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The full moon rose, lighting the path up to the SkyRock for the annual gathering of SkyClan. Crystalpaw walked up the steep hill, the sharp rocks digging into her the pads of her paws. Her white pelt and ice blue eyes shone in the pale light. Beside her was her best friend, Patchpaw. Her dark tortoiseshell pelt was hard to make out the shadow of the gorge, but her green eyes reflected the moon's light.

Other cats were all around her as they came to the area below the SkyRock, where their leader Leafstar sat waiting. Her tail twitched as she watched her large clan gather beneath her. Crystalpaw and Patchpaw sat near the front, their friend Rockpaw was close by and nodded towards them.

A yowl rose above the chatter of the clan and the cats fell silent. "StarClan, SkyClan gathers here on the SkyRock to honor the truce of the gathering," Leafstar called over her clan and glanced around.

Patchpaw nudge Crystalpaw, "Not that we have another clan to gather with." Crystalpaw let out a mrrow of laughter, breaking the silence and receiving glares from the cats around her. She bent her head as Leafstar's gaze fell on the two apprentices.

"Patchpaw, Crystalpaw," The leader's tone was harsh, making Crystalpaw bend her head more to avoid her leader's eyes. "Is there something you wish to share with the clan?"
Patchpaw stood and spoke up, "Why don't we have another other clans we meet with?" Crystalpaw looked up, watching her best friend as she spoke. "Firestar and the rest of ThunderClan meet with other clans, why don't we?"

Leafstar's gaze softened a little as she stared at the young apprentice below her. "Because, Patchpaw, SkyClan was driven away from the other clans," As she spoke a hiss sounded. Many turned their heads to see the deputy of Sharpclaw stand and step forward.

"If I were alive back then I would have clawed their fur off, not just turn tail and run!" He growled. Crystalpaw could just see his claw unsheathe and dig into the rock.
Leafstar gave her deputy a level look, but still held power and silenced Sharpclaw. Crystalpaw took a deep breath and stood, gaining her courage to speak to her whole clan. "Why can't we make other clans?" Patchpaw looked back at Crystalpaw and nodded.
Another cat called out, "We owe Firestar; we could make FireClan in his honor!" A few cats nodded in agreement, including the two apprentices.

"We cannot make a clan because he made us a clan, he would not want us to break apart, would he, Birchclaw?" Leafstar spoke. More cats agreed with their leader, mumbling amongst themselves. As the noise settled, but before Leafstar could speak another voice rose above the crowd of cats.

"Why does it matter, Firestar isn't here. If we do want to honor him we should just re-name us FireClan," A ginger tom near the front called out. Meows of protest broke out amongst the SkyClan cats, one voice rose above the rest.

"Sounds like you just want to name it after yourself, Firestrike!" Hisses followed, including one from Firestrike.  "I could take the fastest cats, we could beat SkyClan!"
Leafstar's yowl silence further arguing, "We shall not fight, you swore to that. Your offer stands, but this is not helping the topic to make new clans." Firestrike let out another hiss, but remained silent. A long silence fell over SkyClan, Crystalpaw and Patchpaw glanced at each other as the silence continued.

Crystalpaw took another deep breath and spoke up again, "Those with white coats can make a clan and live in Snow-Cap Place, and we could meet with SkyClan." Snow-Cap Place was a mountainous place, always filled with snow. Two-legs stayed on the other side of the mountain most of the year, their feet long and wooden. As meows of agreement echoed around the cats a white she-cat stepped through the crowd.

"May I, Leafstar?" The white warrior meowed. Leafstar nodded. "I could take those cats with thick, white coats and live up there. It is too hot for us down here during green-leaf."

Leafstar nodded, "I think you are right, Snowpelt. Cats with thick fur could strive well there." Snowpelt nodded and walked up to stand beside Leafstar. "You shall lead SnowClan."
Firestrike hissed again and walked up, "If she can make a clan, so can I." He walked over and stood beside Snowpelt. "I shall lead FireClan and take those cats that can live in heat and open territory to the gorge near the waterfall." Leafstar reluctantly nodded.
After a moment of silence Leafstar continued, "Those who wish to join FireClan, go and sit beside Firestrike."

Cats stood and walked over to their new leader, Rockpaw among them. Crystalpaw and Patchpaw watched in surprise as their friend, Rockpaw, joined her new clan.
Leafstar watched as her clan slowly split.  "And those who wish to join SnowClan join Snowpelt." Crystalpaw sighed, stood, and walked towards Snowpelt.
Patchpaw gasped, "What are you doing?"

