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A Family Portrait by Snowy-Dragoness A Family Portrait by Snowy-Dragoness
Look at This Photograph [35 points]
You're reminiscing at an old photograph of yourself and your family when you were young. Is it a portrait? Candid? Show us what's happening.

Cahyan's family live in the next town over. They are all alive, and  mostly get along. They are a well off family. In this portrait, Havelin is 32, Ce'Drania says she is 29, Sephone is 6, and Cahyan is 8. They are all posing for the obligated family portrait. Don't be fooled. Sephone spent 20 minutes before this shot hamming it up and trying to get the photographer to laugh, and Cahyan has been scowling nearly the entire time. He hates pictures, and so does his father. Their mom quietly (and with a sweet smile) threatened to serve cabbage for a week if they didn't straighten up. Havelin wearily smiles in the background. He hates cabbage, as do Cahyan and Sephone.

Havelin Sunteki: (Ha-vell-in Soon-Tekk-e) Havelin is a historian and scholar from the island nation of Faliz. He traveled a lot in his youth, hoping to find more undiscovered books about ancient civilizations. Havelin's pet project is a book of the entire history of the world. He writes books, teaches at the University, and travels giving lectures, as he is the foremost scholar on pre-human cilizations. He settled down in Tetra, where he met the mage Ce'drania. They married and have two children, Cahyan and Sephone. He is a quiet and serious man, devoted to his wife and children. He is a regular human, and cannot use magic in the slightest, though he is fascinated by machina. He would prefer if his wife didn't take over the study with her inventions, however. He prefers to solve conflicts through ignoring the problem until it goes away or becomes so large that he must deal with it. He and his wife moved to a small town outside of Tetra once he retired. 

Ce'drania Sunteki: (See-dran-knee-ah Soon-Tekk-e) Ce'drania is an extremely accomplished mage, though how powerful no one really knows. She is versed in all black magic, but prefers to only use white magic.  She had lived in Tetra only a short awhile before Havelin showed up, though she claims she has always lived "nearby". She met her husband on the way to the library. They both share a love of books and history. Ce'drania prefers to study human civilzations. Now that both of her children are grown up, she spends her time gardening and inventing things. When not inventing, she likes to build tiny airships for the neighborhood children to play with. CeCe (as Havelin calls her) is stubborn but rarely raises her voice. She prefers to win arguments by being as unmovable as a rock.

Sephone Sunteki: (Seff-fha-knee Soon-Tekk-e) Sephone is Cahyan's younger sister. She is 20 and is 5'7". Currently, Sephone lives with the Al-Bhed, learning about machina as well as writing a book about their culture. She sends Cahyan letters by miniture airship (her mother's invention) once a month. Sephone is a gunner and adores her older brother, but wishes he would get out more. She doesn't know about his current exploits involving fiends. She would wholeheartedly approve, as she thinks his life is far too safe. Cahyan calls her "Seffie". He calls her "Phony" when he wants to annoy her.

Cahyan Sunteki: (Kah-yan Soon-Tekk-e) Cahyan had a very good childhood. His father worked at the University and his mother stayed at home to look after him and his sister. While Sephone could never pick up magic, Cahyan has his mother's talent, except he cannot wield shadow magic. He keeps in touch with his parents and sibling, but hasn't told them the truth about Don, Iera, and everyone else. He doesn't want them to worry. He has however, mentioned to Sephone that he might start traveling soon. 
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