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Finished another fanart drawing, this time of the poll's winner, Krystal from Star fox! :) I had a lot of fun drawing her, I spend at least 8h on coloring her so I'm super tired, but very satisfied with the final result. I put a lot of work into details, especially the face. I must admit it was a pain to look for good outfit/staff references, so there might me small mistakes. Colored digitally on a traditionally inked sketch~
You can see the sketch WIP here:…
Feel free to use this drawing as your phone wallpaper :) I enjoy doing fanart a lot but it's also very time consuming. If you like my art and want to support me, here's my paypal:…

Krystal from Star fox universe
art done by me
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This is one of your best fanart works. So stunning as Krystal is and with a feeling movement, SnowSnow. :D

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You gave her some really sweet colours and the art looks really clean. ^^

It's difficult for me to choose the right colours in digital.

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thank you! :)Choosing the right colors is tricky sometimes so don't worry about it! Go with what you think works best~

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This picture you've done of Krystal looks very nice for sure. :D

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Soft belly! Very nice

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Not bad, not bad at all.

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Looking Great in color. You’ve got talent! :D

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thank you very much :) I'm still practising digital art, as it's not my main art technique, but I'm very happy I'm improving!

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No problem. I think you’re well on your way. :)

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Very cool. I never liked her sandals, but that was the look they gave her in-game. She's exactly the sort of character you've been so good at drawing before.

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