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Morrowind days

This is another Morrowind (and Tribunal) fanart.

I has written a long detailed description of this pic but i cant translate it to English 8(((
There really IS Fargoth (with his ring) on this pic ^__^
(and Jiub too)
There is a little bit of green rats on this piece. Can you find all of them? If you see 6 rats - please stop drinking Skooma. :XD:
Hope you like it!!!

All characters belongs to Bethesda :D
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© 2005 - 2021 SnowSkadi
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Still my fav wallpaper

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My wallpaper for a looooong time, on windows xp !
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Only being able to favourite once isn't enough! This is so awesome.
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Wow. fucking nostalgia trip. awesome work! :D
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Wake Up. We're Here. Why are you shaking? Are you ok? Wake up. Stand up. There you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?

Had a glimpse of this image long ago, and was looking for it for many years.
That search inspired me to play Daggerfall and Morrowind.
After completing the latter more than 6 times. Its much easier to understand the humor in your art.

Great Job!!
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whats up with the flying GUAR? D:
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Hello there, in year 2005 I found this pic with google (At this time I was 14 years old) and ever since then I use this as a Desktopbackground.
Thank you for this amazing art!
This is my all-time favorite Morrowind fan-art. 
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Well, guess what I'm reinstalling. 
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All morrowind important characters and quests on the same picture :D!
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Ten years after, it's still awesome! :D
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Ah, the fondest of memories.
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Look at the background, he`s at the ship window. :D
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It's just kinda sad there is no single Aronian on this pic. I love the one that you meet on Solsthaim and he says "All i want is a part of boots! How hard can it be?". And can somebody tell me who is this fat High Elf with forks?
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Fat? No. And i think it's Sheogorath.
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"We are watching you scum" haahahahahhahahaha XD you made my day, and i found all of the scum watchers.
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My favorite chibi here is definitely Vivec. I almost missed the scum-watching Ordinator up there with the binoculars!
This is definitely awesome. Major credit.
Why does that Orc have a tail? I've never played Morrowind, is it an inside joke or something?
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Yep. You can find mad orc who drank too much skooma and think that he is khadjit and offers the player to touch it. Of course, he doesn't have one.
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I like the expression on the face of that Ash Ghoul. "They took my FACE! D:"
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