Crystalpaw paused and looked back at her friend, her blue eyes sad. "I'm sorry, Patchpaw, but it's for the best. Goodbye." She turned away and sat beside her new leader. Patchpaw watched her friend before turning to hear a new voice. A she-cat spoke, her dark pelt making her hard to see.

"There are still to many cats in SkyClan," She spoke with power in her voice. "But I hate the cold and do not want Firestrike as a leader. And I do not want to live in the trees all day; my fur would stand out against the light forest. Let me make my own clan, Leafstar."

Leafstar nodded reluctantly, "SkyClan will miss you, Moonheart. You may take the territory east of her, in the Dark Forest where your pelt will not stand out there. MoonClan may thrive there." Patchpaw's eyes lit up, a territory where her tortoiseshell pelt would blend perfectly with the shadows. She stood and followed Moonheart to where she sat. Others followed, including some from the other clans.

Crystalpaw watched her friend join the last clan, she wanted to stay with her friend, but she felt like SnowClan was where she belonged. Snowpelt stood after a few last words from Leafstar and led the way towards Snow-Cap place, the pale moonlight guiding their path.
Soon the air grew cold and snow covered the ground. Crystalpaw puffed out her coat, still thin from Green-Leaf, as she followed behind Snowpelt. They walked up the mountain face and the snow grew deeper. Hawkpaw, another apprentice, came up beside Crystalpaw. "This is nice," He purred. His long, light gray fur had a light covering of snow on it.
Crystalpaw nodded, "I wonder where our new camp will be."

To answer her question, Snowpelt stopped as they came to a tall cliff. Crystalpaw and Hawkpaw gasped as they looked up at a giant cave, large icicles hung from its ceiling, blocking most of the entrance. Snowpelt looked back before slipping under the ice and into the cave. Crystalpaw and Hawkpaw followed after their leader, entering the dark cave together.

"Wow!" Crystalpaw gasped as her eyes adjusted to the dark. The cave was long and deep, stalactites hung from the ceiling. Off to the side was a pool of water being filled by a small waterfall; all around were small caves all along the walls of the cave with thin ledges going up to most of the caves.

The other cats had entered the cave; some apprentices had already begun to explore some caves. Crystalpaw was about to join them when a yowl brought everyone's attention to the nearest wall. Snowpelt stood on a ledge above a cave, looking down on her new clan. "SnowClan, welcome to your new home," She called. Yowls of joy filled the cave; Crystalpaw purred and joined in their celebration. She was home.
Patchpaw looked up into the thick canvas of the trees, barely any of the full moons light could break through. She purred with joy as she walked through her new territory, loving the darkness and soft crunch of leaves under her paws.

She followed her clan deep into the Dark Forest until a flick of Moonheart's tail stopped them. A small clearing was before the new clan, the most light filtered through the trees than most of the forest. A fallen log lay at one end of the clearing; a large moss covered rock was near the middle that Moonheart moved towards. The other cats followed as their leader leapt on to the rock. She yowled and all eyes fell on her. "This is where we will make our camp," She spoke with power in her voice. Patchpaw looked around at her new home and released a happy sigh.
Okay, so the detailed story of how SkyClan split. Patchstar and I were just apprentices when this happened, but remember it well.

I hope you enjoy :)

Art is mine (c)
Story is mine and Eevee-Angel (c)
Warriors/SkyClan belongs to Erin Hunter (c)
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Nixhil Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aww we were so young! *nostalgic sigh* super epic! And I love the picture you drew for it... Especially how you drew Patchstar! The little white mark on her flank looks like a heart!! <3
SnowQueenGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
Thanks! :D Thats what it looked like on your reference sheet...XD <3 <3 <3
Nixhil Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Welcome! (Oh my gosh really Im such a dork...I was just copying the picture of that cat I always used for Patchstar)
SnowQueenGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
XD this is why I love you :D <3
Nixhil Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Because Im a dork who doesn't remember what she draws? Lol
SnowQueenGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
Exactly :)
AlchemistKitsune Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is great. Reminds me of when I was writing Kindlestar's story back when the old rp was up. ouo
SnowQueenGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Thanks! :D I was pretty thrilled writing this again :)
GeneralPanic Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Professional Filmographer
This makes me want to write Cursedstar's story OwO
SnowQueenGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
OwO you should :)
GeneralPanic Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Professional Filmographer
Haha Okay~ Did you guys rp this?
SnowQueenGoddess Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
No, we just wrote the story back in gaia times
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