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[OPEN] Closed Species UFT

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 30, 2018, 9:31 AM
I haven't really felt connected to some of my CS characters, so I've decided to put them up for trade.

What I'm Looking For:
- Other closed species (Pakkeli, Bamharr, etc)
- Art of equal value

** Please provide examples when offering art.

Value: $25

Value: $10

May put more up later, but for now this is all.

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Rhodonite Hamster Relationship Tracker

Wed Jun 13, 2018, 11:45 AM
I kinda wanted Mande to have more friends/associates since she is the more social type. If you'd like to form a relationship between Mande and your Animamate just comment here or shoot me a note! :)

[CA] Rhodonite Hamster: Radiant Reference by Snowshi  [CA] Mirror, Mirror by Snowshi  [CA] Story Quest 2: Meet the Trinity by Snowshi  [CA] Flash Quest: Mer-May by Snowshi  [CA] Side Quest #1: Civilian Form by Snowshi

Name: Amanda "Mande" Norberg
Age: 16
Nationality: Norwegian
Known Languages: Norwegian, English, some French
Orientation: Demisexual
Personality: Mande has a very ambitious personality. She loves to experience new things, due to her curiosity. She is normally trusting of people, and is fairly sympathetic. She is also typically honest and very loyal. Mande tends to look at the positives in life, rather than dwelling on the negative. While she wouldn’t consider herself a social butterfly, she does like socializing.
Likes: Photography, books, making friends, sewing, and small animals
Dislikes: People with bad manners, the ocean, sports, and clocks
Hobbies: Photography, reading, sewing, and chemistry club
Looking For: Friends

Current Relationships:
:bulletgreen: Raeka/Sailor Olivine Raccoon - Friends. Raeka was the first person she met in the Crystal Caverns.
:bulletgreen: Liliac/Sailor Bloodstone Bat - Friends. They baked some goods together once; Mande would like to hang out with her again.
:bulletpink: Sadie/Sailor Blue Calcite Weasel - Romantic partners. They ran into each other while going back to their rooms in the Crystal Caverns. The two became good friends after Mande insisted on hanging out. They started dating after Sadie admitted her feelings for Mande.

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My depression is currently kicking my ass.

I feel worthless. I'm a failure at everything I do. I look around and see everybody doing well in their lives, and then there's me. I'm just an incompetent idiot. 

I wouldn't say I'm suicidal; but life is just not worth living to me right now. I'm tired of seeing everyone around me succeed and me just being a walking failure. Hell, I've hesitant to continue college because I know I'll never get anywhere career-wise. 

I'm tired of the constant drama; between both my parents and my friends it's just too much for me to handle right now. 

I was really hesitant to write this journal anyways, since I know literally no one cares tbh. And I don't mean to sound like a selfish bitch, but I'm just really tired of everything. I need a break. 

There's a high probability of me lurking on here, but I probably won't be responding or posting too much. To everyone I owe art to, I will get it done, I promise. It's just hard for me to find motivation to do anything right now.

I'm sorry.

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[OPEN] Kandi (Jewelry) Commissions

Wed Apr 11, 2018, 10:23 AM
So I usually try to avoid these kinds of journals, but this month is really tight financially, and I am in need of extra cash. This will mostly go towards bills. I will only be accepting Paypal for now, I apologize.

So, due to this issue, I have decided to open commissions for kandi/rave bracelets. These will all be custom. Here is what I'm offering:

:bulletblue: Kandi Singles :bulletblue:

$1 each for singles
+$.50 for a charm (star, metal, etc)

$2.00 for kandi doubles (last pic, bottom left)

  Kandi Creations #1 by Snowshi  4a31272daaacacdbe41a46cf6a229616c8433607 Hq by Snowshi  34dc4064d7743e006b3b1340c1b101822b59e59d Hq by Snowshi  590068657576ad26378e415c964b075db2cf01e6 Hq by Snowshi  Dee35fdb5b684777ad14f9f4159124a9583fa470 Hq by Snowshi  F530a44ba8a805271ef5b062abd766c6af90793f Hq by Snowshi

Divider: Stars by apparate

:bulletorange: Small Cuffs :bulletorange:
Includes normal cuffs and x-base

1df47ec1e9c976920ee8669ab117df9d8e11de17 Hq by Snowshi

Divider: Stars by apparate

:bulletpink: Kandi Slave Bracelets :bulletpink:

Kandi Slave Bracelet by Snowshi 

Divider: Stars by apparate

Interested? Leave a comment here or shoot me a note!
Even if you can't purchase a commission, you can help by spreading the word. :heart:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Thank you for reading this. <3

[CLOSED] ACEO Requests

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 8, 2018, 6:08 AM
Hi guys!  

