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Azeal: A
Cahyan: C

Word Count: 2750
Azeal: 1460    
Cahyan: 1290

Cahyan walked into the Lone Chocobo. The pub was fairly quiet since it was a weekday. No Iera, Don, or Alexi in sight. They must all be busy. Work at the Clinic had been slow today, so he'd gotten off early. After spending a little time on his sword work, he came here to grab a beer and some food.

It had been a while since Azeal had last come into the town. He had spent a few days out in the wilderness practicing some of his skills, so he could prepare himself for a contract. He walks into the Lone Chocobo his heels clacking on the wooden floor. Usually the place was more busy, but he supposed it was just because it wasn't quite late in the day yet. He only saw the bartender, the bar wench, a few people at the tables, and another sitting at the bar wearing a long white coat. He walked heavily over the bar, clacking along the floor as he went. He grabbed on of the bar stools and sits down, resting his arms on the bar top. "Bartender an Icey Bomb, Please." he says.

Cahyan looked over to the man sitting with him at the bar. He'd never seen this man before, though he supposed he could just be a healthy person. Cahyan didn't know quite everyone in town.

With the incident that happened with SanFran about a week ago, he was wary of new people. Was this guy looking to start trouble too? He wasn't one to randomly approach strangers, but if he wanted to know anything, this was the only way to figure it out.

"Hello," he said to the man. "I don't think I've met you here before. My name's Cahyan."

Azeal was handed his drink, and took a sip of it. A drink that burned when it went down, but a quick burst of cold to chase it down to keep his esophagus from freaking out. He hears the other male speak, and turns his head to face him. He looks straight into the other man's eyes. If his parents taught him anything it was to always look another person in the eyes when you talk. "Hello." He raises one of his large hands to the other "No, we have never meet. Azeal is my name." He looks the man over now that he was closer. He might have seen the other in the bar before, but since he rarely comes into town anymore he hasn't really spoken with many people.

"I think I've seen you in here, but never spoken. I generally come and go." A gentle smile crosses his lips.

Cahyan grasped the man's hand and shook it. A good grip, but not crushing. It was surprising, since the man was so large. He had to have a lot of control over his strength.

He nodded. "This is about the only place I come to. The unfortunate thing about working as a healer is that I do not get out much." That was true. When he wasn't working, he was running errands. He'd had free time before he started training. Now free time was a joke.

"Are you an adventurer?" he asked. If he came and went, he had to have some sort of traveling profession.

Azeal was definitely holding back some of strength to not squeeze the others hand too hard. "A healer, eh? That is a very useful profession I have to say. I can only do basic cures so far." He takes another quick swig of his drink and sighs.

"I suppose I am what you would call an adventurer. In all honesty though, I just like to be out in the field fighting. Training my skills." He chuckles to himself. "Gotta practice my Thunder strikes to get better at them."

"It's useful, though less so than I would like," he said, thinking of some of his fiend hunting expeditions with Don. "Sometimes it takes more to help people. There's only so much a little white magic can do."

"That's interesting. I actually am trying to do that." Cahyan took a gulp of his ale. "Trying to get ready to leave this place. I want to see more than this city." He smiled. "Practice makes perfect. I'm learning the long sword, but practice gets tedious. I wish it came easier to me. Magic is so much easier than fighting."

He nods "well white magic has it's uses. It may not necessarily be a very aggressive magic, but still something to be proud of. You could be a farmer."

He looks for the bartender, "Can I have a meal, please?"

He looks back to Cahyan. "There is definitely much more to this world than just this city thankfully. Lots of beautiful places out there." he smiles "The long sword ,eh? That's quite a hefty weapon for a white mage to try and learn. I would suggest starting with a small sword, get used to that, and then move up to a larger blade. That's how I learned to use my swords and also both at the same time." He takes a sip of his drink. "Trust me try learning magic and sword at the same time." He chuckles to himself.

Cahyan looked thoughtful. "I don't mind farming, and while it's a noble profession, I don't think I'm cut out for digging in the dirt." He had a time taking care of his house plants.

