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Brony Stamp

By SnowSniffer
No, I am not a brony anymore. :paranoid: But this stamp is for people who are :dummy:

Rainbow Dash Pony was made by *ALittleRiddle can be found here: [link]
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Bronys need to die
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ur mom have big ghey
masteryboi420's avatar
You jack off to furry porn
gitreckt's avatar
You need to choke.
xXblazeitmikeXx's avatar
You need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Whitefang73005's avatar
why was i spammed with this over note? wtF?
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SnowSniffer's avatar
spoiler alert if ur not a brony u suk

and that is a fact. science never lies
xXblazeitmikeXx's avatar
If im not a brony i suck?
So if i dont like a little girls cartoon i suck?
Im happy im not a fat greasy old creep that watches mlp.
every bronys parent are disapointed in them. they may say they arent but you know deep down they are.
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Okay, I was too harsh here, especially since I don't know you.  So I will apologize for that, but not for how I feel about the fanbase.  I've been hostile towards this fanbase as of late as double digits of them have mistreated me, been rude to me, been insensitive, and completely disrespectful.  Due to this, bronies have kind of become a trigger of anxiety for me.

If you are a brony who DOES respect people, then I will respect you as an individual.  And I'm not against anyone liking the show as I like it myself because for the most part, it is a good show.  I'm just against the community.  So I should not have lashed out as I did.
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Why does that even matter?
09099aazz's avatar
That's completely understandable. 
PowerHoodz's avatar
MLP:FIM is a good show, but I don't deal with bronies as most of the fanbase is fucking cancer.  I hate the fanbase with an extreme burning passion.
mememaster665's avatar
Jjba; "allow us to introduce ourselves."
XxDragonRiderxX12's avatar
Using cause I'm a full on brony
Dinosaro's avatar
Im a bit of a brony.

I might use it

Edit: I decided not to for some reason
PastelPinkieOfficial's avatar
First of all, if your not a brony then why do you even look at anything related to Mlp?
Second of all, DEAL WITH IT, if you don't like Bronies, ignore them.
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