So I figured I'd like to try my hand at some ACEO cards since I've seen a lot of people doing them. Plus this would be some drawing practice for me. ;P So I've decided to do some ACEO requests.

If you'd like a slot, comment down below with up to 2 character references you'd like me to do. I'd also appreciate it if you could share this journal. The more practice, the merrier. 


1. SetsunaLove (x2) - DONE
2. Marylemon42 - DONE
3. TenshiNeera (x2) - DONE
4. Hoshisama (x2) - 1/2
5.  sailorx161 (x2)

Wait List:
1. Aliana-chan (x3)
2. The-Odd-Fox-King (x2)
3. MyaMyaChan

Skin Art: Zaellrin
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OCs/Adopts for Sale

Sat Dec 23, 2017, 8:49 PM
So I have several OCs that were created or adopted a while back, but they were pushed aside and never used. 

To be honest, I don't know if anyone would be interested in taking these off my hands, but it's worth a try, right?

All are OTA (offer to adopt). Please provide examples when offering art.

What I Will Accept for OTA:
+ Other characters (preferably humanoid)
+  Artwork (looking for art of my OCs in particular)
+ Customs/MYO slots



:bulletorange: Unnamed Pup :bulletorange:
Unnamed by Snowshi

:bulletpurple: Luna :bulletpurple:
Luna by Snowshi

bulletpink: Lilac :bulletpink:
Lilac by Snowshi

:bulletblue: Icee :bulletblue:
Icee by Snowshi

Citrus :bulletorange
Citrus by Snowshi

:bulletpink: Sprinkles :bulletpink:
Sprinkles by Snowshi
25 :points:

:bulletblue: Jaclina Frost :bulletblue:
Jaclina Froste by Snowshi

:bulletpurple: Menchie the Mouse :bulletpurple:
Menchie the Mouse by Snowshi

:bulletpink: Tina the Tiger :bulletpink:
Tina The Tiger by Snowshi


Please comment below if you're interested in any of these! <3

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TenkiShika MYO Raffle!

Sun Dec 17, 2017, 11:56 AM

[CLOSED] Holiday Snowglobe Icons

Sun Dec 10, 2017, 6:07 PM
Will open again next year, perhaps.

snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum EXAMPLES  snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum

NF2U: Christmas Gigi Icon by Snowshi  R: Holiday Violet by Snowshi  R: Holiday Honey by Snowshi  C: Holiday Orchid by Snowshi

snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum PRICE  snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum

$1.75 or 175  Blue + Green Points by Sukiie

snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum RULES/INFO  snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum

- Don't send payment until all details are confirmed
- I will start your icon after payment
- I don't do furry or mecha, but I can do kemonomimi
- I generally take my time, but I try to have my icons done within 1-2 weeks
- If I turn down your character, it's nothing personal, I'm most likely not comfortable drawing them >-<
- Include "snow" in your note so I know you've read these rules ;P
- I can negotiate prices; however, nothing too low
-First come, first serve
- I will only open a wait list if I need to tbh
- I will note you the finished icon before I upload to check with you first
- Feel free to ask me questions!

snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum FORM  snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum

If interested, please note me with the following form filled out:
Character Ref: [Must be fully colored, picture ref]
Payment Method: [Paypal or points]
Paypal Email: [If paying by paypal]
Desired Outfit/Costume: [Can be any kind of holiday theme; or if you don't want the holiday outfit let me know]
Expression: [Smile, frown, etc]
Additional Info: [Anything else you want me to know]

snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum PAYPAL SLOTS  snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum


snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum POINT SLOTS  snowflake bullet by ArbuzoweArchiwum


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2018 Goals

Tue Dec 5, 2017, 7:33 PM
Hello guys, I guess I'm back. ;p
I've seen a few people do these already, and I thought I would do mine since I did this last year as well. :D

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Art Goals  .:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu
- Keep up on group art
- Work on anatomy, hair, and faces
- Try larger pixel projects
- Open commissions

.:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu Health Goals  .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu 
- Exercise more
- Eat healthier
- Find better coping habits
- Drink more water

.:Mini star bullet 05:. by Chipi-Chiu Life/Personal Goals  .:Mini star bullet 05:. by Chipi-Chiu
- Save more money
- Find a summer job
- Procrastinate less
- Keep bedroom clean
- Finish at least 1 cosplay for Colossalcon
- Play violin more often

If I think of any more, I'll probably put them here (if I remember ^^;). But hopefully I'll accomplish some of these in the coming year. :heart:

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Apparently There's Some dA Drama...