He shook his head. "My sword is lighter than most longswords," he said, looking at the weapon belted to his side. "I'm already fine with magic." Holy magic, at least. It was the sword he needed to work on. "I'm not just a mage anymore." He didn't feel like explaining the Ordeal he was going to have to go through in a while. "Not a swordsman yet, but not just a mage either."

"Two? That's impressive," Cahyan replied. It made sense, really. You didn't get that big from throwing around one sword. "So, why are you in town? You said you don't come here often. So what brings you here now?"

He nods and grins. He held admiration for the others bravery. "Well I have respect for those who wish to better themselves. Especially in the an art they aren't good in." He takes the last swig of his drink, calling the bartender for another. "You will probably become something like myself. I'm nor mage or swordsman. I believe I am called a Mystic if I remember the terms correctly."

Azeal reaches behind himself, gripping the shaft of his smaller sword and unsheathes it laying it on the bar. It got a few eyes staring at him. He didn't really care though. "No I certainly didn't get this big with just one sword. This is the smaller sword I carry. The other sword is just larger, but just as thick." he turns where the handle is facing Cahyan. A little of his wanting to show off his strength rising. "Go ahead try to lift it."

"I'm mostly just in town to rest though. Nice dinner, good beer, shower, and bed. That's mostly all I do here." Though this reminded him he probably should go to the shops tomorrow morning. "Probably fill up my stock of potions as well."

Cahyan nodded. "Something like that." Paladins were like that, a little bit. They used both magic and sword to protect others. Cahyan felt he had one advantage with it. He knew far more healing magic than any ordinary paladin.

"It is a mighty weapon," he said, touching the hilt. He curled his slim fingers around it, but even with two hands, he was not going to be able to lift it. He laughed. "Well, we both can see I'm far too skinny for such a cleaver."

Cahyan unsheathed his sword and laid it beside Azeal's. "She is far more suited to my size," he said. "I'm not sure you'd want to pick her up though." He remembered the first time he'd brought the sword into Don's presence. "This sword is temperamental."

"As I said, I live in town, but I have a feeling I might leave soon." He smiled. "First there's a trip to a mountain I have to do, and then, who knows?"

"Hmm a mountain trip that will certainly be a beautiful journey. I can guarantee." Azeal watched the other man examine his sword. A slight smirk crossing his lips as he watched, and then chuckles to himself. "Well with time perhaps. It even wears me out after swinging the blades around after a while I must confess, but it's a good workout." He was definitely stroking his ego, but wasn't intentionally doing so to put the other man down.

Azeal watches as the Cahyan unsheathes his own sword. He raises his eyebrow, and leans in closely, silver eyes gazing over the sword. He was lifting his hand to grab it and lift it when Cahyan spoke. "Not pick her up?" He tilts his head a bit "Temperamental, eh?" His curiosity almost getting the best of him, but he drew back his hand sitting up and crossing his arms. "Is this a magical blade or what do you mean by temperamental?"

Cahyan smiled. "It's more of a work trip than sightseeing, but the journey to get there shouldn't be too bad." Cahyan didn't think he would ever be able to pick up a sword like that, but it was nice to hear the encouragement.

"Magical," he said. Cahyan didn't know the extent of the enchantment, or how it was done, but the weapon definitely had a personality. "The sword doesn't like dark magic of any kind. If you use any at all, she might not let you." He shrugged. "I have a friend who is a dark knight." Save the Queen didn't like Don, and made these curious noises in his ear whenever Don got too close.

Azeal nods chuckling "Well it's hard to not sightsee, while you are working. Whenever I would make deliveries for my parents I would still sightsee along the way." That brought back a lot of his old memories of travelling around Yenrae. "I call them business vacations."

Azeal wanted to handle the blade even more. The idea of a magical sword intrigued him so. His eyes flashed with excitement and curiosity. "Really? So it's friendly to white magic users rather than black magic users.....Fascinating..." He examined the sword from point to the hilt looking for the materias or anything that could create the enchantment. He snaps back into reality and sits up, crossing his arms and placing his fist on his chin "Sorry...I come from a long family of Accessory enchanters. When it comes to magical items I get really interested." Especially since he wanted to learn how other enchanters go about enchanting. He only knew his own parent's methods of enchanting.

