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Zotl ARPG wip

140 Views go here to watch me develop this
Gonna be on cause da is falling apart

Im not quitting kolitails this is a side project and both will be managed at the same time yall just don't play it so I got nothin else to do
Ill also be moving kolitails to th

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Really interesting concept design for a creature! I really like the colour choice too :)

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working on the arpg on the discord in the link

anybody who joins before i finish it gets a free semi custom when its finished as an. early bird award (and a way to kickstart tje group)

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Thank you for the offer, but I am not really into fostering adoptables, as I like to draw OCs myself way too much^^ But I adore looking at them, because of their interesting variations. I wish you good luck with your plans though!