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Silver Dapple Fohlen

foals - running, leaping

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Mystery design - 04

foals grazing, head low down, etc

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big sale 12 CLOSED

foals set-R, kicking up back legs, ears pinned

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Horse Auction.

foals set- head held high, spirited trot

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Adopt 26 .:Closed:.

galloping series

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Lineage Foal Auction - CLOSED

mare and foal

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Lirio and Daina

mixed animals

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Dawnverse Headcanon: The Born Alicorns


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Spotholder #2371

nordanner foals1- marching

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nordanners foals2- trotting from side

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ReSK Hazelnut

Felines- small

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Thank you!!

Canines- tame

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Dark Shine | Trakehner Auction CLOSED

foals - standing

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CUC Cantante

foals - walking

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N4965 Padro Custom for renasma6890

foals set- pretty, marching walk L, short mane

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Valentine's Day Zlesdin Foal Sale! :CLOSED:

foals set- young,loping R,pretty,bth frnt feet up

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M039 Essence of Elegance

foals set- donstrupper

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Holiday Zlesdin Foal Auction | CLOSED


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Palomino Bay Chimera

horse flowing mane, tail, front leg up

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Lightning over Sugarloaf Rock


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Trading Post - Swamp

landscapes and environments

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DAR All Dun Doc

horse set- stnding L, head strtchd frwrd+ downish

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BRlS Dedukos

equine- natural

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equine- unnatural

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Requests 23

equine- headshots

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Spitz Dou [CLOSED]

canine sets

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lazy patato

feline sets

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Actaeon [Patreon Reward]


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S021 Le Yiable


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Arab foal 3

Arabian series- neck stretched out

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horse series standing, slate grey bkgrnd

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R-1618 Teppi


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Foal Design - SB's Yggdrasil x RD's Sir Dusk

foals set- standng frm side, frnt+bck feet spaced

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Horse Adopt (closed)

horse series rearing, 1 hoof touching ground

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.: FrS Otaka x Pyromania VG :.

foals sets- L standing legs lined up, R head up

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Foal Adoptable - 10 Points - OPEN

foals set- young, mid hop L

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F_ck Me I'm Famous

foals - marching

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Thirst For Luck

galloping series heading L

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Ace of Swords Adopt


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Free Raffle Designs

Multi -equine

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Rain x Dancer Catahoula Leopard Dog Litter(Closed)

Multi -canine

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Feline Frenzy [OPEN]

Multi -feline

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Horse set- detailed,marchw-frntlgvryfrwrd,archneck

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GS Hermosa

horse-detailed,neck arch,charging forward

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Adopt Human|Horse [CLOSE]

horse set-detailed, stomping forward, ears pinned

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NorahChi - Request

horse series-fresianish,trotting L,detailed

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horse series-pulling bck,mane all on 1 side,dtled

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Horse Adopt (Closed)

horse series-standing,skymeadow bkgrnd

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Baliro Import (for group sales)

baliro 2

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Ravakin 037 - SOLD


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