"That's fine," Cahyan said with a smile. This guy wasn't shifty like SanFran. In fact, he seemed rather genuine. "I wish I could tell you more about her, but I haven't even named her. I bought her in a shop a few streets away. The seller didn't know much either, only that people would pick the sword up and then not want it. I have a feeling that it was the sword telling them to go looking somewhere else."

He'd spoke more about the weapon to this man than to anyone else. It was easier telling a stranger than explaining to his friends. This man seemed to know about weapons, anyways. "The shopkeeper told me that it was a Lunarian sword." Cahyan smiled. "The only thing I know about it really is that it is a holy object. Can't figure the method of enchantment or what sort of magic it truly is."

The strange thing about it was that it seemed to get better at the same rate Cahyan did.

Azeal continued to gaze at the sword, fist rested on his chin as he examined it. He stays quiet for quite a long time as he ponders what could be the enchantment or what it has against dark magics. "Well...Honestly, it's always better to be able to handle the object. That's the best way to know what the enchantment is. However, if it does as you say I'd rather not risk touching it yet." He grabs his smaller sword and slides it in it's sheath. "There are safe ways to handle magical equipment, but I don't have the means of doing so."

His food finally arrives and he begins to eat it. Every now and then looking back to the sword. "Lunarian you say....I've heard of Lunarian objects. I know they are an ancient race, but that's about all I know about them. I would assume they are master enchanters or something of the like, so that sword of yours is a treasure." he dangles his fork at it, smiling at the other "I'd keep that thing close to your side and make sure no one takes it. It could possibly save your life one day." he chuckles to himself.

Cahyan put the sword away so that there would be more room for the food. “I don’t think the sword would hurt you,” he said. After all, the smith had told him that many people had picked it up only to put it back down. “But I don’t think that she would like it, either. It’s better to be prudent, anyways.”

He smiled. “There’s not too much about them in the academy library, so I know about as much as you. Ancient race of mages, and that’s it. As for taking it, I’m not sure if that’s possible.” Cahyan didn’t know why he had the sword, but there was a reason for it. He didn’t think this was a weapon that allowed for multiple owners within a lifetime. “I am keeping it close, however,” he added, taking a drink of his ale. “It feels odd to walk around without it now.”

Azeal nods "Yeah, I'd rather be on her good side." He takes a large bite of one his mini chocobo legs. "It probably would be safe for me to handle her, but...who knows. I could be that one person she doesn't like." he chuckles to himself.

Azeal raises an eyebrow "Aaah and ancient race of mages, hmmm?" he rubs his fork over his bottom lip as he trails off into thought again. "So I  highly doubt the enchantments they put on it were materia. That's generally what a generic enchanter in our day and age use." he takes a bite of his food "becoming the 'mass production' way of enchanting weapons. They probably enchanted it with spells."

Cahyan laughed. “I really think that would be the Dark Knight I know, but you could be.” Besides, he didn’t really want just anyone holding the sword. As the Swordmaster at the academy said, ‘A sword is but an extension of your arm.’ Cahyan hadn’t grasped the full meaning until recently. It felt strange to take the weapon out to hand to someone else. A weapon was personal. He wouldn’t hand over his mage staff to just anyone either.

He thought about it a moment. “That would be difficult. You can’t guarantee it will work as intended. All spells are influenced by the power, will, and emotions of the caster.” Cahyan’s cure spell was more effective than someone with a lower skill in magic, and Cahyan’s healing spells were always warming, while his Master’s were cool to the touch. “And making your own spells up is dangerous.” Things often went wrong when not using a tried and true spell.

He finished up his beer. “Well, it was good to meet you, Azeal. I should probably be heading home now.”

He nods in agreement "Yes, that's probably the spell they put on your sword. Materia are useful, but in all truthfulness are a weaker source of enchanting." he chuckles "I've yet to find materia to prove other wise too."

Azeal turns from his meal "Oh yeah, good meeting you Cahyan. I'm sure I'll see you again in here. Unless you do not plan to return from your trip to the mountains." he smiles, giving a slight wave at the other male.
Azeal and Cahyan meet at the Lone Chocobo and talk about adventuring and swords.
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