Tue Nov 28, 2017, 7:11 PM
...But I'm not going to get involved this time. I figure it's best for me to stay out of drama for right now, especially due to my declining mental health. -.-

Apparently there's been some drama going around about a certain deviant (not naming names tbh) that's been happening for a while now. I actually just now found out about it from a mutual. While usually I would get involved in something like this (particularly because I'm an activist), this time I felt it was better not to.

I do currently watch this deviant, because I'm part of a holiday exchange with her. However, I figure after the exchange I'll probably unwatch her. From what I've discovered it's just best to leave her be; I particularly think she's pretty much a lost cause. :shrug:

I don't really personally have anything against this deviant, but after seeing everything she's done to others it's hard to look at her and the situation objectively. I don't know; it's not really my business, but several others I watch have had negative encounters with her and I can't help but wonder who she'll go after next, if anyone.

Sorry if this has just been a jumble of words, I just needed to get some things off my chest.


But other than the apparent drama, I may be MIA/lurking on dA for a while. I finally broke down today and explained my suicidal/murderous thoughts problems in detail with my therapist. Because of this, I'm kind of in mental breakdown mode and can't really handle more than one thing at a time. So I may not post as much, however I'll probably be lurking around (I'll probably reply to things, idk). I am planning on uploading my final NaNoEmo pieces, but after that I'll probably take a break. Besides, I also need to focus on schoolwork since the semester's almost over. >-< 

But yeah, I just wanted to make a journal saying what's on my mind at the moment. :depressed: rvmp 

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What Kind of Vampire Am I? (Meme)

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 31, 2017, 2:08 PM

Quick meme, then back to schoolwork. xD

Meme stolen from SailorSunPhoenix.

Each X is a positive answer.
For each answer, add up all points to know kind of what Vampire you are:

(X) Always wear colorful clothes
() Wear dark colors all the time (ex: reds and blacks)
(X) Wear allot of sneakers everyday
() Wear boots or heels everyday
(X) Have a gothic yet girly taste
() Very dressy/casual look about yourself
Total: 3

(X) scent
(X) hearing
() sight
(X) emotion swings quickly
() strength
() healing
() speed

Total: 3

() Wears wearable dark color make-up
() Wears overboard gothic make-up
(X) keeps it plain and simple vampire looks
(X) wears glitter [occasionally lol]

Total: 2

(X) Humans
() Werewolves
( ) Vampires

Total: 1


Traditional vampire-Have the looks and style but very traditional like a normal vampire is, Always invited to parties and love to have your own, have a taste of clothes and gets along with humans were wolves and some vampires.

Royal Vampire kind and noble different above all Vampires, good taste in fashion clothes but keeps it simple, always go to the parties, and dinners, get along with all.

12 or above 
Modern Vampire, Always dark, gothic, love going to late night parties, have a taste for dark yet casual gothic clothes, get along with other Vampires, (but if they challenge you...) and get along well with humans, BUT you cannot handle Werewolves. Once you see one it is a war-zone.

I am a royal vampire! :la:

Journal Layout by lockjavv
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Boy Howdy

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 28, 2017, 5:57 PM

Hi guys! It's been a while since I've written an actual journal, so I decided to actually write one. ^^;

To start off, I may not be posting art too often, as college has started again for me and I'm trying to focus better this semester. However, I mostly will try to get some group stuff done, and I'll probably work on personal art over breaks.

I've also been struggling with my depression lately, and I've been lacking motivation. So I haven't really been inspired to do any art tbh. But I'd like to try to get back into it as much as I can while school is in session.

