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Kirin See'sha fullsuit

By SnowVolkolak
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Kirin - a creature known in many parts of Asia, the dragon, which also include the Eastern unicorn. But, as befits any conscientious dragon, he is endowed with fangs, horns, scales, and eyes filled with fire of magic (as well as the most remarkable force). Very mysterious and amazing. It is believed that once you see him, then luck and happiness will always be with you, because to see him live is a very great rarity that happens once a millennium. Who knows, maybe it will be a change of the era for a better one? 
In any case, this is a good sign for pure thoughts and open hearts. But from bad, criminal and low people, Kirin will fall out of favor, and then beware of his horns and claws... 
But now, he lives with us in the Lunar Forest, flickering among the branches. Who knows if dry branches crunched under his hooves now?

Video about the complete creation of this costume:…

- Scales were completely trimmed with fur and painted with gold colors by handmade + airbrush 
- Digitigrade anthrolegs with plastic hoofs 
- A large combination of fur with very long NFT fur 
- A flexible, light tail that can be folded in any direction has ringing bells bundled, connected on cords, kanekalon + fur NFT combinations
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celdragon's avatar
lovely work on the fur to look like scales :3
Soydira's avatar
Have you ever done or thought of making a fur scale tutorial? If so I would love to see how you go about doing it!
JewelBeatleFairie's avatar
I'm not particularly fond of fursuits. But I have to give this one credit its done incredibly well.
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Alex-is-a-furry's avatar
This is kinda rude to the person who made it.
architect138's avatar
Asking why is not rude considering all that could have been said.
Alex-is-a-furry's avatar
You asked it in a rude way, what where you even asking why about?
KittyWolf1012's avatar
Like the facial details!
CavumWolf-Ink's avatar
Why can i see this character with a coat over ther arm asking "Why?". XD
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