shadow-pikachu7 Shiny Mega Gardevoir V.13 :iconshadow-pikachu7:Shadow-pikachu7 32 0 Me! by PinelopiKirliaGirl Me! :iconpinelopikirliagirl:PinelopiKirliaGirl 10 11 Lyn, the Galeon by PinelopiKirliaGirl Lyn, the Galeon :iconpinelopikirliagirl:PinelopiKirliaGirl 14 22 Melodie Singing by PinelopiKirliaGirl Melodie Singing :iconpinelopikirliagirl:PinelopiKirliaGirl 11 28 Me Again (Gardevoir form - Wearing Suit) by PinelopiKirliaGirl Me Again (Gardevoir form - Wearing Suit) :iconpinelopikirliagirl:PinelopiKirliaGirl 17 15 Zy in his Zygarde shell by PinelopiKirliaGirl Zy in his Zygarde shell :iconpinelopikirliagirl:PinelopiKirliaGirl 6 15 All Of Inktober Art 2018 by bassmegapokemonlover All Of Inktober Art 2018 :iconbassmegapokemonlover:bassmegapokemonlover 11 0 Nuka-Cola Ad (Fallout 4) by atomicboo131 Nuka-Cola Ad (Fallout 4) :iconatomicboo131:atomicboo131 13 0 Chibz: T'boli Woman by lkaashl Chibz: T'boli Woman :iconlkaashl:lkaashl 11 1 A Table Is Waiting by Umintsu A Table Is Waiting :iconumintsu:Umintsu 559 27 Hug please~? by silvermoon551 Hug please~? :iconsilvermoon551:silvermoon551 4 1 Holiday Decorating by silvermoon551 Holiday Decorating :iconsilvermoon551:silvermoon551 4 11 New style practice: Mike by silvermoon551 New style practice: Mike :iconsilvermoon551:silvermoon551 3 3 SheepGirl by Kur0chin SheepGirl :iconkur0chin:Kur0chin 4 1 Fishtank by Kur0chin Fishtank :iconkur0chin:Kur0chin 2 0 Beast... by Kur0chin Beast... :iconkur0chin:Kur0chin 2 0
Its such an inspiration to me!

Journal History


Me and my friends had some crazy fun over the newly released Piranha Plant over the weekend. :)
I certainly want Linked Moves return in the next Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game but maybe make it so that you can still use moves individually but more PP?
And so it is Monday yet again. I took a big 14-hour sleep yesterday..I think I overdid it.
I played Super Mystery Dungeon, so I know which parts I should improve upon that were lacking. ^_^
Hello, it's me again~ Salaryman Snowy :XD:

I really appreciate the people who continue to favorite my very dated artworks despite my lack of input through all these years. Nonetheless, I still want to create more content for this gallery, just not sure when.

Right now I'm currently employed and I uh.. spent most of my earnings the previous semester on Nintendo Switch games and maintaining our local Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon 3DS communities. But with them probably up and going at the moment, I am starting to save up for equipment necessary to bolster my digital art practice.

Please do provide feedback on this though, are you all still interested to see more Mystery Dungeon from me? I'm planning to incorporate new things to the combat now after brief experience with VGC - actually integrating game mechanics to the fights. Though I am very cautious if it would make the fights seem lackluster and more predictable. I appreciate any comment on this!

Till then, see ya around~! :iconbyeplz:


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
In the net, I'm used to being called Snowy. Please stick to that, it feels weird being called by my real name.

Used to think a big dreamer, now just an old fumblin' salaryman.

I tend to reserve my criticism towards anyone's art. A hearty one will always catch my interest at the very least.

I'll be glad to present to you my work, my pride and joy, and my creations. As an artist, it is my goal to bring happiness to my audience. I must not have envy to my fellow artist, for everyone has his/her own gift to cherish.

My long running comic series, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Arceus Orb, unfortunately met its demise with a long hiatus. I am not giving up on what I started though. I will continue this series soon and make it fresh.

I have worked with other artists like :iconmew333x: in the past, and I am still looking forward to new projects with new faces. :iconsilvermoon551: and countless others I've befriended for the span of 9 years and I feel truly happy to see them up and about these days.

Please don't be confused in my gallery, because IT IS CONFUSING. And some texts in my old comics are not so clear, sorry for that, someday I'll find time for the remake. ^^;

I'm a friendly person, don't be shy to ask me about stuff. ;) Though please find in your heart to forgive me if I take too long to reply.




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Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday,
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Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D  Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D
snowy-inferno Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Consecutive years in a row you kept on greeting me ;_;

Someday I'd repay your kindness..! Thank you
ShadowEclipex Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You are very welcome indeed!!~
I am glad that my persistence has made you happy. :3
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Just got bored and was wondering if anyone's online here.

Still anticipating the comeback of the legendary snowy-inferno.
snowy-inferno Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Legendary? Me?

CENTURIES I LAY DORMANT---I can't believe someone is bored enough to entertain me! Thank you for dropping by!

Sorry if it took me this long but I do read your comment!
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still remember me? ovo
snowy-inferno Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Student Digital Artist
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I'd recognize that artwork ANYWHERE!
RivvonCat Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh hey wow a reply owo

I'm fine, i actually decided to come out of hiding after three years for some reason.
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well whatever that reason is, glad to have you around~
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