I'm actually more active on Steam and Discord more than anything else lmao. But yeah, this was basically just a heads up. I hope everyone has a great autumn! :aww:

Journal Layout by lockjavv
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Current Art Projects

Journal Entry: Sat May 6, 2017, 8:33 AM
:bulletred: SSMU Vega princesses  Pink Galaxy Bars: 75% by Snowshi
:bulletred: SSMU Hydra forms  Pink Galaxy Bars: 50% by Snowshi
:bulletred: SSMU Vega forms  Pink Galaxy Bars: 50% by Snowshi
:bulletred: Jeremy Waterfall scene  Pink Galaxy Bars: 50% by Snowshi
:bulletred: Minecraft resource pack  Pink Galaxy Bars: 25% by Snowshi
:bulletred: Quaoar  Pink Galaxy Bars: 50% by Snowshi

:bulletorange: N/A

Crystal Animamates:
:bulletyellow: SQ 2: Meet the Trinity  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletyellow: Henshin Item  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

:bulletgreen: N/A

Constellation Senshi:
:bulletblue: Task 2: Meeting the Lady  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletblue: Task 5: Discovering Your Past  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletblue: Task 1: Civilian Form  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

Divine Academy:
:bulletpurple: Story Quest 1  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

Skin Art: Zaellrin
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CA Quest Progress

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 9, 2017, 7:08 PM
This journal's sole purpose is for me to get my quests organized for CrystalAnimamates.

Story Quests:
:bulletpurple: SQ 1: An Unknown Face  Galaxy Bars: 100% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 2: Meet The Trinity  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 3: Ransacked!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 4: Capture the Thief!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 5: An Introduction  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 6: Research!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 7: Attack! Jokers are Wild!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 8: Power Houses  Galaxy Bars: 100% by Snowshi
:bulletpurple: SQ 9: Suit Yourself  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

Side Quests:
:bulletpink: SQ 1: Civilian Form  Galaxy Bars: 100% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 2: Henshin Pose  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 3: Animal Totem  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 4: Family  Galaxy Bars: 100% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 5: Henshin Item  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 6: UPGRADE!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 7: TRANSFORM!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 8: Hello, My Name Is...  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletpink: SQ 9: Power Showcase!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

Training Quests:
:bulletblue: TQ 1: Show Us What You've Got!  Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

Seasonal Events:

OC Meme

Thu Feb 9, 2017, 6:23 PM

I forgot who I stole this from lmao. xD
I'll be using Mande/Sailor RhoHam. ^-^
1: What's your OCs favorite color?
:bulletpink: Pastel pink

2: Where does your OC work?
:bulletpink: She doesn't work, but sometimes she volunteers at her local library.

3: What's your OCs favorite food?
:bulletpink: Strawberry banana crepes (Gluten free, she's allergic to wheat products. uwu)

4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?
:bulletpink: Paper

5: How old is your OC?
:bulletpink: 16

6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?
:bulletpink: Well, she is a sailor scout. But other than that, no.

7: Is your OC in a relationship?
:bulletpink: Nope. (But maybe in the future! ;P)

8: What are some of your OCs strengths?
:bulletpink: Mande loves making people laugh and is pretty good at cheering others up. She's also a very hard worker.

9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?
:bulletpink: She trust people a little too easily, which causes her to get hurt sometimes. She can also be overdramatic at times.

10: What is your OCs favorite outfit?
:bulletpink: Usually Mande likes to wear skirts. So I'd say anything with a skirt lol.

11: What is your OCs spirit animal?
:bulletpink: Hamster >w>

12: Is your OC sexually active?
:bulletpink: No

13: What is your OCs earliest memory?
:bulletpink: Probably visiting the zoo with her parents.

14: Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?
:bulletpink: Yep. She has an Android phone lol.

15: What makes your OC angry?
:bulletpink: Well, Mande doesn't get angry very easily, but when she does it's usually from someone just being an overall jack***.

16: When is your OCs favorite time of year?
:bulletpink: Spring!

17: How long can your OC hold their breath?
:bulletpink: About 1 minute.

18: What kind of underwear does your OC wear?
:bulletpink: Oh my. Probably the frilly stuff. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?
:bulletpink: Most likely polka dots.

20: What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
:bulletpink: She usually doesn't eat pizza, but if she had to choose it would probably be something with veggies.

21: Who is your OCs best friend?
:bulletpink: Ruth, a girl who she attends school with. ^-^

22: Has your OC ever killed someone?
:bulletpink: Not technically. >->

23: Whats your OCs biggest secret?
:bulletpink: Her identity as a Crystal Animamate.

24: What does your OC smell like?
:bulletpink: Vanilla. Or some sort of candy.

