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Shower Curtain Snowflake Dress


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Kirishima Christmas Stocking


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Deku Bakugou Wedding Dresses

Cosplay and Props

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Little Creepers: Horror Anthology Preview

Intro: Fear isn’t always loud. It doesn’t always scream or announce itself with a loud thud on the closet door. Sometimes it creeps, slithers and crawls.Sometimes it’s waiting in the shadows, whispering as you pass by.These stories may not scare you, but one or two whispers may just burrow into the back of your brain.They may make you shiver at night and consider, for just a moment, that maybe you left the front door unlocked and maybe those were footsteps you heard inside. Title: Whispering Waters It’s not real. It took a whole week to convince yourself, a week to drown out the whispers from the dripping sink and

Published Work and Fanfiction

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She-ra Quilt Block Pattern


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Starfire from Titans

Art - Digital and Handmade

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Tokoyami Christmas Stocking


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Marie's Hat


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Sakura Mirror  -- finished --


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Gaara Clock - version 2


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Sand Seal Plush

Plushies and Stuffed Animals

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Resemblance: The High Priestess

Coloring Pages

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Mini plushie pattern


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