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Sneaky!! I love this work of art :)
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I looooove this tale!!!! Great!!!
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So much grace, très belle!
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Wonderful picture!
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You know what this reminds me of?
That old fairy tale of the princess who had to save her brothers because they were bewitched into swans, and the only way to save them was to weave sweaters out of nettles and not speak at all until she finished and put them on the swans. And at the end of the fairy tale, she hadn't finished one sweater so the youngest brother still had a wing instead of an arm. :D
Anyway, love this!
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Wow you brought back so many memories... it was one of my favorites childhood tales :)
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Indeed, "The six swans".
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woow <33
this looks SO great!! :D
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..Nicee...!!!!!!! :wow:
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Так необычно.. толи он создает лебедей и заставляет их летать, толи они его =)
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stunning! beautiful scene
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It is really beautiful! How long did it took you to draw this great piece?
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You are so talented!
How do you draw this? This is awesome.
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Absolutely stunning!
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This is a very beautiful moment, but the only thing I can think is "NINJA SWAN!" ^^;
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a swanghost ? i love the subtle colours , makes it so brilliant ^^
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Oh beautiful movement, I feel like a grand dance is playing in front of my eyes. Rare of human and animal to come together so fluidly.
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