25: What time of year does your OC prefer?
:bulletpink: Spring

26: Is your OC a human or an animal?
:bulletpink: Technically both. :giggle:

27: What languages does your OC speak?
:bulletpink: Her first language is Norwegian, but she also speaks English and is learning French.

28: Does your OC like anime?
:bulletpink: She hasn't really watched anime, but she'd probably like the magical girl genre. :3

29: Can your OC swim?
:bulletpink: Yes, but not very well.

30: What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
:bulletpink: Not much really... >->

31: Does your OC believe in fairies?
:bulletpink: Yes, actually.

32: Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?
:bulletpink: Not yet, but she plans to.

33: Are your OCs parents dead?
:bulletpink: No, but they are divorced.

34: Is your OC religious?
:bulletpink: Not overly, but she was raised Christian.

35: How flexible is your OC?
:bulletpink: Since she's a bit smaller, she's pretty flexible. But not too flexible.

36: What turns your OC on?
:bulletpink: Tbh she hasn't really gotten to that stage yet. xD

37: What was your OCs first word?
:bulletpink: Bee xD

38: Does your OC have any pets?
:bulletpink: No but she'd love to have a smaller animal like a rabbit.

39: Who is your OCs biggest enemy?
:bulletpink: Mande doesn't really have enemies.

40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
:bulletpink: Probably jumping onto a bus as it was moving. She was late lel

41: What is your OCs motto about life?
:bulletpink: "Never be ashamed of what you feel."

42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea?
:bulletpink: Tea

43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?
:bulletpink: Probably her mother.

44: What color eyes does your OC have?
:bulletpink: Magenta

45: Does your OC like reading?
:bulletpink: Of course!

46: Is your OC loyal?
:bulletpink: Most definitely. Especially to close friends.

47: Does your OC tolerate violence?
:bulletpink: No, unless it's self defense.

48: What social class is your OC from?
:bulletpink: Middle

49: What country was your OC born in?
:bulletpink: Norway ^-^

50: Does your OC cry easily?
:bulletpink: Sometimes

51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music?
:bulletpink: K-pop/J-pop lmao

52: How does your OC feel about insects?
:bulletpink: She's not too fond of them tbh xD

53: What is your OCs sexual orientation?
:bulletpink: Demisexual

54: Does your OC smoke?
:bulletpink: No

55: What gender is your OC?
:bulletpink: Female

56: What kind of clothes does your OC wear?
:bulletpink: Girly

57: Would you call your OC adventurous?
:bulletpink: To an extent.

58: Is your OC introverted or extroverted?
:bulletpink: Extroverted

59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?
:bulletpink: Probably her perkiness/energy level.

60: Does your OC enjoy nature?
:bulletpink: Definitely. Especially when the flowers are blooming.

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2017 Goals

Tue Dec 20, 2016, 9:44 PM

Since I've seen iCheddart a few others do this, I've decided to do it myself. >w>

Art Goals:
:bulletpurple: Finish WIPs
:bulletpurple: Work on anatomy
:bulletpurple: Keep up participation in groups
:bulletpurple: Make some tutorials
:bulletpurple: Make some adoptables
:bulletpurple: Character development and references

Life Goals:
:bulletblue: Get car fixed
:bulletblue: Focus on schoolwork
:bulletblue: Go to work even if you don't want to
:bulletblue: Keep bedroom clean

Personal Goals:
:bulletpink: Exercise more and lose weight
:bulletpink: Eat healthier
:bulletpink: Stay away from toxic relationships
:bulletpink: Start saving more money
:bulletpink: Finish cosplays for Colossalcon
:bulletpink: Play video games I've bought but haven't played
:bulletpink: Stay organized with planner
:bulletpink: Buy some more clothes for self
:bulletpink: Actually take your meds
:bulletpink: Read books I've bought but haven't read
:bulletpink: Play violin at least once a week

This is my list for now, but I'll probably update it throughout the year. Feel free to share your goals as well! :aww:

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:bulletblue: Sailor Hydra stages  Pink Galaxy Bars: 25% by Snowshi
:bulletblue: Vega princesses  Pink Galaxy Bars: 75% by Snowshi
:bulletblue: Meissa painting  Pink Galaxy Bars: 75% by Snowshi
:bulletblue: Jeremy Undertale scene  Pink Galaxy Bars: 50% by Snowshi

:bulletgreen: Emote advent calendar entry 1  Pink Galaxy Bars: 100% by Snowshi
:bulletgreen: Emote advent calendar entry 2  Pink Galaxy Bars: 100% by Snowshi
:bulletgreen: Emote advent calendar decorations  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

Crystal Animamates:
:bulletred: CA Winter Quest 1  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletred: CA Winter Quest 2  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletred: CA Winter Quest 3  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi
:bulletred: CA Story Quest 2  Pink Galaxy Bars: 0% by Snowshi

:bulletpurple: Dwarf senshi reference (Quaoar)  Pink Galaxy Bars: 75% by Snowshi
Hi guys! It's been quite a while since I've updated on dA, so I thought I'd post a journal lol.

