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this is a lil silly, but i made an art page for myself on fb. its mostly for next year and the course im trying to get in to... but ill still upload to it with studies or nicer art from time to time
hi, i now have an artblog tumblr…

the art is in wrong order because most of the older stuff is first minus the snowmiku/meiko picture

i made it so people dont have to bother following my personal blog

i also have an inspiration blog here
check my tumblr post here for more info:…
so im exactly $8.64 overdrafted in my paypal account (and i had no clue because i thought my issue with my debit card was fixed)  and so, i'm offering a commission in the style of this:

sisters before misters by snownymphs

for $10. bust-half body. im only taking one person, and please dont contact me unless you are actually interested! just bc its kind of urgent now
anyone want a commission in the style of… for 400 points? i really want to change my da username
info over on my tumblr

also if I promised to fix something or do something for you and I never replied let me know so I can get everything done! 
is anyone interested in a quick $10 painted bust commission? I want to buy Bioshock 2 and Minerva's den on steam while they're on sale right now because I no longer own the serial key slip that came with the retail copy
hey if you guys havent gotten wysp accounts i suggest you do
my username is rin there
I'll be at Anime North walking around as Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku and Heather Mason all 3 days

I was supposed to cosplay Elizabeth but I couldnt find a corset in time and the only person taking commissions for her first outfit wanted about 300-ish dollars

see everyone there…
^see the link to my tumblr above for details^
read here at my tumblr:…
kay so Im really sorry for being annoying about this, but I pretty desperately need money right now (nothing frivilous this time, for actual living expense stuff related to school)

so Im doing some commissions, I have free time to do about 5 of them. Ill put out some new adoptables as well later

heres the prices for comms:

pls note me or email me if interested, youll be a big help ;-;…

prices and samples at my tumblr, link above

Im trying to buy some new vocaloids (V3 KAITO and Mayu)
I will do one half body, full colour for 700 points so I can get myself a premium

this is the only time I am doing this so, just send me a note if you want to
samples and prices over here at my tumblr.…
more info at my tumblr:…

please drop me an ask there or note me here if you are interested, I will give you my paypal address. dont send me any money until I send you back the art you've asked for.

generally im chill about charging less with stuff but I kinda need the money so please dont message me unless you actually have it/are serious about this
hey guys, all my adoptables for sale are now only 5 bucks. that includes rainbow utau girl. send me a note pls.