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Two Moons

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Breathtaking! I love the colors and the lovely background. Special enchanting with twin moons.
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A very enchanting piece this ^^ And we've made a project of making music trying to describe this piece…;

I hope you like it! :)
Brilliantly done, the style of the background reminds me of the work of Bruce Pennington.
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I love the architecture and the colours. It reminds me of the shrine and the bridge from shadow of the colossus but more ornate.
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very real want to be there.
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Almost has a JMW Turner-esque feel. I love it...
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Beautiful colours and composition :heart:
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Love the rocks and two moons (or planets)
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fantastic painting
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the light on the castle structure is lovely!
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Intriguing stone patterns.
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oh MAN i just came back to dA after 3 years and it's super great to see you're still making gorgeous art! I've always loved your stuff and yep it's still as lovely as ever :)
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What a beautiful scene; I love the palette of the colors. :love: This scene looks both like a sci-fi story and a fantasy one. I love the architecture design and that beautiful reflection on the water.
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Glorious colours. The palate has the bearing of a Barsoomian scene. Very earthy colours gilded wonderfully in this scene. I really like the environment it's quite diverse. I really like the theme of exquisite construction in amongst the wild environment.
Wonderful piece.
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Как же здорово! Как не хватает видео-уроков или записи speed-arta о том, как ты рисуешь это Чудо!
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Stunning piece! It feels like an oil painting! :heart:
Beautiful ! i love the atmosphere of your artwork !
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