Things have been pretty hectic for me the past several months, and I'm currently still trying to get my life back together. But I'll do my best to stay active on dA again. :aww:

I won't be going back to college until January this time, due to money issues. However, I have many art projects planned out, including adoptables! I was thinking about opening commissions as well. :meow:

Here's a list of my current planned projects:
:bulletpink: Work on Sailor Hydra's fuku stages
:bulletpink: Start on Sailor Titania's fukus
:bulletpink: Put together some adoptables
:bulletpink: Revamp my group PixelSack
:bulletpink: Do an SSMU senshi team pic
:bulletpink: Open commissions (possibly)

Anyways, like I said, I will do my best to stay active, as I really missed it here on dA. ;A;
That being said, enjoy your days guys! :heart:
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What do you have:

[X] Father

[ ] Mother

[X] Step-Father

[ ] Step-Mother

[ ] Step Sister

[ ] Step Brother

[ ] Brother

[ ] Brother in Law

[ ] Sister

[ ] Sister in Law

[ ] Half sister

[ ] Half brother

[ ] Nephew 

[ ] Niece 

[x] Boyfriend/Girlfriend

[X] Mobile phone

[ ] Own bathroom

[X] Own room

[ ] Have/had a swimming pool

[ ] Have/had a hot tub

[ ] Guest room

[X] Living Room

[x] Own computer

[X] Own TV

[ ] flat TV 

[X] There is some big carpet at your house

Total so far: 9


[ ] Full size/Queen bed.

[ ] More than 8 pairs of shoes

[/] MP3 Player/iPod {it's broken, lmao}

[ ] PS2/3

[X] Nintendo DS or PSP An old DS lite, 

[x] Gameboy/Advance

[ ] Gamecube

[ ] Xbox/Xbox 360

[ ] Wii

[x] Your Own laptop

Total so far: 12.5


[ ] Basketball net/hoop

[ ] Air hockey table

[ ] Pool table 

[ ] Ping Pong Table

[ ] Football table

[ ] sport gear

Total so far: 12.5


[x] Night stand

[ ] Stereo in bedroom 

[ ] surround system

[X] DVD player in bedroom/portable

Total so far: 14.5


[ ] Go shopping at least once a week

[ ] Expensive cologne/perfume

[ ] AIM/MSN 

[X] camera on phone

Total so far: 15.5


[ ] Go Cart/car/quad

[ ] Guitar/drums/bass guitar

[ ] Piano/Keyboard 

[x] Any other instrument 

[x] Been on a cruise 

[x] Traveled out of the country

[ ] Traveled out of the continent

[ ] Had a personal trainer

[ ] Expensive Jewelry 

[ ] Met a Celeb 

Total so far: 18.5


[x] Straightener/curling iron

[ ] Have been to a batting cage

[ ] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet  

[X] Have a TV in your room

[x] Mirror in your room

Total so far: 21.5


[X] Window in your room

[ ] Been to Paris 

[ ] Been to Rome

[ ] Been to Australia

[ ] Been to Switzerland

[ ] Been to Dubai

[ ] Been to Germany

[ ] Been to a place written in 7 wonders

Total so far: 22.5


[X] Parents have a car

[ ] Have owned or own a Jet ski/boat 

[ ] Had/have a camper

[X] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces

[ ] 80+ buddies

Total so far: 24.5


[x] Home cooked meals almost everyday

[ ] Been in a limo 

[ ] Been in a helicopter

[ ] Own a camera

[ ] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times 

Total: 25.5


Post as:

1-25 = Ghetto! (And tag 3 people)

26-40 = Average Teen! (And tag 10 people)

41-50 = Spoiled Teen! (And tag 15 people)

51+ = Upper Class Snob! (And tag 20 people)

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